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Polish P-64 Magazine

The Polish P-64 Magazine is a 6-round magazine designed to fit, feed, and function in the Polish P-64 pistol. Designed to be a replacement for the military surplus original, these magazines are what any P-64 owner needs.
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Description / Polish P-64 Magazine

The Polish P-64 Pistol is one of the most popular military surplus pistols in the United States. Imported from Poland, it is a small frame semi-automatic handgun that is chambered in 9x18mm. This combination of military surplus status, compact size for concealed carry, and chambering in 9x18mm have helped to ensure that the P-64 remains extremely popular with American collectors and shooters.

  • Factory New Magazine
  • Caliber: 9x18mm
  • Capacity: 6-Rounds
  • Brand: United Defense LLC

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Manufacturer United Defense LLC

Customer Reviews

Review by Kingkimo22
Does the job
Pretty Good Magazines
Review by Mark
Fast shipping. Wish My holster would get here (not from KeepShootin) Ready to go right put of the wrap. Inside feed lips are a little sharp but they should wear in. Over all satisfied. ....especially now that I see they are out of stock.
Seems to be a reasonable value
Review by Sparky
I really appreciated the quick shipping. The magazine itself seems functional, but I haven’t had a chance to field test it yet. The base is not solidly attached to the body, so it will probably require easy treatment. It’s definitely not as solid as my original magazine, but should be fine as a spare. I think I got my money’s worth.
Magazine is Claen..
Review by DocClark340
These seem to function beautifully
Great for the price with one small issue
Review by Scrambles
These magazines are a definite buy at this price, but keep in mind they are not originals. The pinky extension floorplatew on these are larger and extend all the way to the back of the magazine, originals do not. This leaves you less room to hit the magazine eject and makes it a bit harder to get a magazine out.
Also, they are not the correct size in general, so they fit a bit tight. A little love slap on the bottom fixes that though.
Good deal
Review by Pat
As advertised! Quality m n shipped quickly!!
P264 clips
Review by Seven seas sailor
Very good clips, at a good price. Fast shipping. Worked great in my gun.
P64 mags
Review by Barret357
The mags look great, however they seem to be a hair off in size I have to really slam them into the gun to get them to clip in. I think with general wear and tear they'll work fine
Works fine
Review by MikePA
Took maybe two cycles before magazine was fully functional in my P64.

Now it fits, feeds 100%. Just like the mag that came with it.

