Smith & Wesson 69 Series Magazine - Brand New, 12-Round 69 Series Magazines

Smith & Wesson 69 Series Magazine

The Smith & Wesson 69 Series magazine is a high-capacity magazine designed for Smith & Wesson's 69 Series. As such, this magazine will fit and function in any pistol from the series, including any of the following: 469, 669, 6904, 6906, 6924, 6926, 6944 and 6946. Each double-stack magazine features a design that is based on the original factory magazine, and is designed to hold and feed up to 12 rounds of 9x19mm.

Description / Smith & Wesson 69 Series Magazine

The Smith and Wesson Model 69 Series Magazine is a factory new magazine that is patterned after the original S&W magazine. This magazine would have been issued with virtually all of the 9mm versions of the popular 69 series of semi-automatic firearms from Smith and Wesson. Building upon the popularity and market dominance of the 59 Series, S&W created a compact version of this proven design and called it the 69 Series.

With the popularity of the Model 69 series pistols increasing due to the number of police trade-ins being sold, there is a clear need for a high quality magazine for these ultra-reliable compact pistols. The design of the Model 69 has been replicated by various other manufacturers, making this magazine ideal for use in any firearm that has been designed to accept S&W 69 series magazines.

  • Factory New Magazine
  • Designed for any Smith and Wesson 69 Series Firearm
  • Capacity: 12-Rounds
  • Caliber: 9mm

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Manufacturer United Defense LLC

Customer Reviews

As good as stock
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They functioned flawlessly. They are better than the original S&W magazines as follows: When empty they drop out much better than the originals. They have witness holes on both sides. Originals - one side only. They are polished if you like that. Originals are brushed. The seem weld in the back is not finished as nice as stock mags and the spring gauge is smaller. The spring pressure is sufficient. At certain loads they rattle but so do the originals. I have no concerns with these mags.
bought two magazines for a s&w model 469 - hard to find
Review by
Well made. Lock in empty or full with slide forward, no problem. A bit on pricy side but ok considering they are getting hard to find. Pinky finger extension poor fit, not flush with front of magazine.
SM669 Magazine
Review by
Outstanding product and service
Review by
Works good
Review by
Good quality magazine-thank you
Very nice mags !
Review by
Very nice mags , good price and fast shipping.
The product that I ordered looks good and works real good in my weapon
Review by
The product arrived in a timely minor which was great.
I've been looking for these for awhile.
Review by
Looking forward to a range day.
Mag for model 469
Review by
Mag only locks in when the slide is in the locked back position is this normal for this after market mag on the 469
S&W 6906 Magazine
Review by
Had 2 12 round and 1 California legal 10 round, so I only bought one. Can’t tell the difference between any.
Smith & Wesson Magazine
Review by
It was really hard to find a extra magazine to fit my 9MM and I want to thank Keep Shooting for emailing me when they were back in stock. The look and feel look just like the one that I got with my 9mm. Fit perfectly and works great.
Exactly what I needed !!
Review by
Perfect for my semiautomatic S&W 6904 !!!
6906 magazine
Review by
69 series mag are extremely hard to find.
While I did a lot of web searching happened to come across Keepshoot.
To me if you didn't know it wasn't a factory magazine couldn't tell. Mag are well made and function flawless. And with price you can't go wrong compare to prices people asking for factor made magazine.
I now own 4 of these magazines...
Which I should have gotten all at once lower price even more.
69 series magazines
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these were available and priced fair. they arrived prompt and were in perfect condition. fit and finish were great. so far just a great experience
I Bought These For A 6906
Review by
I only purchased 4 of these magazines and wish I would have bought more. They work and are close to the original. I will buy more.
Great purchase
Review by
Fit perfectly haven’t went to the range yet but it fit fine
Ordered 3, then ordered 9 more!
Review by
Anyone who has a 69xx series S&W pistol knows how absurdly expensive the magazines have become. I paid $70 for my last one (NIW) and swore that was it. I was skeptical when I saw these so I ordered three. I have since shot several hundred rounds in three pistols with no issues, then lent them to a buddy who shot one hundred rounds in his 6906, also no issues. They lock up TIGHT and feed well. As proof of our satisfaction, we ordered another NINE for a nice Keep Shooting quantity discount. Order them while you can, especially at this price!
S&W 6906 mags
Review by
Original mags are scarce for the 6906. These mags are 12 round reproduction and work great. Was actually able to put 13 rounds in. I purchased the 3 pack to save couple bucks.
Review by
Great value
6906 Magazines
Review by
Ordered, arrived in a timely manner and worked like the three champs. Fed everything I put through them. Thanks and have already recommend site to friends.
Perfect Match
Review by
Exactly matched mag received with used pistol. Perfect function at the range. Great price.
Good product - good deal
Review by
Product arrived quickly. Magazines worked flawlessly in recently acquired LE trade in S&W 6906. Ammo fed properly, no malfunctions, dropped free when released. I have already recommended these magazines to friends.
Not easy to find
Review by
Works great took a while to find this
Great Mags
Review by
I recently purchased a S&W 669 and needed some more magazines for it. Found these online and bought 3. Magazines work perfectly though the springs are a little stiff to get all 12 rounds in them. That should take care of itself with use. I would definitely recommend these for anyone else looking for these type of magazines. I will be purchasing more.
Smith & Wesson 69 Series Magazine
Review by
I ordered 3 magazines to go with the one that came with a 669 I recently purchased. All three dropped freely and worked very well.
S&W Model 69 Series Magazines
Review by
I had purchased 3 of these and finally made it to the range with them. All 3 functioned perfectly. They all loaded well, shot well, and dropped free when released from the mag well.
S&W 69 Magazines
Review by
Exactly like the original I have for my 6906. Well made, no flaws, feeds everything the pistol likes to shoot. Fast service and delivery.
S&W 69 Series Magazines
Review by
I ordered 3 of these and they arrived within a few days. Dimensionally, they look very close to my originals. They can be fully loaded with no issues also. All 3 load into my 6946 easily and drop free effortlessly. So far, so good. I will take them to the range next week and try them out and get back to you.
Buy them now
Review by
Hard to find at this price. I got 10!
Good catch...
Review by
Got lucky! been looking for over a year they were all sold out in ever site... I think the price is fare cause their hard to find
SW 69xx mags
Review by
Almost impossible to find these. The SW 59xx & 69xx were some of the best sidearms ever issued. Smith stopped making the mags several years ago. Have seen a 10-rd mag that was cheaply made, but THESE sold by KEEP SHOOTING are just like the originals, even 12 round cap!!
Thank you, KS, for offering these!!
Works as good as OEM
Review by
The 69 series of S&W pistols is difficult to find good magazines that are reliable. These are the best ever! Never had any failures with any of these magazines. Great quality and a good price. Get them while you can as no one else has them!
Whole expierence was GREAT!
Review by
The mags fit perfect! Easy internet ordering.
Good stuff!
Review by
Despite earlier reviews, I have a 6946 and the magazines functioned flawlessly. Went in well, dropped free with no hangup, cycled as well as the factory model.
Will not fit S&W6946
Review by
Bought 2 of these based on the reviews. 1 will go in with force and will not drop free. 2nd one will only go about 1/2 into the mag well. The floor plate extends out in front of the front of the grip by about 1/16".

