East German Combat Pack – Includes Adjustable “Y-Strap” Suspenders

East German Combat Pack

Before there were fancy lunch boxes with insulation, compartments and containers, there were lithographed metal lunch boxes. Before that, there were brown paper bags. Don’t get me wrong, plenty of people still use the good old paper bag to carry packed lunches to school and work, but the evolution of lunch boxes has left it less than desirable. If we’re being perfectly honest, I never found them to be too preferable. Sandwiches were placed at the mercy of any hard or heavy object, often suffering a tragic fate – death by squishing. And don’t even think about storing an ice pack in there to keep your food cold and fresh. Condensation left the bag with a fate not unlike the sandwich. By picking up your lunch after condensation had a few hours to do its bidding – making the bag weak and prone to tearing – you were likely to see its contents spill out onto the floor. Me? I am a fancy lunch box kind of guy.

Lucky for us, you’re a military surplus kind of guy/gal. Lucky for you, we have another great product to offer. Keepshooting.com now has the East German combat pack, perfect to combat your lunchtime hunger. Originally issued to members of the East German military, the East German combat pack was actually used to carry food, drink and loaves of bread while in the field and on patrol. Featuring the uniquely East German raindrop camouflage pattern, this pack is generously sized to carry just about any meal you could possibly desire.

Just say no to brown paper bags with the East German combat pack. A great value at only $4.95 – they make a good alternative to the higher priced fancy lunch boxes that are saturating the market.


Description / East German Combat Pack

Dating back to the late 1980s, the East German combat pack was almost exclusively a modern military lunch box. As noted, they were used by East German troops to carry food items in the field. They are original military surplus items that have been used, but are generally in good cosmetic and working condition.

Each bag is constructed from a heavy-duty cotton material that is both sturdy and durable. It won’t crumple and leave your sandwich susceptible to smashing like a brown paper bag. Additionally, the three interior closure flaps – two of which utilize a belt and buckle closure –feature a rubberized material that will offer limited water-resistance. Despite its limited water-resistance, you can rest assured that an ice pack will not spell instant doom for your lunch. The East German combat pack, when closed, measures approximately 12 inches by 11 inches by 5 inches – offering enough space to house a meal fit for a king. As noted, it features three interior closure flaps as well as a large exterior flap that utilizes dual, toothed-locking belt and buckle closures, which will ensure that your goods remain shielded from any unwanted contaminants.

The pack does feature a built-in carrying handle, but the real attraction is the inclusion of original “Y-strap” adjustable suspenders that allow the pack to be worn easily on the back.

Finally, we come to the unique camouflage pattern that graces this pack. The raindrop camouflage, known by Germans as Stricheldruckmuster or Ein Strich/Kein Strich, is a notably East German camouflage pattern that was heavily featured during the German Democratic Republic era of German history.

Just because I like food does not mean you have to use the East German combat pack as a lunch box. It serves well as a multi-purpose bag and should be considered for any of the following:

- Travel bags – Store your toiletries and other travel essentials when away from home or on-the-go

- Medical kits – Put together a medical kit with medicine, ointments, bandages and other items useful in situations that call for medical attention

- Lunch bags – Carry your lunch to school or work in style as this bag will easily house a stockpile of food

- Range bags – Fill it with ammunition, magazines, optics, safety glasses and just about anything else you need at the shooting range

- Roadside assistance bags – Keep this bag in your vehicle stocked with road flares, small tools, batteries, rope and anything else useful in an emergency situation

- Almost anything!

Customer Reviews

Great bag, even for school
Review by David
Very cool bag, looks great, and the water resistance makes it very convenient for the rain.

I ordered two, and they were obviously very different issues, with very different qualities so YMMV depending on what you get in the mail, but the clips can get unhooked from the bottom of the bag, it's nothing a paper clip or any other kind of external clip can't fix, but is definitely something you may need to keep in mind.

