Mosin Nagant Ammo Pouch

Mosin Nagant Ammo Pouch

The Mosin Nagant Ammo Pouch is an instantly recognized must-have accessory for the Mosin Nagant rifle. These ammo pouches were designed to hold 7.62x54R ammunition and were worn on the combat belts of soldiers.

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Description / Mosin Nagant Ammo Pouch


  • Mosin Nagant Ammo Pouch
  • Made from Leather with Solid Metal Rivets
  • Authentic and Faithful Reproduction of Soviet Original
  • Perfect For Field Use, Reenactments, Theater Work, Display


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Manufacturer United Defense LLC

Customer Reviews

Useful Collectors' Item
Review by Survivalism is Freedom
Good quality ammo pouches made from a few different materials. Nothing to rave about, but a solid way to carry loose ammo or rounds on stripper clips.
As described.
Review by Jon
As the write up says, these are used but in excellent condition. Great for holding those extra strippers at the range, for competition, or in the field. Very reasonable price to top it off.
Good Mosin Pouches
Review by Dominic
I really like using this with my Mosin. Even though they are post war, i think they still look good. I like to have them on my belt to hold my ammunition, and can definitely be relied on
good condition good product
Review by Robert
arrived in good condition, love the mag pouch, good quality, very happy with purchase
Nice pouches
Review by Anthony
These are really handy little pouches for carrying mosin nagant ammunition on stripper clips. They're priced really nice too.
Heck of a deal
Review by Jacob
I love these pouches perfect way to keep extra ammo on you for the hunt or just for storage. Definitely built to last it is tough as nails.
Worth the money.
Review by Simon
Prior to my purchasing this pouch, I had been considering buying one of these for a long time. None of the places I looked had these for under fifteen dollars each, so I was happy to find them here, accompanied by such a reasonable price. It fits the standard-issue faux-leather Soviet belt perfectly. The one I received looks almost as if it were made yesterday. According to the equipment stamp under the lid of the left pouch, it was made in 1966, at the very end of the Mosin-Nagant's service in the Soviet Military. The Mosin-Nagant was replaced by the SKS as an infantry weapon right after World War II, so these pouches would have been made for use by a sniper.

Mosin Nagant Ammo pouches
Review by Bill
Got the 4 I ordered today. Fast shipping as usual, and the pouches are great! Three from 1963, and 1 from 1966. Two have a mismatched strap, but who cares, just adds more character in my opinion. Get some while you can, KeepShooting does it again!!!
Great value
Review by Taylor
These are original post WWII pouches designed to hold 3 5-round stripper clips for your Mosin Nagant Rifle in each cell. That makes 6 clips (30 rounds) per pouch. They are great for going out to the range and shooting. All of your ammo is right on your belt! I own several of them!
very very pleased
Review by powderbob
I like it so much as per price and the real old style, authentic Russian military rugged quality. I was happy to find the item in stock again and I bought some more just for having some extra with my Mosin Nagant rifles. Thanks Keep Shooting.
Good price for a practical piece of Cold War surplus
Review by Timothy
These pouches can be used for a variety of purposes in addition to carrying 7.62x54R ammunition to repel invading forces from the Motherland. I have found these useful for carrying cleaning supplies and solvents for guns, for attaching to rifle slings to carry different calibers of ammunition, and for storing various small items and office supplies. Of course, once you have at least one of these, there is absolutely no excuse not to go out and buy a Russian-surplus Mosin Nagant 91/30 rifle and a couple of spam cans of Bulgarian surplus ammunition to go with it.
Excellent buy
Review by Mike
I ordered 2 as none of my Mosin 91/30 and M44 carbine purchases did not come with the pouches. I tried with other pouches and they just did not feel right. It was like wearing a tennis shoes to hiking. Then with these my clips were nicely packed and ready to be deployed from my waist. Can't beat the price. I am ordering 2 more.
Very very sturdy leather
Review by AvidShooter
My pouch was in almost new condition and the leather is thick and very strong. The only gripe I had was the two leather strips the hold the pockets closed were different color leather. I assume one was replaced at some point. Other than that the clip pouch was top notch and half to a third the price I have seen it for on other sites.
Review by Marcel
need a couple extra for your mosins
No better place to store your stripper clips.
Review by Rich
These pouches were made for storing stripper clips and did a good job at it in battle. They work just as good today as they did then. You really can't improve on a tried and tested design.
Like New
Review by Jose USMCR
I got mine when I purchased an M44 Carbine. Looked to be brand new or unused. The commies made tons of outdated gear during and after WWII and put it in storage just in case. You can keep Shotgun Shells, Stripper clips, compass or any similar sized gear. A bit stiff but it breaks in no time.
Ammo Pouch
Review by Brian
Great accessory for any Mosin Nagant, mine did not come with one, so I was very pleased to find one here at a reasonable price.
Review by Michael
I can't think of a better way to keep track of my strippers! In all seriousness though, these are really nice!
more the better
Review by powderbob
It is the usual fine deal from KeepShooting.I grabbed some and I'm pretty pleased with the quality from an item made during the 60's.I gave them some leather conditioning for just in case long storage or for the ready usage.The more I have the better,so I could store more bullets on clips or without for my several Mosin/Nagant rifles.Buy this Russian mil surplus for the unbeatable price now until you can, it may not last longer.
Excellent pouch
Review by Jay
Just received my pouch, for Russian surplus, my pouch was surprisingly in excellent condition. It doesn't smell bad either, which is always a plus. Thanks keep shooting.
Agree with previous review
Review by Nicholas
As stated by the previous review, I too already owned a couple of these before buying some from Keepshooting. Each pocket can hold three fully loaded stripper clips and locks/unlocks smoothly.
Best way the hold Mosin ammo on stripper clips.
Review by Love to Keepshootin'
I already had 3 of these pouches.
If you have a Mosin and use stripper clips, this is the way to go.
Beautiful piece of the USSR
Review by N. Kirlov V.D.
Finally my own piece of history. Leather is a little stiff from storage but it softens right up after a few uses. Best value I have found anywhere. I love them!
Nice addition
Review by Brent
The ammo pouch I received is in great shape, looks great.
As posted
Review by Gerald
Good condition. Good price. Great service!
A real piece of history
Review by Flo
I just received my ammo pouches and they are the same as the ones the soviets were using in ww2. For $5, it's definitely worth it.

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