Swiss Military Tent Pole Set

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These are original WWII-era Swiss Military issued tent pole sets.  Each set comes with one three piece wooden tent pole, with three galvanized steel tent stakes.  Fully assembled the pole measures approximately 45 inches.  The complete set stores in its original canvas pouch which is dated from the original time of issue and marked with the department who received it. With each set being over 60 years old, you'll find no two are exactly alike, yet you will find all of them to be fully functional and unique pieces of Swiss military history.  Each soldier would be issued one of these sets with their shelter half.

Swiss military issue equipment is highly prized by collectors for many reasons.  The first would be the quality as the Swiss put time and effort into designing the very best materials for their military forces.  The second would be the uniqueness, Swiss military issue items are easily recognized as being Swiss as no other country makes similar equipment. These Swiss Military Tent Pole Sets continue the Swiss tradition for excellence.  Sixty years from now they will still be as functional as they are today, and will last for many generations of use. Once these are gone, there will be no more!  A perfect addition to your Swiss Shelter Half, or just to make your own improvised tent while back packing.

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