Austrian Army Combat Pack with Shoulder Strap

Austrian Combat Pack with Shoulder Strap

The Austrian Army issued this combat pack to soldiers in the 1980s. What makes this combat pack very unique is it can be either worn on a belt, or it can be carried using the included shoulder strap. Each combat pack is in very good condition and is capable of serving as an every day carry bag.

Description / Austrian Combat Pack with Shoulder Strap

Medium sized combat packs like this Austrian Combat Pack are very popular. The size of this combat pack makes it ideal for an every day carry bag, range bag, or a bug out bag for the trunk of your car. The Austrian army is well known for issuing quality gear to their troops and this combat pack is no different.

  • Shoulder Strap or Belt Carry - Both are possible with this combat pack
  • Drawstring Closure with Water Resistant Flap
  • Reenforced Bottom - Carry a heavier load
  • Interior has three separate pockets
  • Dimensions: 13" H x 13" W x 5" D
  • Straps May Vary

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Manufacturer Austrian Army Surplus

Customer Reviews

Versitile and affordable
Review by Dale
Mine may be used but looks new. Very useful pack. Strong, sturdy, not completely waterproof but it is moisture resistant. Midsize pack that has unlimited uses. Mine came with backpack straps, shoulder strap, 3 closure straps and 2 straps for attaching items to the bottom. 3 interior and 2 exterior compartments. Great for a day pack and large enough for 2 or 3 day trip. I can put in my saddlebag or strap to my luggage rack, this pack is strong and protective. This pack has so many uses, just use your imagination. For this price you can't go wrong
Wrong Straps
Review by Richard
great pack other than i received the wrong straps for both
Wrong Straps
Review by Richard
Bought 2 of these , one for my wife and I both came with the wrong straps . Other than that its a good pack very sturdy.
High quality super versatile bag!
Review by Tracy
I've bought 4 of these great bags, 3 from other sources, and the latest from KS. This very large butt pack is part of the Austrian Army pack system from the '80's. I've passed two on to friends, and have the one from KS and another one. The one from KS had instead of the strange shoulder strap, the full web harness straps that are actually for the big "Austrian Alice" pack that is the large companion to this butt pack. The web harness straps are alone more than worth the price! I agree with the comments on the features that other reviewers have made here.
This bag/pack is the most versatile I've yet found. I've used the top and bottom metal grommets and paracord to lash it to a US Army DEI 1603 plastic pack frame. I have used a set of surplus US Army MOLLE II desert camo padded pack shoulder straps with the padded yoke, along with 4 keyring metal loops, to turn this bag into a Patrol pack. I've combined the padded full web harness straps that came with the KS one with a US Army surplus pistol belt to make a full web harness--and, this Austrian web strap harness has six straps, not just four! So this harness is to me, more comfortable and distributes weight better, than any surplus or aftermarket web harness I've seen. Using the plastic belt keepers on a pistol belt, and the two rear harness straps on either set of upper grommets on the bag- gives an especially comfortable carry.

There are likely other ways to use this great bag. IT's rugged, uber-versatile, and suitable to configure as you like. Just get it while it's still around!
Bag is fine, included straps suck !!
Review by Mike
Both bags I ordered were used and one had former owners name. Both in nice condition and will be useful once I find a suitable "shoulder strap". Included harness straps are nice if you need load bearing straps for a pistol belt but useless for the pack. After screwing around rigging straps on pack finally did smart thing , took them off and threw into trash. Not real impressed or happy with this purchase due to useless shoulder strap and time wasted in attempting to use. Next time KeepShooting needs to put something with pack that is useful and actually can be used. Feel like purchase was a waste of time and money...
Great bag!
Review by Thomas
Mine came in good condition! Did not have the clips on back to slip over a belt but inside the pack I got the combat harness. That alone is worth the price of the pack! Thank you Keep shooting!
Great Shooting Pack
Review by Vincent
I take this pack shooting with me all the time. Holds a few items or a full load with ease. Once you figure out how to rig the over the shoulder strap, it carries very well and is very comfortable.

Straps work well to cinch down your load. Plenty of small interior pockets for small items. Rugged material and heavy duty straps and buckles make this pack an item that will take the pounding. I really like the cross chest carry system.

This was money well spent. Excellent addition to my kit.
Would Have Been Great
Review by Ray
Missing buckle parts. Two of three straps are not useable. Guess that's the gamble with surplus. If the middle one had the buckle it wouldn't be so bad. Only the left side one has all the parts. Other than that the bag is good.
The pack is great...
Review by David
I got this along with the East German Combat Belt and for less than 15 bucks had a big butt pack setup.
New, from all appearences, in a plastic bag.
It fit the German belt perfectly.
It looks ALICE compatable.

The strap it came with was not so hot, nicely padded canvas but unravelling in spots.

