Smith & Wesson Model 59 Magazine - Holds 15 Rounds of 9x19mm Parabellum Ammunition

Smith & Wesson Model 59 Magazine

The Smith & Wesson Model 59 magazine is a high-capacity magazine designed for Smith & Wesson's discontinued Model 59. As such, this magazine will fit and function in any pistol from the series, including the second generation Model 459. Each double-stack magazine features a design that is based on the original factory magazine, and is designed to hold and feed up to 15 rounds of 9x19mm Parabellum to your pistol. Guaranteed to fit and function in your Model 59 pistol, these new high-capacity magazines are a must-have accessory for any Smith & Wesson enthusiast.
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Description / Smith & Wesson Model 59 Magazine


  • Fits Any Firearm Designed to Use Original Smith And Wesson 59 Series Magazines
  • Made by United Defense LLC
  • Capacity: 15 Rounds
  • Caliber: 9x19mm

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Manufacturer United Defense LLC

Customer Reviews

Great Mag, Very Happy I give it a 6 Stars.
Review by Bob
Works great in my mod. 59 Can't beat the price.
Gret if you can find them.
Review by Dennis T
Great item just what I needed.
They seem good for post manufacture magazine
Review by Andy
I finally got my magazines in the mail. I loaded them, and the feed lips seemed to hold okay, so far. The magazines are a slightly tight fit in my pistol, hoping that time will change that. And they do hold one extra cartridge(15), over the 14 rounds my factory mag holds. Will have to carry them for awhile, and hope they don't fall out, and hope the feed lips hold up.
Hard to find; works great!
Review by Dennis
I lost my original Model 59 magazine. Searching around, these are hard to find. After receiving this clip, I tested it out. The clips feed as smoothly as my original clip. Thanks for helping me keep my old Mod 8904 shooting!
Outstanding service and quality
Review by Scott
Get them while you can rare to find
Model 59
Review by Robbiewiilli
Very good quality just like the ones I bought with gun fits good
Smith & Wesson Model 59 Magazine
Review by James L Morris
Awesome stainless magazine
Review by MKP
Very nice product I recommend it
Review by A Liberal Firearm Owner
Bought a 5906 a couple years back but it only came with one magazine. Been looking all over for a decent price and availability of extras or replacements. Ordered 2 of them on 11/11/2020 and just received them today, 11/24/2020. They are perfect. Came wrapped in plastic, seems like they're brand new. Same orange follower as the original. Both fit perfectly into the firearm. Loaded all the rounds with no problems. Would highly recommend buying from this company. In the attached picture, the new one is the one of the right.
Review by JOHN
good service hard to find
Nice product
Review by Buzz
Hard to find magazines for my discontinued Tac 9.
Found them here. Fair price and fast shipping!
Review by A
No issues, functions very well.
59 magazine
Review by LT
Very well made and also very hard to find.
Excellent products, will keep purchasing from your company
Review by Mario
Excellent magazine for Smith and Wesson 59 series
5906 magazines
Review by Catman
Nice quality product and fast service. Look just like factory S&W Magazines
SW 5946 15 rounds magazines
Review by T-Money Mack
I gave 5 Stars across the board. There magazines are so hard to come by. I’m just blown away with the service and product provided by Keep Shooting . Job well done Guys and Girls . ????
Excellent product
Review by Captcarl
Outstanding service and quality
S&W M 59 magazine
Review by Bob
I inherited a S&W M59 but it would not function properly. Gunsmith felt it was the original magazines. Fearing I'd never find replacements I started looking for a source for replacements I found these. I ordered one, dropped it off with the gunsmith,
He called me today to let me know the pistol worked perfectly with this new magazine, so I've ordered another!
Hard to find
Review by John T
Get it while you can,they will be gone soon!
Review by Ed
Bought two for my Lionheart LH9n. They work as advertised, feed perfectly, lock back and drop free. Why pay Lionheart $34 for a blued mag when you can buy these?
Very pleased with service and purchase
Review by Berry
Bought two mags for a S & W 59. Was surprised that they are stainless steel at the price and hold one more round than the original one. Fit and run perfect
great magazine
Review by Omar
Grrrr, about to place my 3rd order!! These guys are bleeding me dry with these mags. Cheaper than dirt has em for $17 plus $17 shipping!!! Best deal right here. Someone stated mag doesn't drop free, just give it a lil polish by hand or dremel (quick). Makes em nice and shiny and drop freely.
Works great!
Review by Joe
Bought 3 of these for my S&W 915 and they work great. Exactly the same as the factory mag but without the S&W name.
Great Magazine
Review by Raymond
I bought this mag for my Keltec P11 because I wanted more capacity. I took a chance on the house brand. I went to the range today and put quite a few rounds through it an it was flawless, no problems at all. I had purchased a promag brand S&W 5906 mag and took it to the range last week and it was horrendous..nose dives stove pipes ftf's...every mag full...Keep shooting's mag is much higher quality and it shows in its performance..I recommend it...
Works well
Review by Eric
I was so pleased with the 1911 mags by keepshooting that I decided to try out these. Bought 5 of these to use with my Daewoo Dp-51. They worked flawlessly in it! Locked the slide back on the last round, dropped free, and fed reliably. My only complaint is the thin base pad that looks like it wouldn't hold up to too much abuse (no tactical drills with these) They do stick out a little from the bottom of the grip of my DP-51 in case anyone was wondering but not too much. The mags were priced decently especially since I ordered 5 but if they were say $17-$18 a piece they'd be a real steal over the mec-gar counterpart. Over all very happy with them and all of the keepshooting branded mags I have.
Good Magazine
Review by STEVEN
Looks good. Feeds good. Won't hold slide open after last shot. I think the springs are a little weak. I turned the springs around, now they lock the slide when empty.
Ok for the range
Review by J.Paul
I bought 2 of these for my 5906. They are good for the range, but I wouldn't carry them day to day. Neither would eject once empty. I had to pull them out of the magazine well. Nor did the slide lock back after the last round.

