M1 Carbine 10-Round Magazine - Brand New, Keepshooting.com Brand Magazine for the M1 Carbine

M1 Carbine 10-Round Magazine

Our M1 Carbine 10-Round Magazine is designed to fit, feed, and function 100% in your prized M1 Carbine. We created this magazine to give M1 Carbine shooters in states with magazine capacity restrictions a quality mag. The performance of this magazine was so good, word spread and now shooters in all 50 states are using this magazine to feed their M1 Carbine at the range.
Color Black

Description / M1 Carbine 10-Round Magazine


  • M1 Carbine 10-Round Magazine
  • Caliber: .30 Carbine
  • Capacity; 10 Rounds
  • Construction: Steel

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Manufacturer United Defense LLC

Customer Reviews

Fits WWII M1 Carbine like a glove!
Review by DoubleDee
These mags are very good. I haven’t had them long enough to evaluate their useful life but I expect they will endure very well.
Good Quality at Good Price
Review by Exkeydet
The quality of these magazines appears to be on-par with other commercial M1 carbine magazines. I haven't yet had an opportunity to live-fire my mags, however, they lock-up in the magazine wells and feed FMJ ammo without issue in both my 1944 GI-issue M1 carbine and post-war commercial Plainfield Machine carbine. As for their price, these were best deal that I could find on-line.
Very well manufactured.
Review by Bill
Very well made.
Very Good
Review by Harry
These work great and were a good deal
It worked in My M1 carbine
Review by Cliff
It worked in My M1
I went to order more and they were out of stock
M1 Carbine 10-Round Magazines
Review by GeoWoo
Great 10-round magazines for my M1 Carbine. Not one malfunction with the five magazines I ordered.
Fixed my feed problem
Review by 1700 Rider
The M1 Carbine magazine fixed the ammo feed problems I was having and it's NY state legal. Only time will tell how good the magazine is.
Review by The darkness
The cartridges arrived within a few days all set and ready to go,the price was the best i found and any follow up inquiries were promptly answered.youre company is very professional.
M1 Carbine 10-Round Magazine
Review by donvjr
"FIVE STAR" rated item, and dealer. I will continue my purchases with Keep Shooting.
High Quality product and service to match.
M1 mags
Review by utahjake
the high quality of this magazines makes them very a desirable product. I plan to buy more as time goes on. Excellent product, keep up the good work
Decent magazine
Review by Jay
These magazines came well oiled, and in good condition. The followers did not stop the action as expected but overall are solid mags.
Review by TRAIN MAN
M1 carbine mags
Review by JohnE
Do yourself a favor and do not buy M1 carbine mags from anyone else. These M-1 magazines load perfectly. You won't be sorry I know I wasn't.
M1 Mag.
Review by Hendey
Thought it did a little better than my 15 round mags. But my carbine is to blame for feeding issues.