At first, the bag may be very awkward to use in civilian life because of it's opening mechanism, but once you get the hang of it, you can open and close the bag quite quickly.
Not a lunchbox!
Review by Seth
I wouldn't call these a lunchbox or try and sell them as one - this is a rugged bag good for hard wear, not the office fridge.

These are not meant for civilian use - they are designed to be worn with a specific combat rig. If you have some DIY skill, though, you can easily adapt this bag for a variety of purposes!

With their clips these can easily be attached to a bike frame and be used as a GREAT and long wearing pannier!
Perfect Packs
Review by Chris
Ordered two. Both were unissued. One was rubberized wasrubberized inside, the other was not. Perfect bags for anything. Using mine as first aid/emergency kits for the vehicles.
Great little pack!
Review by Jake
This pack is great for a day trip, or to pack a lunch. I got one with a vinyl lining and one with out the vinyl lining. But great packs anyway. Just buy one before they're gone!
Better than advertised
Review by Daryl
I ordered 2 packs one was used and the other brand new. The used is in very good condition. They are well worth the money. I Went back to order some more but they had been sold out. It just goes to show you if you think keep shooting items are what you want. You better order double they are worth it!
Amazing value for a functional piece of history
Review by Czechguy
Bag was received in like new condition, completely clean and smelling of fresh surplus. Straps are kinda hard to figure out at first, but once you do its actually surprisingly comfortable, even stuffed to the brim with rock/core samples. Which brings me to its durability, which is also excellent. For 5 bucks too? I may need to get me a backup.
love these packs
Review by Eric
Great all around bag , small pack , storage bag .The Y strap has alot of extra clips hooks and loops for attaching to other gear, after all its part of their equipment. looked and felt brand new , These are waterproof and have big flaps to keep stuff dry. Can fit giant lunch plus drinks and keep it dry while atving.
Review by Justin
This pack is sturdy and thick. It almost stands up on it's own. The straps it comes with would be worth the purchase price. You cannot go wrong with this bag. Would make a great lunch bag (if you are a big eater!). Mine came in issued-great condition. No concerns or complaints. I'm hooked on KS!!
I paid $14.45 on Amazon for the same bag -> I am big believer in KS!
Review by David
I ordered 4 bags to be used as the carrier for my car emergency kit. One of the 4 bags is used. The other 3 are unused. The only differences these bags do not have the extra straps (3) just the Y-shoulder strap - still a great buy considering the big price differences. Keep up the good job - Keepshooting.
Great waterproof Pack for the Money...
Review by matt
Great pack was out In the bush on a hunting trip and had this pack loaded down for a day trip when out of no where the rain came down.But I was prepared my pack kept all of my gear nice and dry and kept it all in reach. I would tell any one that pack is worth its weight in gold out in the field and its at a great price for a camp pack I give it five Stars.
Best value on the net
Review by David
This is a great little pack. The more I use it the more I enjoy it. It can easily converted into a side shoulder bag with a compression shoulder strap. I put a foam insert to convert it into a small camera bag. It keeps the gear dry.
Great Ammo carrier and Computer bag
Review by Dorian
Awesome bag for the money-laptop fits great in the bag with room for the charger, too. This bag is brand new and the straps are fun to figure out as well.
Good bag for the money.
Review by Ferenc