Other than those two things, they work fine. Loaded easy except for the 15th round, but every magazine I've ever had of any caliber does that. No feeding issues.
S&W Model 59/910 Magazine
Review by bernard
This is the best after market magazine I have ever purchased.
Fits well and tight like original. Drop down just like the others.
Can't say anything bad about this magazine . Like it and will purchase more.
P11 accuracy by quantity
Review by Michael B
I bought a few of these to use in my P11. I figured since its not the easiest gun to hit with that the more chances you get the better! They feed well enough. I guess about the same as the factory mags.
Review by michael
just ran two magazines through my LH9 in an IDPA shoot, no problems at all.
Fits in p11 superior firepower.
Review by Michael
This magazine is incredibly made. The spring is super strong for reliable feeding. Fits real well in a kel-tec p11. Look at the kel-tec p11 15 round mag adapter and magazine they offer here at
Great magazines
Review by kerazy
Bought three of these for my S&W 59 series ( 59,910 and 915) pistols and they work perfectly straight out of the "tweaking". Equal or better in quality than the originals.
S&W Model 59 Series Magazine
Review by CM Kahler
Very great PRICE! Fits great in the S&W Model 659.
Works great!
Review by Smithhy
Fits my vintage blued S&W Model 5906 perfectly! All 15 rounds load and fire just as good. The factory mag that came with my gun only held 14 rounds, so this is great to have an extra round with a hard to find clip.
good magazine
Review by blancodiablo
I purchased 3 mags and all work fine in my model 59 s&w. The only problem I have experienced is getting the 15th round in the mag. its almost impossible, im hoping it will improve with use but don't really know. Magazine is well made with indicating holes for rounds 4 thru 15. The bottom plate is plastic and quite thick but is still flush with the lanyard ring so it doesn't seem out of place and presents no projections that may snag on things. All in All good magazines.

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