Focus on your run while staying safe. The SABRE Runner was designed to give you an extra level of security, without intruding into your run. The SABRE Runner Pepper Spray with Adjustable Hand Strap provides protection at your fingertips for quick access when you encounter a threat.

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  • Sabre Runner Defense Pepper Spray
  • UV Marking Dye
  • Pepper Spray + CS Military Tear Gas
  • Contains 0.75oz
  • Easy to Deploy
  • UPC: 023063701226

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Customer Reviews

This runner defense pepper spray is as pictured.
Review by Grace X.
Verified Buyer
Pleased with this purchase. The runner defense pepper spray is easy to carry.
Very Happy
Review by Kipling H.
Verified Buyer
Great runner defense pepper spray for the price. Really good value.
Great Product!
Review by Casimir V.
Verified Buyer
I attach this to my phone case for when I run. I have been attacked by several dogs when I have been out running and I wanted something I could use to prevent an attack. It fits great on my case. I haven't had to use it yet, but I like that it is tear gas, pepper spray, and it has an IR marker in it that could potentially be used to identify the dog that may have gone after me. I am sure it would work well for someone that wanted to carry it to protect themselves from people, as well.
I hope to NEVER use this - and that's a good thing!
Review by Chatara Z.
Verified Buyer
I carry this with me on every run, no matter the time of day. It is VERY easy to hold onto, in fact you just strap it on your palm and don't actually need to grip it. I can reach the trigger easily but it does have a safety feature so I don't accidentally use it! Make sure you practice spraying it so you are prepared should you ever need it.
Negligent design
Review by Missy N.
Verified Buyer
Falls off bike within a few minutes.
Convenient size
Review by Charlesetta K.
Verified Buyer
Great for walking, easy to hold.
Review by Shaquetta X.
Verified Buyer
I like to test self defense equipment and then buy it for the women in my life. I’ve been stunned, and now pepper sprayed.

My buddy sprayed me but the gel went over my closed eyelids about .5 inches above my eye, and it was completely useless. He then asked I sprayed him, so I did and didn’t miss and he was rolling around crying and screaming for about 45 minutes.

TL;DR super effective if perfect aim, but get a fogger variant.
Also my 2 cents is pepper spray is the best non lethal self defense option period. Do not rely on tasers.
Bought several for gifts
Review by Hannon R.
Verified Buyer
I really like that it has the velcro strap on it. It would be unusable if you drop it when needed. Bought this for a neighbor, aunt, two daughters and for others as gifts. I always tell them to read the directions and to try it outside (without the wind) so they can know how it works in case they ever need to use it in an emergency. Would buy again.
Tricky trigger
Review by Daphnie E.
Verified Buyer
Not easy to use - ergonomically awkward to 'shoot"
Did not work when I would have needed it most
Review by Hannahgrace O.
Verified Buyer
Someone approached me at the beach and he was acting weird and no one was around because it's mostly a private beach. He did not look like he was from the area in any way. I had the mace in my bag and had my hand on it in case he tried anything as he approached me. Luckily nothing bad happened but when he walked away I went to use the spray as a test and first the button didn't work at all, then it did spray out some to the distance of ONLY six inches. Scary.

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