A good sturdy bag with a cool design. I am using it for medications to bug out with. Condition is like new. A good buy! A ++
Handy, small pack. Well made. Good for wives, kids, and grandkids.
Review by Jeffrey
This pack is nicer than I expected. Unique camo pattern. Nice that they included loops to attach the pistol belt straps when not wearing a belt. At this price, pick up a half dozen.
great looking pack
Review by Amy
Ok, I'll admit that I'm a girl that was just shopping on here to find a gift for my dad. But this pack was so cool looking and cheap that I bought it for both of us along with other great stuff. Very cool style and perfect to pack a picnic in since its insulated. look up the youtube video on how to assemble the straps correctly.
Best day pack ever!
Review by Zeb
This pack is a bit small but it is still very good. First off from my experiences it is completely waterproof, it has a liner that folds into it that is rubberized, if you know it's going to get wet you pull it up and seal it with that. It comes with the east German y strap suspenders that are the bags straps. It is thicker too, almost like it's insulated. This is a great buy.
Nice all around bag
Review by Seth
I like cold war German surplus and this is no exception. Pretty good size for books or maybe an overnight bag. That's probably what mine will be used for, but there are many more possibilities. Mine came in good condition even though it had the usual storage wear and marks.
Tale of Two Packs
Review by The Tim
I ordered one of these several months ago to use as a possibles bag for deer hunting. It's too small to be a rucksack and too large to use as a possibles. Then I noticed two things. It fits perfectly under my truck seat as an emergency bag. And it clips onto the front straps of my heavy pack perfectly for extra load on backwoods trips. I liked it so much I ordered a second one. The first appeared un-issued, had a ton of extra straps and has a watertight vinyl liner that seals. The second one was much used and did not have the liner. But still worth it for my uses.
I should have bought a few
Review by Glenn
The bag I received looked new, it did have a 57 written on the back of it, but that's fine with me. The straps that come with this bag are actually suspenders, I think. The extra straps look like they hook into a belt. I believe this is the beginning of my E. German rig collection...
Cool Bag Surprisingly Stylish
Review by Liam
Aside from the straps being a little weird and confusing this bag is really cool. I watched a YouTube video on how to set the straps and also saw that you can dunk this think in water without anything getting wet... As it has a liner inside. My girlfriend actually stole it from me and used it as a backpack for a music festival this past weekend.
Its super affordable and the possabilities are endless.
Review by seany
Its just so cool.There are a million things I could do with it. Plus its not something that very many folks have so its special. Its the best bag Ive got from keepshooting.com yet.
Review by Sigmund
I bought 2, not sure what to use it for, but with muzzleloader season in a few months these will make a great possibility bag
Great bag
Review by Richard
Just got this in the mail today, and all I can say is that I am stunned at the craftsmanship of the pack. It not only looks like it would survive a bomb blast, but it looks brand new. I plan to use it as a medical kit. Thank you keep shooting, this another great offering.
Large Bag Small price
Review by SurplusCollector
For the price, the thing I was most impressed about was how big and how much room it has. When I got mine I remember it being kind of folded, but wow, when unfolded it is pretty deep and can hold many random things. I put my gas mask with filter and gas mask bag into it and still had plenty of room.

