Mace Magnum-9 Pepper Gel Home Defense Unit

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The Mace Magnum-9 Pepper Gel Home Defense Unit is specially designed for use as a home defense pepper gel canister. Utilizing the latest in pepper spray technology, this canister is full of Mace Pepper Gel which is a patent pending maximum strength formulation that contains OC pepper rated at 1.4% capsaicinoids. What makes this pepper gel so effective is the OC pepper is suspended in a sticky gel instead of a liquid which ensures it makes maximum impact against any violent aggressors who threaten your safety.

The Mace Magnum-9 Pepper Gel Home Defense Unit is the best choice for non-lethal pepper spray as a home defense weapon. This canister contains the maximum strength pepper gel formulation which is designed for indoor use as it won't contaminate an area or impact an innocent bystander like traditional pepper sprays. Once deployed the shock that comes from being hit in the face with the pepper gel will immediately stop an attacker before they even feel the pepper formulation start to kick in as the gel is very disorienting on its own.

  • Maxmimum Strength MACE Pepper Gel Formula
  • Pepper Gel Sticks to Attackers Face, Prolonging OC Pepper Effects
  • Less Likely to Cross Contaminate - Even in Windy Conditions
  • Initial Impact Thick Enough to Act as Temporary Blindfold
  • Effective to 25 Feet
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