Magpul PMag D-60 Drum

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The Magpul PMag D-60 Drum Magazine is a 60-round drum magazine designed by Magpul Industries for the AR-15. With this drum you can have 60 rounds of 5.56 ammunition ready to be loaded into your rifle at a moments notice. The drum magazine feed tower is designed to fit any firearm that accepts NATO standard M-16 magazines making this drum perfect for multiple rifles.

Magpul Industries has been at the forefront of magazine development since the release of the very first PMag. With a commitment to quality second-to-none, we've seen Magpul innovate with magazines that have features like no other. This drum magazine is an example of Magpul Industries forward thinking towards what shooters want and that is an ultra reliable miniature drum magazine.

Magpul hasn't been the first to produce a drum magazine for the AR-15, but they may have produced the best. Previously drum magazines consisted of complex dual drum designs holding in excess of 100 rounds. These drums worked well when in controlled conditions, but in the field were prone to having issues with feeding -- which is to be expected in a complex part being used to feed ammunition. The D-60 drum magazine from Magpul solves this issue by simplifying the drum magazine by having it hold 60-rounds which does not require a dual drum design.

  • Reinforced Polymer Construction
  • Ratchet Mechanism for Easy Loading
  • Can Set Fully Loaded on a Closed Bolt
  • Compatible with Many Loading Devices
  • Bolt Hold Open Feature
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