I would imagine you could probably stuff a med kit down in there and probably still have a lil room left. Plus this bag looks really neat, and has unique looking camo pattern on it that a lot of other bags don't have. Super light, super durable.

Okay now a few down sides... Had a fairly bad surplus smell which im clearing up with air freshener. The straps were a little confusing getting them to fit/hook properly. All in all, got to be one of the best deals I've seen on here.
a very nice bag arrived in new condition
Review by Robert
the bag arrived as was new condition, a good bag, very happy with quality, will put it to good use
Quality Pack
Review by Adam
This pack can be used as a small backpack or cooler. The rubber lining on the inside will keep the insides partially insulated. The rubber will also keep outside elements on the outside. Has a multitude of straps that you might consider cutting off.

Over great quality for the price.
Review by nathaniel
I love this bag it is perfect for everything
1000's of uses!
Review by Bo
Well, maybe not 1000's, but y'all know what I mean. This is a truly great bag and it's waterproof! The included Y-Straps are a Bonus! It makes for a great Combo! Just throw in a Combat Belt, some random Pouches and you're set and ready to go!
Awesome pack
Review by Joe
This is a great piece of kit! Brand new, heavy canvas, the straps were easy to put on, but they don't like to stay in place without being under pressure. As soon as you take it off they unbuckle. Great piece for my bushcraft kit. Look forward to using it soon.
Don't fear the rain!
Review by Jonathan
Got my pack and i have to say this might be the best waterproof bag I have seen. Great for those living in rainy parts of the country or those that spend a lot of time on the water.This bag could spend days in the rain and your gear will never get wet.
very nice pack for 5$!!
Review by chris
very nice pack appears to be new unissued great size for about anything you might need
great for the money
Review by Daniel
great for putting shelter supplies in and more
Add one to your inventory
Review by Edward
For the ridiculously low price of under $5 you can own a unique pack. It's 'bare bones' but fully functional and utilitarian. It's built like a tank, and feels robust and sturdy - even when packed to the rim. I tossed a couple of the matching grenade pouches in it, and it makes a nice little carry bag for misc camping supplies. My teenage son loves his as well.
Fantastic Value!
Review by Kenneth
Bought 2 of these packs for the wife and myself to use as day packs. They appeared unissued, in new condition. The straps were easy to figure out and adjust for comfort. These little packs hold more than they appear. We each carry a ss water bottle, nesting cup, small first aid kit, a folding esbit stove with fuel, emergency poncho, fire kit and food/snacks with room for more odd and ends. Going to get more for friends and family.
Great pack, cool history
Review by Ben
Great backpack. Took me a minute to figure out how to attach the suspenders (had them on backwards at first…) but once assembled properly, I really liked this pack. One was lightly issued, but all present. No rust! No Rips! No Tears of any kind. Great to actually use, to stick away. All in all, great pack. I highly recommend, especially for the price.
Review by Jim
Great Bang for the Buck!
Review by Kenneth
Ordered 2 of these packs. Both appeared brand new and unissued. One bag had the water proof liner, the other didn't. No rust on the buckles, or bad odors.

The suspenders were in the same condition as the packs. They will make great day packs for the wife and I. We attached the matching rifle pouches (sold separately) to add more carrying volume. Now to find the shelter half in the same 'camo' pattern.

Bottom line.....fantastic value, condition. Get them while you can!
Very cool
Review by Dave
Many uses for this bag, nice.
Can't beat the price
Review by Bradley
Awesome product. Shoulder straps were different but workable.
This is a steal!
Review by Logan
I can't believe this is only $5. The suspenders make this bag set up worth 2-3 times more than the sales price. The interior also has a waterproof liner. I'm actually going to be coming back to get another.
Better than expectations!
Review by Conrad
First of all, both packs that I ordered were in unissued condition.

Secondly, unlike in the one pictured, my packs came with a rubberized sack inside the pack, making my bags essentially 100% waterproof!

The price on these awesome (and brand new) bags is unbeatable. I would definitely recommend them to anyone.
Great Assault Pack
Review by 1st CIV DIV
Great deal on this East German equivalent to an assault pack. The harness that comes with this is part of the East German Load Bearing Equipment. You can also double the packs up or just carry them by the handle.
Quality Waterproof Pack
Review by Sean
The shoulder straps are a little funny and look like suspenders but if you know how to use an old fashioned back pack you can figure it out. It has a vinyl liner to make it waterproof as well. It is a good buy.
Excellent pack, great price
Review by josh
The pack i received was in unissued condition.

The deal maker for me was that they included the harness in the paltry price. Excellent water resistant pack, and a huge deal. I should have purchased several.

Note i had a very difficult time rigging up the pack to mesh with my East German pistol belt, and other pouches / accessories, as pictures of the actual rig are very hard to find.
GR888T pack
Review by skysoldier173d
I purchased 4 of these and am very well pleased with the quality and quality. I use them on my cuddy cabin sport cruiser on deep sea fishing trip. 2 are used for first aid kits, 1 for flare gun and spare cartridges and the other emergency boat supplies. The weatherproof interior seems to work out well in the salt water environ as long as the top is cinched properly. I will order more of these.
Good packs
Review by Guy
These packs are a good value and have multiple uses.
What a great buy
Review by Robert
I bought two of these along with a mess kit and some grenade pouches. These are great for the price and I use them for the range and to fish.