And it does not fit the pack.

My pack has only 2 top lid straps and that's fine.
I will buy another, and some compatable backpack straps.

Could this be put on a frame???
Good quality bag
Review by Derek
Good quality pack . Condition was great looks unissued . On the large size for a shoulder bag, more like a sm/med backpack.
Review by Mike
This is part of a backpack system. The good news is this bag can be used as a stand alone bag. Outstanding quality no matter where you use it in the field or for school or work.
The shoulder strap is also more rugged then needed be and you won't be able to hurt it. If
you something alittle different that will last for years this is it! You'be surprised how much you can stuff in it. Great people to deal with very prompt shipping no hassels at all.
Used . Fooled me.
Review by John A.
Bought for get home bag in truck Should be good for 2 nights plus . Strap useless on pack , but already found a use for it . The extra pack straps I saved work fine .I want to thank-you for a great pack .
Very useable
Review by Terry
Mine was new. Keeps emergency gear in trunk clean and organized. Plus easy to transport.
Excellent item! Highly Recommended
Review by EDWARD
Great quality item!
Light and easy to carry day to day items.Books,Bottled water,etc.
totally awesome day pack
or Medium sized emergency backpack for the Car or Truck
it even makes a great Range bag!
Excellent Backpack
Review by Ed
Great Austrian Military Backpacks in Absolutely Perfect as New Condition
Get them while they are this Price!
totally a Fantastic Bargain.
I Highly Recommend their Items.
tough made
Review by Lionel
The Austrian spirit contained within, very good quality an cool looking, recommend it for camping
I can definitely use this
Review by Victor
For 11$ just get it. The strap that came with mine is not the same that's in the picture. If you just want something for hiking or even a SHTF bag on the ready, this is it! I also got the Austrian pup tent & the 2 pack of German insulated canteens and all fits perfect in this bag with room to spare.
Great bag in great condition - many uses
Review by El Mystico
I plan to use this bag to hold all my recovery gear for my 4x4. But it really can be used for so much more. It's a convenient size and the one I received was in great condition. Clearly used, but not very much and no signs of repairs or severe wear. The strap is handy, too, and what I like most about it is how many different ways it can be attached and, therefore, carried. The ability to put it on a belt, too, is cool but not something I plan to use.
Great all-around bag
Review by BlackBelt
This is an excellent quality-made combat bag that I'll use for turkey hunting. I ordered 2 of them and both look only very slightly used. I couldn't figure out how to use the strap the right way (hooking it on the top and to the bottom of the pack) and actually comfortably carry the pack, but figured out if I just hooked it across the 2 top strap holes it works well just like any other shoulder pack I own. It's large enough to be a 2-3 day recon or hiking pack and hold enough gear for the trip. There are also 2 nice straps at the bottom of the pack for attaching a bedroll or whatever suits you. This is a great buy and for the money you really should get two of them.
Great Bag For A Great Price
Review by Walt
Great little bag with a multitude of possible uses. The one I received was in "gently used" condition with just some slight discoloration in two spots. Unique strap that is durable and allows for different configurations. A perfect "get home" bag! For the money, get one!
Excellent value for an excellent bag
Review by Chris
I needed a more weather resistant alternative to my M-1938 musette repro, and the nylon construction of this particular shoulderbag fit my needs nicely.

Though the arrangement of the shoulder strap takes some getting used to in fitting to your personal preference, the snaps and strap lock hardware are very pretty to look at with their copper sheen and work very smoothly despite their age.

