The US Army and the Lewis and Clark Expedition

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The U.S. Army and the Lewis and Clark Expedition, prepared as part of the Army's contribution to the observance of the Lewis and Clark Bicentennial Commemoration (2003-2006), is an engaging account of a stirring and significant event in American military heritage. While most Americans have some inkling of the importance of the Lewis and Clark Expedition, officially designated the "Corps of Volunteers for North Western Discovery," relatively few recognize that it was an Army endeavor from beginning to end.

Blending their fine writing skills, authors David W. Hogan Jr. and Charles E. White tell the unvarnished story of Captain Meriwether Lewis's and Captain William Clark's military mission ordered by President Thomas Jefferson. Lewis and Clark, with twenty-seven other soldiers plus four civilians, two of whom were under contract with the War Department, carried out the president's intent and trekked from the mouth of the Missouri River to the Pacific Coast and back. Hogan's and White's memorable study is evocative of the courage and discipline of the Army today.


  • The U.S. Army and the Lewis and Clark Expedition
  • Official Center of Military History Publication
  • 31 Pages
  • Includes Illustrations, Map, Bibliography
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