Mace TakeDown Extreme OC Pepper Stream MK-IX

The Mace TakeDown Extreme OC Pepper Stream MK-IX is an authentic MACE produced tactical deployment tear gas streamer. This unit features the fire handle style grip that presents a strong visual deterrent that is backed up by the contents which is the maximum strength OC pepper stream made by MACE. Proven stopping power that is trusted by police, military, and private citizens around the world who know MACE means business.

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The Mace TakeDown Extreme OC Pepper Stream MK-IX by MACE is one of the larger cans of pepper spray produced by MACE. With the built in handle with large yellow trigger to activate the unit you will have a sure grip on your MACE when the need arises to deploy. This pepper spray produces a strong intimidation factor before it is deployed by the sheer size of the unit and you will know you have the ability to stop a crowd from attacking you based on the volume of pepper spray in each unit. With an impressive 25-foot range and up to 25 bursts in each can you can remain safe no matter what threat you face.

  • Made in the USA by MACE Security International
  • Contains 1.4% Capsaicinoids Formula - Maximum Strength Available
  • Stream Spray Pattern
  • Range: 25 Feet
  • Bursts: Up to 25

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Customer Reviews

THANKS keepshooting
Review by Shermon G.
Verified Buyer
Very good pepper stream canister for the price. Really good value.
Good pepper stream canister for my use
Review by Navid F.
Verified Buyer
Delighted with this purchase. The pepper stream canister works well.
Fast Shipping
Review by Lyman M.
Verified Buyer
Best price I could find that was in stock.
Awesome MACE pepper stream canister
Review by Christan D.
Verified Buyer
Pleased with this order. The pepper stream canister is easy to carry.
Perfect Product
Review by Orlanda S.
Verified Buyer
Came in excellent condition. Packaged well. For the price this pepper stream canister is a tremendous value.
Fast Delivery
Review by Gino Q.
Verified Buyer
Cost is great and shipping was quick.
Excellent MACE pepper stream canister
Review by Feras X.
Verified Buyer
Very good pepper stream canister for the price. Really good value.
Review by Sam
Verified Buyer
This is powerful stuff. Keep it by the bed for my wife and me.
Review by Chuckie L.
Verified Buyer
The pepper stream canister looks great. Exactly what I needed.
Excellent Seller
Review by Lendel G.
Verified Buyer
This pepper stream canister is excellent. Would definitely recommend.

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