I am buying a few more for hiking and to have a few extra. Please keep all the quality items coming!!!!
great quality
Review by cody
Grabbed a couple of these . Great material, very tuff and reliable pack. Throw ammo in it when heading to the range. Thanks again keepshooting.com
Tough little pack
Review by philip
Bought three of these, had experience with rain pattern camo ak pouches, this pack did not disappoint me! Very durable and priced right!If you order, buy more than one!
very durable
Review by michael
this pack will fit 12 AK mags in pouches.
I have a second bag clipped to the back of my truck seat, that holds gloves and rope.
Very good
Review by John
It came in good condition i will order more buy good price thanks keep shooting
Great little pack
Review by Jose USMCR
Super sweet little day bag. Perfect for storing shotshells when dove hunting. my boy loves it since it is the perfect size for him. Buy it!
E.German Pack
Review by J.
For five dollars this is an extraordinary deal. The uses are endless.
Great quality
Review by Jay
This East German combat pack I received in the mail was extremely well made, waterproof, and can carry quite a load. The photo doesn't do the item much justice, the pack is much larger than shown. If you are on the fence on buying this, I strongly recommend you buy it
Tough construction, good value
Review by Mark
These (not so) little packs are what you would expect of German manufacturing: well-made and durable. I ordered two; one came with a rubberized liner and the other did not. As others have mentioned, the pack is larger than what one would expect based on the pictures. You could easily throw a couple of loaves of bread in one and still have room left over.
Great value
Review by Tang
Awesome little packs. Ordered two to use as bicycle panniers. Size is perfect and quality is well worth the price. One of the bags was fully lined with a rubberized synthetic material with extra to roll over, making it very waterproof. The only thing that could be better is the closing mechanism, it's a little difficult to manipulate at times.
Mmmmm Surplus
Review by kenneth
Man I just bought one and should of got more. This bag is super nice I have no idea what I will use it for because I have to many uses I can use this bag for. Awesome pack from a by gone era.
Good product, Great service!
Review by Gerald
Appears unused. Very little storage wear. Some slight staining from a liquid. Everything packed well for shipping. Fast shipping! Thanks KS!
Fantastic Deal, Pack & Service
Review by Bull
I bought this pack with the idea that it was used. If it was used, it was issued to some soldier, who never needed it. It's brand new except for the metal parts are showing some age, but has a lot of life left in it. The fabric is new-like. It had a surplus odor, but i aired it out and it's fine. I buy a bunch of these to hand out at Christmastime, if I knew anyone else who wanted one. I ordered this late Friday night. Tuesday evening, it was on my doorstep. Great job Guys!!!
Excellent prices on quality equipment
Review by Kartoffelsalat
I hold KS near and dear in my small list of places I'll buy surplus from, just got this bag in today, came in fast. The Y-straps alone generally cost more than this bundle did shipped, bag's in perfect condition and is pretty big, has a partition for holding the stuff stored so it doesn't fall out.
Sweet E. German Pack
Review by Bobby
I don't use the straps just the handle and carry it like a briefcase.
It holds all my gun cleaning supplies and would make a good,small G.O.D bag...
A great pack indeed! Of East German quality.
Review by Fubbzy
Simple and sturdy, this pack is very quaint. The entirety of the construction of the bag seems to be pretty darned tough, the East Germans not playing around in making military equipment. The back straps may seem primitive, but they are indeed sturdy. They are, of course, Y straps and double as suspenders for a waist belt.

The bag I got was bigger than expected, and what appears to be the picture of the product on this site is actually the bag when folded up. It can accommodate WAY more than a hefty lunch, and I intend on using mine for school.

Overall, I highly recommend this bag to anyone wishing for a cheap alternative for any more expensive hiking or school bag. It has a surplus smell, but this does nothing to hinder the product's functionality.

I thank this site for having such an awesome product at such a low price. You guys are crazy for having such brilliant deals. c:

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