French F1 Commando Tent

The French F1 Commando Tent is a complete two-man tent system from the French Army. With everything you need to assemble and use the tent packed in the included transit bag, you will be ready to deploy this tent in an instant. The simple, timeless, combat tested design is ideal for providing shelter for two adults with packs, which is plenty of room for a one or two day camping trip.

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The French F1 Commando Tent is one of the most widely used military tents and it still meets the needs of soldiers and civilians today. Most military tents of this size are constructed using shelter halves, whereas this tent is a one-piece complete nylon flysheet. This will mean that you will be able to assemble this tent quicker, it will provide more uniform shelter, and you'll have a better nights sleep while resting in it.

When these tents were designed, they were built to be a complete system that could be packed in a small carry bag. This system includes the poles, the one-piece complete nylon flysheet, tent stakes, and guylines. You will be able to put these tents in their carry bags into your rucksack and when you are ready to deploy them, you'll truly appreciate how easy they are to set up and maintain. The features of this tent are unlike any other military tent of this size, with the most prominent being you will be fully enclosed once you are inside of the tent. There will be protection from insects, mosquitoes, and other pests that would impact a good night sleep when you need it most.

  • Authentic French Army F1 Commando Tent System
  • Mesh Ventilation Windows on Top of Both Doors
  • Mesh Ventilation with Covered Side Awnings For Maximum Comfort
  • Collapsible Tent Poles, Pegs, and Guylines Included
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Overall Rating
Rain, wind, no problem.
Review by William
Three day father-son camping trip was a blast in no small part to this well-designed, quality tent. Got to give the French credit on this one. Thanks Keep Shooting!
Overall Rating
Great Tent, unbeatable price.
Review by Cody
Got this tent after seeing a few reviews from The Outdoor Gear Review on YouTube. Crazy price for a tent like this. Spacious enough for two plus gear. Easy setup. Mine arrived in pristine condition, don't think it was ever used and not even any warehouse smell.
Overall Rating
Worth Five Times It's Cost
Review by Glen
One of the best surplus tents we've ever used.
Overall Rating
What are you waiting for?
Review by Patrick
So, your looking at a pup tent. You want a simple reliable 4ish season twnt for not a forrune. This is the tent your looking at. Im actually surprised at the quality of this tent. I have a few others, mtn hardwear, snugpack. Good tents but the quality of this twnt blows them out of the water.

It is very spacious, a palace for one, an apartment for 2 and a tenement for 3. Yeah you could fit 3 people in there if you wanted to, without a doubt i could fit 3 of me (5'11" 200lbs) in this tent.

The ventilation is decent, not a lot of mesh but where it is will maxamize airflow and reduce condinsation. The side mesh vents are awesome, I angle my head twords them even if its winter just leave it undone a little and that sends 80% of my condinsation right out. If you dont do that or leave the side vents closed youll get rained on, promise you that.

The poles are very lightweight and the tent itself can be compacted quite a bit. The tent steaks are the strongest, HEAVIEST ive EVER scene. I think tney would match expidition grade steaks. If your worried about weight (which for a larg 2-3 person tent this isnt that heave at around 6 lbs any tent this size thats worth its salt in having will be around 5 or 6 lbs). But if your worried about weight, buy different steaks and you could leave the poles behind i suppose but honestly they are so lightweight there is no point. Good quality too.

This tent is a no brainer, if you want a good quality tent that can be a buiviuac base for long duration adventure, or just a decdnt sized ten for you and a friend or loved one this tent. For 50.00$ is just the option you shpuld go for. I gave my origional one to my nephews and bought myself this current one from keep shooting and i dont regret it. Ill keep using this tent until I wear it out completly!

Is it perfect? No, but its probibly the best tent youll find in its price range. If this was sold commercally it would cost 300$ +. I say go for it!
Overall Rating
Great value for the money!
Review by Valentino-Banat Wilderness & Urban Survival Training
I received a brand new looking tent and most likely never used! I took the tent in the field for a review and in despite that I don't used the original pegs and cords ( I used paracord and some wood that I had for the camp fire), the tent performance where great in the wind for two days! The inside space its just perfect for one person, but two people can get along too on this tent. Another interesting part its the two doors that the tent haves. If the bear its coming at one door, you can use the other door and ........... run :) ;) ! Usually, I use a tarp for building a shelter in any weather condition, but this tent make my to fell little spoil and I am looking to use the tent more often in the future. Another neat future its that this tent can fit in a compress bag ( the British jungle one that KS haves for sale here ;) ) ........ to a American football ball size..
I hope to get some free times soon and to post on my Ytube a video review that I made to this tent two weeks ago....
I will keep posted also when the time will coming, how the tent will stay to the PNW rainy weather too.
Overall Rating
pleasently surprised
Review by Lee
Ordered this expecting a good use tent but when it arrived it looked like it
was brand new never out of the storage bag.

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