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MACE Magnum 3 Pepper Foam is a highly effective defensive spray from MACE. Inside each can is a formula that contains a 10% Pepper Foam mixture which has been shown to be more effective and safer to use than traditional pepper sprays. Once deployed the pepper foam sticks to the target and is not impacted by wind or other environmental issues that could cross contaminate an area.

The MACE Magnum 3 Pepper Foam is an excellent choice for a defensive spray. Produced by MACE one of the most trusted names in defensive sprays around the world you can be guaranteed that this unit will keep you safe and give you the ability to respond to virtually any threat. With a 10-foot range and up to 15 bursts of pepper foam inside you can tackle threats that consist of one or groups of attackers and stop them quickly and effectively.

  • MACE Pepper Foam Spray
  • OC Pepper Based with UV Dye for Identification of Attacker
  • Flip Top Safety Cap
  • Belt Clip for Easy Carryingf
  • Foam Blast Spray Pattern
  • Up To 15 Bursts
  • Up To 10 Feet Range
  • Made in the USA by MACE
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