P 64 mags
Review by rrr
fit in my Polish Makarov 9 x 18 just fine and look great
Save your money
Review by Zap
I bought two of these and neither one worked. They double feed-ed on the vey first round. I could not eject the magazine. I had to field strip the weapon and then have the range armorer help me clear it on the range. The second time, with the second magazine, once again had to field strip the weapon but this time the armorer had to take the weapon back to the shop and clear the jam. He couldn't clear it on the range. The magazine that came with my P64 worked perfectly This tells me the mags are the problem.
Good product
Review by David
Works as it should
Good mags, but may require fitting to your particular gun
Review by Sirrus Rider
Received my magazine and before attempting to seat it in my gun I performed a thorough examination. The magazine was sufficiently rigid around the feed lips and magazine body and overall build quality was equal to a Polish arsenal magazine. The problem arose when I attempted to seat it one of the cut outs on the front tip of the magazine was not cut deep enough. From what I read the magazine design for the P-64 was revised around 1970 so that the feed lips were longer. if your gun was made before then magazines of the long feed lip pattern will not work. My gun was made in 1968 so sure enough, when I attempted to slam it home it wouldn't budge, I retriever file from the garage and proceeded to reprofile the front of the magazine. I was eventually able to slam the magazine home; however, Pulling the magazine out was difficult! The magazine fit the magazine well TIGHT! After playing with the gun and magazine I was at least able to loosen it up somewhat. Also. don't even think of lubing the mag body to help it slip out. Oil just makes the magazine more sticky. I'm thinking that continuing to play with it will get it to loosen up.
? But fast shipping
Review by 51 Fan
After reading the reviews I hesitated to order one of these. But could not find one in stock anywhere else. From the reviews it seems like they were of better quality 3-4 years ago. Shipping was extremely fast and it arrived a day before they said it would. The magazine looked good out of the box but after putting a few snap-caps in it and trying to rack the slid it stopped less than halfway back. Comparing with the factory original this magazine is a fraction of a inch taller and the front of the feed lips came to a squared off point. The factory magazine feed lips are rounded off in this area. Also the magazine catch area was angled instead of squared off. After taking a file and correcting these areas I was able to rack the slide and run 5 snap-caps through. I loaded up the 2 magazines ( original and new) and went out to my range. The original ran all six and locked the slide back on the last round. The new had 1 ftf and didn't lock the slide back on the last round. This is a sign of a weak spring and when loading it I noticed it was much weaker than the original but I had changed out the spring in the original for a wolf spring and thought that was why. I had the factory spring from the original magazine so I installed it in this new magazine. The factory spring was longer and stronger than the spring that came in this magazine. After changing the spring it ran all 6 with no problems and locked the slide back on the last round. The steal in these magazines seems on the soft side and I don't know how durable it will be. Time will tell.
Might need minor tweaking
Review by Scott
These mags work fine IF your P64 was made in 1970 or later. With surplus mags going for 40 dollars or more these days, these are an excellent value.
Garbage out of spec mags, save your money
Review by Eric
3 out of 3 mags are totally non-functional. Won't feed a single round. Save your money as you'll be out shipping both ways. These are essentially metal boxes with a spring that only looks like a P64 magazine but will in no way function as one.
Out of Spec and unusable
Review by Unitmaster
These are a complete non-starter. These jammed and I couldn't even get one round in the chamber. Upon close inspection I realized that these magazines are about 4 millimeters to tall. This causes failure to feeds and jams. Completely unusable.
Don't leave 'em loaded
Review by Chuck
Like other posters I learned the hard way not to leave these mags loaded over the long-term. The metal appears to be softer than in the originals and eventually the lips will spread to where the mags won't fit into the mag well. Just leave 'em unloaded 'till you're ready to shoot and you should be good to go.
Really just okay? My every day mags now actually.
Review by Joshua
I was wrong, and a little over critical based on what I saw on first impressions, and what I've read. Rather then performance. These magazine are actually very well made, packaged, shipped, and stored from the manufacture. I got three for around 79, and went through 300 rounds 4 types of ammo issues only happened when others were shooting it. Idk about them but I definitely notice the difference. My p64 is my edc go to pistol, so much so I had 6 on staff I'm down too 4. Let me tell you these mags really were a game changer for me. Factory magazine base plates do not have as positive of bite as KS.com's. Running, while stripping mags wet or dry no problem with KS's mags. Factory mags I find myself slipping off the base plate stripping it out of the gun every so often. KS's mags seem wider, and thicker yet a slimming base plate, and most definitely more positive on stripping reload. Seats, n locks very nicely in mag well. Drawing from a shoulder holster while in a suit definitely more positive grip. Drawing from a waist holster in a suit definitely more positive grip. I'll even have the audacity to say that it help increase my accuracy. This is just me, but it forces my hand higher on the beavertail for a more positive fit. My KS.com mags do not rattle in my gun, and even make it easier to pull the rounded Hammer back on my other pistol. Breaking in process yes. These 3 mags have been rotated into EDC. I'm more confident in my equipment overall, my g19 has been happily rotated to secondary again. Keep shooting.
