Polish Pantera Camo Rucksack

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The Polish Pantera Camouflage Rucksack is a second-generation rucksack from the Polish Army. Based on the original Puma camouflage rucksack, this updated second generation rucksack features the more modern Pantera camouflage pattern. In addition to the improved camo pattern, this rucksack features stronger materials used in the construction to make it more durable and long-lasting.

The Polish Pantera Camo Rucksack is a genuine rucksack that saw widespread use in the Polish Army. From the issuance of the first generation Puma camouflage rucksack, the Polish military saw how useful this style of rucksack was in the field. Soldiers found this rucksack to be ideal for carrying additional gear that would be used on 1-3 day deployments and was accessed frequently.

Being constructed of flexible material and the rucksack being free of a rigid frame, this rucksack is ideal for packing and compressing your gear down to a small profile. While being capable of expanding to carry a much larger load, this rucksack really excels for carrying things like extra clothing, blankets, and support gear that would be essential for an overnight deployment or trip into the woods.

  • Authentic Polish Army Rucksack
  • Modern Pantera Camouflage Pattern
  • Expandable Main Compartment - Huge Storage Volume
  • Draw String Closure with Secondary Cover
  • Water Resistant Vinyl Bottom
  • Shoulder Straps
  • Excellent Condition
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