Review by Stonie
After reading horrible reviews on other 10 rd mags for the M1 I decided to give these a try. Overall for the money they aren't bad, the base plate on one of the three i purchased started to slide off but was easily pushed back into place and seems fairly secure now. There were a few failures to feed properly out of the 200 or so rounds I put through them at the range. All in all not bad for the money .
Great service great quality! Perfect 10 round mag'
Review by Rod Grimes
Great service great quality products, 10 round m1 carbine mag's
Best Yet
Review by Missileman
The most recent restock (8/18) are the best yet. The batch I got in 2017 - before they went out of stock - required a significant amount of time to clean up the burred underside of the feed lips as well as the forward edge of the follower. This batch (8/18) needed very little deburring - although not zero - and the follower didn't need to be touched at all. All the springs were properly installed and required no adjustments. These are as close to my 15 round USGI magazines as I have found - much better - another world better - than the 10 round Pro-Mags I ordered when these were out of stock - and that were sent back to the internet seller 10 minutes after they arrived. While I have not been to the range yet with this batch the 2017 vintage worked very well and I expect these to as well.
Still needs improvement.
Review by Steven
I will start this by saying for those of us living in Komifornia this is the best 10rnd mag i have come across, that being said though it still need some tweaks after you buy it. Out of the first two the I got one of the springs was put in wrong. That is easily fixed as one of the other reviews already talked about this problem. The other problem it has is that at the front of the magazine the metal is rolled in such a way that it will snag the edge of your shell and sometimes cause a jam. this two is easily fixed. I purchased a grinding stone meant for a dremil and put it in my 19v drill and just slowly ground the lip back until I could easily move a shell in out of the magazine with out it catching. I also rounded off a point on that back of the mag that I had kept pinching my thumb on when loading the magazines. the grinding stone only cost my $3 at home depo so its not like the fix cost that much. now i can trash the other 10 rnd mags that i had gotten. they are worthless. they jam for no reason and will eject them selves while shooting. I hope Keepshooting reads this and makes some changes to there fabrication process to solve these two problems. if they do they will have the only 10rnd mags worth buying on the market.
concerning 10 rd m1 carbine magazine malfunction
Review by bradley
initial use of 3 of the 10 rd m1 carbine magazines resulted in all 3 causing a malfunction. this was caused by the follower tilting up at the bullet end and the round coming out nose up. disassembly revealed all 3 had springs installed backwards. springs reinstalled with proper orientation and now magazines function. hard for me to rate this mag.works good now but initially no go...
Keepshooting M1 carbine 10 rd Magazine
Review by Robert
I recently aquired a Vintage M1 Carbine. It came with 1 10 rd Promag Magazine. I ordered a Keepshooting 10 rd Mag mostly because I've had problems with Promags before with other firearms. After a good cleaning and lub I took it to the range. The Keepshooting Mag locks in tight and feeds the M1 flawlessly. No problem. The promag doesn't lock in as easy. I have to pop it a little to seat it in. Also the Promag doesn't hold rounds in place. They tend to move forward when loading. I have to keep pushing them back. I've already ordered another Keepshooting Mag. I'll still be looking for a USGI mag jusst because I want one but very satisfied with Keepshooting Mags.
Can now travel to kalifornia legally
Review by dave
Have not had a chance to use the 2 I ordered and received quickly. I live in the free state of Arizona and avoid kalifornia. Sometimes I have to travel there or cut across. Now I can take my trusty Saginaw along without being a felon. Kalifornia voters, WAKE UP.
Has a few rough edges but well worth the price
Review by Marsh
I bought 3 of these 10 rounders to comply with California law. All three had sharp inner edges on the front of the feed lips and the rounds would jam on the case mouths. I deburred the lips using #120 wet/dry paper wrapped around a 5/16" dowel. On one of mags the first round was very difficult to move forward because of high friction with the straight portion of the inner feed lips. I had to cut off one full coil from the mag spring to lower this force and then all worked well. My carbine is an Underwood dated 9-43 and works perfectly with mil spec mags, and also the Keep Shooting mags after the modifications.
Review by M1 carbine CM
Work great in a Winchester 1943 model carbine. This is the fourth that I have purchased.
M-1 Carbine 10 round magazine
Review by Pozzytraction
Great magazine, fits weapon perfectly. I highly recommend it.
Good value for the price
Review by Brian
There are better magazine available, but at double the cost. The metal is on the thinner side, but they don't feel flimsy and the magazines seat well. My only complaint is that on all three magazines, the last round doesn't feed. The bolt scrapes along the top of the case. I assume that the spring is not pushing the last round up fast enough to get in front of the bolt before it begins traveling forward. Perhaps they need more use to break in.
Great magazine
Review by Daryl
I have an AO Carbine and had feeding issues with the factory mag. Ordered 2 10 rd mags last summer and they worked just fine. No feed issues and they fit very well. They also eject easily. I just ordered 4 more mags. $14 is a fair price as well. I can't own the 15 rd as I live in NY.
Perfect Mag!
Review by Steven
This is a perfect 10rd Magazine for your carbine! You can not go wrong with this. I have mags and they work Great! No Jams! Just Perfect.
Actually works!
Review by Jeffrey
I have an Auto-Ordnace M1 carbine. The factory mags were uniformly horrible--sometimes they just fell out of the rifle! Keepshooting mags, however, seated nice and tight and functioned perfectly, not a single misfire in a hundred-round session! Now they're out of stock, dangit. PLEASE MAKE MORE!!!
quality and price
Review by alex
Purchased 4 magazines and they are great. Cost less than half the price of 2 other magazines and they are just as good. Will definitely be purchasing more of these in the future as well as other items.
Great mag
Review by Cody
Great magazine had no feeding or seating issues. Metal is thinner than Gi issue. All in all a well made mag at a fair price.
Can't ask for more
Review by Kenneth
I received the two ten round carbine magazines within just several day of placing my order. Finally got out to the range today and tried each in both my Universal and Plainfield carbines. Went through USGI, commercial and my own reloads, about 150+ rounds by the time I was done. Not so much as a hiccup at any time. Both magazines slid right into the magazine wells without undue resistance and, when they were empty, dropped right without assistance when the magazine release was pressed in. Flawless fit and function from where I stand. If you're now in the unfortunate situation of legally needing this size magazine (ie. NYS) , I can't see where you can go wrong with this product.
Works Great
Review by Leo
I have an Auto Ordnance M1 Carbine. I ordered a 10 round and a 15 rd mil spec. from Keep Shooting. With the mil-spec you couldn't ask for better, smooth as silk. The ten round would miss feed a bit and I noticed the inside edges of feed lips were a bit sharp. I disassembled the mag and stoned the inside top of the mag. I reassembled the mag and it works perfectly. Both mags lock into the gun better than the AO mags. Bottom line is, these mags work well in the Auto Ordnance M1 Carbines.
excellent magazine
Review by cj
An excellent magazine. it fits almost as well as my factory mag, and is easily modified to fit perfectly. The steel is a bit on the thin side, but it should be fine as long as you don't TRY to destroy it. the finish is basically paint and wears off of the feed lips and other rub points rather quickly, so don't expect it to stay pretty. it works, and that is all I ned
high quality
Review by Patrick
Very high quality and a great price. They work very well, feed nice and no jams.
top notch quality!!
Review by James
These mags are simply the best! The fit perfectly, and feed flawlessly... They are a must if you live in the Peoples Republic of California.
Review by CrisisBill
Ordered 3 and love them, they work great!
Quick shipping even in these days of long back orders.
M1 Carbine Mag
Review by Brian
High quality. Great to use for shooting off the bench. Very impressed with this mags construction for the price.
Good mag but for the money get the 15 round
Review by AvidShooter
This mag is just as good like all the other Keepshooting.com brand mags I have purchased. I use it at the range because it is lighter than the 15 round magazine and the range has a three round max in a rifle anyway. It is a really well made mag but unless you need a CA compliant 10 round mag, get the 15 round for basically the same price.
Works Like OEM
Review by Reamey
Loads slick with smoothest follower ever. Feed lips slightly tight so bolt needs quick release when hand feeding. OTOH won't lose rounds with transport. Ejects well when empty. Range ready out the box.
Great Mag!
Review by Grayson
The mag came really fast, shipping was fast and easy, mag fits my m1 carbine perfect. It is great quality, price and works perfect. I will be doing a lot more business with keep shooting. com!!!
Promag quality!
Review by John David
The mag looks great and functions perfectly. If I didn't live in The Peoples Republic of Kalifornia I would have went with the 15 rounder. So if you live in a mag cap restricted state, go with this one.

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