Really just okay.
Review by Nosce
They really are not that close to factory mags look alikes, but that's the only similaritys. These mags really do not function well. I would not use them for carry, range maybe. The plastic base plate is not molded well so they get stuck in the gun, and look very bad too. Locking the side back no they don't really. Over all these mags are made close to factory, but waaaaaay of at the same time. In this market where finding factory mags are come and go or very expensive, you may as well pick up tools to modify the mags given you have a factory mag to work off of. More or less I wish these guys would make the mags right the first time then they would demand the price they are asking for. As they sell now these mags should be set at a lower price for the quality of the product, so close, but so far off. Would I use these? yes, but only because the market dictates it to the point I have no choice. Return? why I'll get the same thing, or have no mags. Something is better then nothing. I just wish they were better, rather then something. Thank you for making the mags, but please come out with better ones if anything different, and improved maybe even with extensions.
Not tested yet
Review by Nosce
neighborhood $79, for 3mags. Bluing is good. shipped, and packaged very well. The plastic base plate could be molded better, or make extensions, but they are american. Very similar to polish mags, but the mag catch may need to be reduced. Overall well made.
Nice mag for the money.
Review by 0nilrem1
Nice mag for the money,but be prepared to file away,inside,and out.
Works like a charm...
Review by Pablo
Upon arrival I filled it with rounds and put it in the pistol and attempted to cycle the rounds through the pistol by hand without firing. It jammed nearly every time. I had serious doubts about this magazine. But I took it to the range to see if it would operate correctly under fire. I fired three different types of rounds through it and it worked perfectly. Not a single jam, failure to feed, or anything foul. Will definitely buy another and would recommend folks with p64's to try this magazine.
Didn't work without modifications
Review by Matthew
Saw another review that stated this, but so many others said it worked flawlessly, so I bought 4. None would load. Had to spend several minutes per magazine filing down the tops. Have three working OK, though nowhere near as smooth as the originals. One I may have damaged beyond use. My fault for not just sending them back. If you don't mind fixing them, these are fine. For me, paying $10 extra for factory mags would be well worth it, if you can find them.
Absolutely Fabulous!
Review by David
I searched the Internet looking for P64 magazines that were new and didn't cost a small fortune. I had almost given up when I came across these. I took a gamble and bought three. These mags are identical to the factory mags and are fantastic! Each mag is 100% reliable in both of my P64's and are better quality in my opinion than the factory mags! I will be buying more of these from Keep Shooting! I have no doubt these mags will last and give years of reliable service!
Fantastic shipping time
Review by TX.Shooter
The mag works great.Glad to have found one as they are rare as hen's teeth.Way to go Keep shooting.com
Steel not has hard as the Radom OEM mags
Review by rodney
Now after about 200 rounds of 9 x 18 Makarov Brown Bear ammo the front and back of this mags ,magazine body are showing dents from the rounds impacting front and back from the pistol snappy recoil. The mag still fits and works, but show the dents from the ammo smacking the inside of the magazine body about 3 levels down. The steel of this mag is not as hard and strong as the OEM magazine. My OEM mags show no denting. The steel case ammo could be the cause maybe. However the steel case ammo have not damaged the OEM magazines so far. The denting is not getting any worse, its just there now forever. NOTE : This magazine with the denting has never failed to feed or hold the slide back, and still comes out of the mag well easy. It works every time. I am changing my rating because of the denting.
Decent Range Magazine
Review by Rafael
I only purchased one magazine. The shipping was fast. The magazine is a close copy of the original magazine and good quality. I finally got to the range today and it fed the rounds without any FTF of FTE except the slide would not lock back once the last round was fired. I'm not sure if this a bad magazine or if that is how the manufacturer designed them. The original that came with the pistol locks the slide back.
Good Product
Review by Big Man
The magazines fit exactly like the originals and if altered it can fit another round.
Needs to be modified
Review by AL
I bought a couple of these P64 magazines. I loaded it with 9x18 snap caps. I tried racking the slide but it stops halfway. Something is blocking the slide not allowing it to be racked all the way thru. I took off the 9x18 snap caps and did the same thing, same results.