For 10 bucks, you can't go wrong here.
very good condition-NOT
Review by NJ
Definitely not in "very good condition". The bag I received was in poor condition with at least 6 repairs one of which was ~3x5 inches. That said I do like the bag and the cross shoulder strap. If it had been in half decent shape I would have been happy as it is I probably should have returned it.
This is my 2nd purchase
Review by David
A great alternative to US-style butt pack. It will go on the US pistol belt using its clips and has the attachment holes for the Shoulder Yoke. It goes nicely with the Swedish Combat Set (also available from KS). However, it won't go with the current British Army CPM Combat Set. The belt is too thick. At $11, you have nothing to lose. Great all around bag.
Well worth $11
Review by Josh
This is a well-designed carry bag for lots of purposes. It is pretty roomy for a day pack or even a 72-hour bag to hold the bare minimums. The strap is a bit weird configuration, but useable and has a nice, wide, sorta-padded section on the shoulder. The bottom straps are great for adding a poncho, blanket, tarp or other roll-up item to your load. Overall a great value for a cool, all-around carry pack.
great product-great service
Review by warren (skip)
does not look like picture,but mine is neater.product is well made and works well.excellent item for price.
Review by Glen
This is simply a great little pack, one.two or three day pack, range pack with many more possibilities.
Great product and an even better price
Review by Jake
I can't be happier with this purchase. Unlike the picture mine came with two straps to carry it normally which I prefer. Very rugged simple design. Great size for a 72hr bag or a quick camping trip. Mine will be used for some food and water to keep in my car.
Awesome butt pack
Review by David
I finally figured out how to use the strap. Planning to use it as a butt pack on a GI web system - suspender, pistol belt, etc - a much better alternative than those cheap reproduction version. The price is right. Will buy it again as gifts.
Substantial Bag
Review by Jason
I wanted a well built bag for fishing. I figured nylon was the way to go, because it dries fast when wet, but is somewhat water repellent, and cleans easily. This bag exceeds my expectations. Everything about this bag screams quality, from the brass hardware to the insanely overly done stitching. I did not realize before ordering that there two straps on on the bottom, which I can use to affix something like a rain poncho to the bottom. The sling that comes with it is a little, odd. I will give the sling a try, it is serviceable and will work, but I might search around for another one.
Great bag but may need some clean up on your part
Review by Andrew
This is a very well designed bag that has sufficient space to make an excellent get home bag. Has additional straps on the bottom to carry either a sleeping bag, pad or tent outside of the pack so you are saving the inside space. The straps are on the short side however. I think it could hold about 20 lbs comfortably all day, lots of different places to connect the strapping to make it more comfortable. The bag is well made. Probably 2000 -2500 cubic inches of interior space. It only comes with a single cross-shoulder strap that is removable, I wish is also came with traditional backpack straps that were removable. The bag can also be connected to a belt as used as a butt pack. Only thing that was really negative was that bag I got has some (nickel sized glob of) white sticky goo/grease on one of the straps. Was not easy or fun getting it off. Well worth the price.
Great Bag
Review by Dominic
These bags are made of good quality material, and I think they are the perfect size bag to carry in the field. Not too small, or too bulky and i am able to wear it without a problem.
Great pack but needs a different strap setup
Review by Hale
The quality of the bag i got was fine,it had a few patches and a strap and grommet look pretty rough but other than that it's in good shape.
The strap it comes with is awful, I don't understand what the person designing it was thinking. I have not tried adding my own yet but with all the attachment points it shouldn't be too hard.
It has plastic connectors to attach to a belt but it seems to big to be a but pack to me.
It has 3 internal dividers, 2 small ones on each side at the bottom and 1 large that covers the back of the pack. The buckles are a bit hard to use but seem very heavy duty.
It's great pack but needs a different strap/harness, well worth the $11 to me.
Good bag
Review by Eric
I bought this for my wife to use as a purse, but it's a bit too roomy for that. I decided to use it to carry my PPE stuff for work. We will probably order more to keep in the cars and will put med supplies, tools, water etc in them. I feel the pack has TONS of potential uses and the price is perfect.
Looks good
Review by Adam
Just received this bag and am happy about the size. This looks like it will be a 1-2 day bag for me. I am making some changes as the strap system employed has the bag over 1 shoulder on an angle... I'm setting up Alice suspenders on it for better balance. I also changed the plastic belt clips over to the alice clips. The bag is certainly roomy enough and sturdy enough to hold your gear and the drawstring top is perfect for fitting that pot for cooking
great pack
Review by Will
These packs are versatile and rugged. Well worth the price. I ordered two, stuffed one with fishing gear and gave the other to my friend for his field pack working in the rough. Just ordered three more!
Great, small pack
Review by Isaac
I bought this to use on the bike while motorcycle camping and then to use as a laptop bag when I'm not on the bike. This bag fit the bill for both uses and was very inexpensive to boot. The construction is really top notch, and this bag doesn't look even a fraction of its age. Once I got the shoulder strap figured out, it was easy to adjust to fit me. Using the extra attachment straps on the bottom of the bag, I was able to easily secure it to another bag on my luggage rack without worrying about it sliding around. For a three day trip on the bike, this little bag held my jacket liner, food, water, and tools with room to spare.
excellent pack.
Review by allen
These packs are great for day hikes or even for a three day trip into the woods.You can get a lot in these packs so don't be fooled by their size.
Great, Versatile Pack
Review by Viggo the Carpathian
I actually bought this pack because I'm a gear junkie, and realized I don't have very much Austrian equipment. I'm glad I bought this pack, I use it for light hikes & overnight trips. A few random points:
- The pack is a great medium size; it measures roughly 15" tall, 13" wide, and 5" deep.
- There are plastic attachments (sort of like ALICE clips) so the pack can be used as a buttpack.
- It also includes a shoulder strap, so that it can be used as a shoulder bag.
- The inside has a divider, and the outside has attachment points for more equipment.
- The pack I received had one very small (quarter sized) repair, which looks like it was done at a QM depot.

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