Parker-Hale M82 Rifle Stock

The Parker-Hale M82 Rifle Stock is an authentic military surplus stock that was taken off of M82 sniper rifles in England. This wood stock is available in two variations, one for creating a single-shot target rifle and the other for a magazine fed platform. Since the M82 sniper rifle was a varation of the Mauser M98, you can install any standard Mauser M98 receiver into this sniper rifle stock.

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The Parker-Hale M82 Sniper Rifle was a precision target rifle that was selected for use in the British military. As the M82 was the primary British military sniper rifle, it was also issued to marksmen in Canada, New Zealand, and Australia. Soldiers and civilians in most Commonwealth countries are familiar with the legendary performance of the M82 on the battlefield and target range.

If you are not familiar with the Parker-Hale M82, it is a modern variant of the legendary Mauser M98. This battle tested action has seen service in both World Wars and continues to serve today both in the military and civilian world. With the M98 action at the heart of the M82, there was a decades long history of use that lead to accuracy improvements and tweaks to ensure the M82 out-shot the other target rifles entered into the military qualification that resulted in its selection.

You can now build your own precision target rifle based on the Mauser M98 action. This authentic British military Parker-Hale M82 stock should be the only stock you consider for your target rifle build. It has been designed to meet the needs of military snipers and has a combat proven track record to back up the design. These stocks have excellent ergonomics, have pre-installed spacers for adjustment, and have cut-outs for attaching a rail or bipod. The only thing you need to decide is if you want a single shot target rifle or a magazine-fed repeater, we have stock options to support both choices.

  • Authentic Parker-Hale M82 Sniper Rifle Stock
  • Take Off from British Military Rifles
  • Install Any Standard M98 Action
  • Excellent Stock for Building Your Own Sniper Rifle

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