I examined the magazine so see what's causing the problem. I ended up taking a file and filing up the right amount from both sides of the front lips all the way to the top and back. I loaded both magazines with the 9x18 snap caps and tried to rack the slide again and it worked.

I filled up both magazines with live ammo went to the range and it functioned as expected.
Pefect fit and no issues with any type round
Review by Christopher
These are as close to the OEM magazines as I have found. I bought a couple extra for range time and they did not disappoint! They are not identical to the original issued but for the price, you can;t beat em. Shot about 200 rounds breaking in new springs from Wolff to reduce the double action trigger pull and did not have any issues at all with these magazines. I will definitely order more if i take this P-64 to the range more often. I tried hollow points and FMJ and no issues with feeding. Thanks for the great price and I will be back for other needs.
A must for all P64 owners
Review by Alvin
Excellent Price and Value for a seemingly great alternative to the original. Don't just buy one buy as much as you could afford so you won't be kicking yourself for not buying more the first time. You'll be glad you did!
Good back-up magazine
Review by rodney
This is a very , very, very, close copy to the original P64 magazine. I fired 50 rounds of Brown Bear 9x18mm through it today with no issues. Springs were stiffer than the ones in the factory magazines supplied with the pistol. There was some wear in the front of the feed lips after the 2nd magazine of ammo was shot through it.. No more wear was observed as I finished off the box of ammo. I give this to the pistol breaking in and fitting the magazine to its self.. I don't thing the KS steel magazine body is as hard as that of the original Polish factory magazines. Are they as good as the originals? Not quite, But it fit and it worked 100%, and was shipped dirt cheap ! I give it a thumbs up ! I am going to get another one or two.
Good after market mag!
Review by Jeffro
These are great mags, fit and finish is superb- reliability with 100+ rounds through each (4 total). The more you use them the better /smoother they get. I would highly recommend these magazines.
Great Mags, Great Price!
Review by GlockGuyTexas
Very well made mag with no feeding problems. Fit and finish was spot on and function is flawless. If you need extra mags for your P64 these are a good option as originals are hard to find.
Nice Mag For The Price
Review by Rich
Very well made mag with no feeding problems. Fit and finish was spot on and function is flawless. If you need extra mags for your P64 these are a good option as originals are hard to find.
hard to find great for price
Review by Robert
purchased 2 should have purchased more at the time, no failure to feed problems iam waiting to order more when available,sturdy product
Good alternative to surplus
Review by KP Duty
They look like the originals and function like them. These are a good alternative to surplus magazines.
not happy
Review by Michael
I learned the hard way you can't leave ammo in these for a prolonged period of time like the factory magazines. The lips warped and there's no way of fixing them back to shape. I sure tried.
All-Around Good Mags.
Review by Bo
I bought Two of these mags and they are well made compared the originals in terms of Quality. One thing I noticed is that they seemed to "Drag" a bit during use, but after a while they finally Broke-In and work great now. The price is good, the Quality is good, and if you own a P-64, pick up several spare mags, those little guns like to go shooting.
Cant beat it!
Review by Mo
I ordered one of these a while back and I received it in a good amount of time. It was very clean with what seemed to be very well constructed. My original p64 mag ran fine, and I wish I could say the same of this one, well I guess my wish came true. Because it runs like butter on hot cement. Very smooth not 1 issue. Ordered another. Supper happy.
Great buy, got more on order
Review by larry
Bought 2 for my 2 p64 pistols, worked so well I ordered 2 more recently. Easy to load, worked in guns great. Great company to order from, but still waiting for the CZ82 magazines.
Not perfect, but not bad
Review by Kenneth
While I had no feed issues, there was certainly some wear/break-in on the feed lips. As a result I did get some fine metal shavings in the action of my P64. Didn't affect reliable feeding and nothing a cleaning didn't fix. Hopefully a little light filing will resolve the issue. After ~30 rounds the mag started sticking when ejected and inserted. Just didn't slide in/out of the firearm as smoothly.. Original surplus mag was used every other reload and performed flawlessly the entire time. All in all, good mags at a good price but not as good as originals.
Great deal for hard to find product
Review by John
These things are great. I have not had a single issue with these magazines. I have bought 5 or more in total and they are 99.9% the same as the surplus ones (which usually cost no LESS than $25). They don't come goobered up in cosmoline like some surplus ones do and as noted by previous reviewers, the spring is slightly stiffer because they are brand new. I don't have a single negative thing to say about them. I carry two every single day and trust my safety in part to them and their high build and performance quality. Of course it would be awesome to snag some for $10, but these are still underpriced when you consider how much old used ones go for at ANY other online market. Have I adequately emphasized how these are a must buy for any Polish P-64 owner? I challenge you to find any SURPLUS P-64 magazine that doesn't cost at least $5 more than these BRAND NEW keepshooting.com brand magazines. Why not stock up on a few (dozen)? They are certainly priced for that.
Review by Darrell
No problems on my end. Ran as should! Fast shipping from KS!
Not bad
Review by Thomas
I bought two of these mags since the price was right shipping was fairly fast. I would give this product a full 5 stars except that on both magazines the feed lips were about a 1/16 of a inch too long causing jamming issues but with a little metal taken off at the range they both ran 50 rounds each through without any problems.
Review by Brian
Spring felt stiffer than the original factory mag, but since the original is 40+ years old, not too surprising. Works great.
Great Mags for a great price
Review by Brent
I have ordered two extra magazines for my two P-64s. Both work great in either pistol.
They work
Review by Gman
Better than the originals because they are NEW. They fit and function perfect with an excellent price tag.
Worked Great
Review by Steven
I bought two of these mags. I went to the range and put 100 rounds through each with no malfunctions. AWSOME!
nice magazines at a great price
Review by Matthew
I was able to get mine on sale for a great price. They were covered in a light machine oil not cosmoline.Yet to use them but fell they will work fine.
Absolute dupes of the ones that came with my pistol
Review by Mo
These magazines are duplicates to the two that came with my pistol when I purchased it.......I bought two when they were on sale and now I wish I had purchased more at that price........Going to order two more as soon as I finish this review.

I took my gun and all 4 magazines out in the country, first time I was able to do so since my purchase.....Loaded the four mags. and my two sons and I took turns shooting some gallon jugs of water.....no difference in an of the magazines. they all performed great......Don't know about any other P-64, but mine kick the fired shells over 25 feet.
Review by Robert
Work excellent, good value as you're getting new mags for less that cost of old worn ones. My Pistol sure likes "em.
Fit, finish, feed, function and frugality- a fine choice.
Review by Dave Green
Compared with the offerings at gun shows and through CZ-USA I found that this little magazine is right up at the top for my P64s.
They fit well and function as good or better than the factory mags shipped with my guns. I highly recommend them.
Review by John
These Mags are as advertised, Fit and function is excellent and a good value for the money

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