Ka-Bar Cutlass Machete

The Ka-bar Cutlass Machete is a high performance machete made by Ka-Bar. Ka-Bar produced the Cutlass to fill the void of a large blade that is bigger than a fixed blade knife but smaller than a traditional full-sized machete. With the included Cordura/Leather sheath, you can carry the Cutlass into the field where it will serve you well for all of your cutting and chopping needs.

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The Ka-Bar Cutlass Machete can cut through brush, branches, and clear camp sites effortlessly. With the need for a large blade that is easy to transport and capable of heavy duty work, Ka-Bar produced the Cutlass which has won praise from outdoor enthusiasts and professionals since it was first sold.

  • Tough and Capable Machete
  • Blade Length: 11"
  • Overall Length: 16.5"
  • Made from 1085 Carbon Steel
  • Includes Leather/Cordura Sheath
  • Backed by Ka-Bar's Limited Lifetime Warranty

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Customer Reviews

Beautiful & Badass Blade; Sad Sheath!

Review by Kenneth X.
Verified Buyer

How could Ka-Bar associate this terribly cheap Sheath with such an awesome blade?!!? Pro's: I really like the blade! Great design, balance & quality.. (so far) .. Sharp- like get to work on something or combat ready Sharp! Such a nice looking machete, blade, knife!!! The handle Rules, seriously.. in feel, comfort, grip, size & look!.. Even the Sheath looks good, but!

Con's: seriously cheap, terrible quality Sheath for a blade that is really Sharp. I'm torn: because this is a really nice blade & such a ridiculous & cheap *ss Sheath, scabbard!.. Ugh!

Weight is just right for medium chopper

Review by Abram H.
Verified Buyer

My measured weight is slightly over 18oz. My heavy choppers are condors at 22 - 24oz and 19". I needed this smaller, lighter chopper which also has a sharp tip. It's a versatile knife not too heavy and not too long. Unless you need a dedicated chopper, this is perfect. It came very sharp out of the box. For the price, the sheath is excellent.

Very excited about what this adds my camping and bushcrafting!

Review by Jeralynn K.
Verified Buyer

This thing loves to work, and I'm thrilled with it! I've owned several machetes and this one is shorter than what I was picturing in my mind before it arrived...but, now that I've used it, I think it is probably the perfect size. It's easy to control and comfortable to carry either on my hip or in my pack. I feel that this knife better meets the needs of a woodland machete vs a jungle machete, because it loves to chop and split wood. I find it to be more versatile in fire prep and shelter building than an axe. The sheath far exceeded my expectations - outstanding design and well crafted. I was considering other tools priced at $100-$200, but I'm convinced this was a superior option for $60!

Buy it, you'll be glad you did.

Review by Peyton H.
Verified Buyer

Even if you already own a machete, you don't own one like this Ka-Bar.  It has its place in any tool lineup, and you will immediately realize that the first time you pick it up.


Review by Schuyler K.
Verified Buyer

great price for quality and brand name
works great

Best chopper I’ve found that covers all my needs, especially price !

Review by Cleotilde N.
Verified Buyer

I bought this a few months ago it is a unbelievable chopper. I cut a bunch of stuff around the yard the day I got it. But really before we had a Halloween party I cut up wood for our fire. Al let me say this thing shines. It is a amazing camping yard clearing trail clearing machine.
I would not have a problem taking this an a pocket knife backpacking an feel like I got everything covered.
The blade is screaming sharp the handle is well designed to hook to your hand. It is a good all around chopper camp knife. Really I can’t think of anything I don’t like about it. Well I wish the sheath was designed differently since I’m left handed but seems like nobody cares about that part of the population we just adapt.
But as for the cuttless machete it’s a must have. Really the way big knives are getting discontinued I would jump on it before you never know it’s gone not saying they are but try an find a big Bowie that isn’t $200 nobody has any right now. So just saying

Hubby loves it!

Review by Jacinda D.
Verified Buyer

Hubby’s in love with it. I’m jealous lol.

Great blade

Review by Hope T.
Verified Buyer

Like every other Ka-Bar I've ever owned...and I own many...this is a GREAT BLADE.

Very weak easily broken

Review by Breon N.
Verified Buyer

Very disappointed with the quality of the steel very weak and broke only after sharpening 3 times.

great cutting machine

Review by Janice M.
Verified Buyer

great handling, fits perfectly in my hand. Love it better than my machetes.

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