Rothco Fire Resistant Flight Gloves

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The Rothco Fire Resistant Flight Gloves are a brand new pair of tactical gloves that are made from Nomex and leather. Patterned after the USGI Flight Gloves that are a combat proven design, these flight gloves meet and exceed MIL-DTL-81188C standards for protection and performance. Comfortable and high performing, these flight gloves are perfect for any application that requires hand and wrist protection and improved grip.

Leather has long been a top choice for construction of tactical gloves for many practical purposes. With leather being a very durable material, frequent use of your gloves will not show the same wear-and-tear that would be evident with man made or synthetic fibers. In addition to being very durable, leather is also a great insulator and one of the most important reasons for wearing gloves is to keep your hands warm. The black treated leather is also a style that is timeless, so leather gloves tend to be the type of gloves everyone wants.

Nomex is a fire resistant aramid fiber that is used to produce goods that are designed as safety equipment. Some examples are the fire suits worn by NASCAR drivers which are full Nomex suits. Since Nomex was invented, more and more applications are utilizing the fire resistant properties to offer superior solutions for flame resistance and protection.

These Rothco Fire Resistant Flight Gloves are a blending of the best of both Nomex and Leather to produce a first rate tactical glove set. The palms of each glove are made from 100% sheepskin leather. This gives you an increased ability to maintain your grip on smooth items and will keep your hands warm. The backing and threads of these gloves are made from Nomex which will protect the top of your hand and wrist from any risk of flame or high heat burns. With construction of these gloves meeting and exceeding MIL-DTL-81188C you can count on these gloves to offer not only superior protection but performance to match.

  • New Production Tactical Flight Gloves
  • Made from Leather and Nomex
  • Meets and Exceeds MIL-DTL-81188C
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