East German Combat Pack – Includes Adjustable “Y-Strap” Suspenders

East German Combat Pack

Before there were fancy lunch boxes with insulation, compartments and containers, there were lithographed metal lunch boxes. Before that, there were brown paper bags. Don’t get me wrong, plenty of people still use the good old paper bag to carry packed lunches to school and work, but the evolution of lunch boxes has left it less than desirable. If we’re being perfectly honest, I never found them to be too preferable. Sandwiches were placed at the mercy of any hard or heavy object, often suffering a tragic fate – death by squishing. And don’t even think about storing an ice pack in there to keep your food cold and fresh. Condensation left the bag with a fate not unlike the sandwich. By picking up your lunch after condensation had a few hours to do its bidding – making the bag weak and prone to tearing – you were likely to see its contents spill out onto the floor. Me? I am a fancy lunch box kind of guy.

Description / East German Combat Pack

Dating back to the late 1980s, the East German combat pack was almost exclusively a modern military lunch box. As noted, they were used by East German troops to carry food items in the field. They are original military surplus items that have been used, but are generally in good cosmetic and working condition.

Each bag is constructed from a heavy-duty cotton material that is both sturdy and durable. It won’t crumple and leave your sandwich susceptible to smashing like a brown paper bag. Additionally, the three interior closure flaps – two of which utilize a belt and buckle closure –feature a rubberized material that will offer limited water-resistance. Despite its limited water-resistance, you can rest assured that an ice pack will not spell instant doom for your lunch. The East German combat pack, when closed, measures approximately 12 inches by 11 inches by 5 inches – offering enough space to house a meal fit for a king. As noted, it features three interior closure flaps as well as a large exterior flap that utilizes dual, toothed-locking belt and buckle closures, which will ensure that your goods remain shielded from any unwanted contaminants.

The pack does feature a built-in carrying handle, but the real attraction is the inclusion of original “Y-strap” adjustable suspenders that allow the pack to be worn easily on the back.

Finally, we come to the unique camouflage pattern that graces this pack. The raindrop camouflage, known by Germans as Stricheldruckmuster or Ein Strich/Kein Strich, is a notably East German camouflage pattern that was heavily featured during the German Democratic Republic era of German history.

Just because I like food does not mean you have to use the East German combat pack as a lunch box. It serves well as a multi-purpose bag and should be considered for any of the following:

- Travel bags – Store your toiletries and other travel essentials when away from home or on-the-go

- Medical kits – Put together a medical kit with medicine, ointments, bandages and other items useful in situations that call for medical attention

- Lunch bags – Carry your lunch to school or work in style as this bag will easily house a stockpile of food

- Range bags – Fill it with ammunition, magazines, optics, safety glasses and just about anything else you need at the shooting range

- Roadside assistance bags – Keep this bag in your vehicle stocked with road flares, small tools, batteries, rope and anything else useful in an emergency situation

- Almost anything!

Customer Reviews

Great bag, even for school
Review by David
Very cool bag, looks great, and the water resistance makes it very convenient for the rain.

I ordered two, and they were obviously very different issues, with very different qualities so YMMV depending on what you get in the mail, but the clips can get unhooked from the bottom of the bag, it's nothing a paper clip or any other kind of external clip can't fix, but is definitely something you may need to keep in mind.

At first, the bag may be very awkward to use in civilian life because of it's opening mechanism, but once you get the hang of it, you can open and close the bag quite quickly.
Not a lunchbox!
Review by Seth
I wouldn't call these a lunchbox or try and sell them as one - this is a rugged bag good for hard wear, not the office fridge.

These are not meant for civilian use - they are designed to be worn with a specific combat rig. If you have some DIY skill, though, you can easily adapt this bag for a variety of purposes!

With their clips these can easily be attached to a bike frame and be used as a GREAT and long wearing pannier!
Perfect Packs
Review by Chris
Ordered two. Both were unissued. One was rubberized wasrubberized inside, the other was not. Perfect bags for anything. Using mine as first aid/emergency kits for the vehicles.
Great little pack!
Review by Jake
This pack is great for a day trip, or to pack a lunch. I got one with a vinyl lining and one with out the vinyl lining. But great packs anyway. Just buy one before they're gone!
Better than advertised
Review by Daryl
I ordered 2 packs one was used and the other brand new. The used is in very good condition. They are well worth the money. I Went back to order some more but they had been sold out. It just goes to show you if you think keep shooting items are what you want. You better order double they are worth it!
Amazing value for a functional piece of history
Review by Czechguy
Bag was received in like new condition, completely clean and smelling of fresh surplus. Straps are kinda hard to figure out at first, but once you do its actually surprisingly comfortable, even stuffed to the brim with rock/core samples. Which brings me to its durability, which is also excellent. For 5 bucks too? I may need to get me a backup.
love these packs
Review by Eric
Great all around bag , small pack , storage bag .The Y strap has alot of extra clips hooks and loops for attaching to other gear, after all its part of their equipment. looked and felt brand new , These are waterproof and have big flaps to keep stuff dry. Can fit giant lunch plus drinks and keep it dry while atving.
Review by Justin
This pack is sturdy and thick. It almost stands up on it's own. The straps it comes with would be worth the purchase price. You cannot go wrong with this bag. Would make a great lunch bag (if you are a big eater!). Mine came in issued-great condition. No concerns or complaints. I'm hooked on KS!!
I paid $14.45 on Amazon for the same bag -> I am big believer in KS!
Review by David
I ordered 4 bags to be used as the carrier for my car emergency kit. One of the 4 bags is used. The other 3 are unused. The only differences these bags do not have the extra straps (3) just the Y-shoulder strap - still a great buy considering the big price differences. Keep up the good job - Keepshooting.
Great waterproof Pack for the Money...
Review by matt
Great pack was out In the bush on a hunting trip and had this pack loaded down for a day trip when out of no where the rain came down.But I was prepared my pack kept all of my gear nice and dry and kept it all in reach. I would tell any one that pack is worth its weight in gold out in the field and its at a great price for a camp pack I give it five Stars.

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