Do not recommend.

Great Product!
Review by
I bought 3 of these magazines for my 6906 model and they work great! Great prices and fast shipping.
Review by
Excellent alternative!
Review by
After twenty years and thousands of rounds fired, it's past time to pick up a couple more spare mags for my 6906. It's been difficult to find the new the factory version, however. I ran across one on an auction site and it was $100 - used was $50. That's just not practical for me. Decided to follow the crowd to these mags and I'm sure glad I did! Reviews were pretty much spot on. To the casual observer these look and feel just like the factory version - right down to the stampings. The only exceptions to this are: 1) The front edge of the floor plate sticks out about 1/16 of an inch more than the factory version. I can feel that edge on the little finger of my strong side hand. It's honestly not a big deal and I'm sure I'll get used to it, it's just that when you've held something in your hand as much as I've held my 6906, it becomes an extenstion of you - you know exactly how much it weighs, how it points and how it feels. It will take a bit of getting used to or a little modification if I can't. 2) The floor plate keeper on the inside is stamped steel on the factory version, plastic on these. I honestly have no idea if this will ever become an issue. I suspect it won't but I felt compelled to mention it. So there you have it. As you can see from my star ratings I really like these. They appear to be extremely well made and almost completely true to the original. Fit and finish is excellent! Cheers!
Could not ask for better
Review by
I purchased 2 of these magazines for my Model 6904. They fit and dropped from the pistol perfectly. Ammunition fed with no issues no matter what brand. Fast shipping and great service. Thank you
Great product, even better service
Review by
Ordered based on reviews which turned out to be exactly correct. Very fast shipping and the magazine was exactly as advertised, worked without failure and the shipping was extremely fast. Great company to do business with
As good as it gets
Review by
Purchased these 12 round capacity magazines for my S&W 469 pistol. The magazines are polished to a bright sheen. The small pinky extension at the magazine base is identical to the factory magazines. These fit into the gun perfectly & drop out cleanly when released. The magazines feed ammunition flawlessly. They have the slide hold open feature after the last round is fired. I've had no problems with these magazines. The discontinued 69 series S&W pistols are still popular and pre-Brady ban factory magazines are very difficult to find. I'm glad I found this site to pick up a couple extra magazines for my pistol. Thank you,!
as advertised
Review by
strong spring - great feed
slightly thinner casing than original but I see no issues
drops out cleanly
love the holdback
great price and 5 day delivery
I highly recommend these AND ks
95% quality of stock
Review by
I purchased my Smith and Wesson 6906 used with only one factory magazine. I went looking for extras and found Keep Shooting. I bought two of them, shot them both at the range a few times with three to four full magazines worth in each. They are good! The only point of contention, and this is really minor, is the weld on the back that makes the magazine one complete piece is a bit sloppy compared to factory Smith and Wesson mag. I do need to stress that this is purely cosmetic and in no way impedes function. If you want to save some buck, these mags work and they are so close to factory it's nil! Awesome magazines.
Fantastic Magazine
Review by
I was skeptical about using anything except factory S&W magazines in my 6909, but I was wrong. These are at least as good as the factory mag and in my opinion they are actually better. The stainless steel is polished to a high gloss, they feed faultlessly, lock the slide back when empty and drop effortlessly to the ground when ejected. Buy without reservation, these are well worth the money and they are of excellent quality.
Review by
Received two S&W 69 magazines today. First quality. Dropped easily from my S&W 6906. Function was perfect with lockback on last round. These are well made and work as they should. I wish I had found you guys sooner-er. Thanx for a quality product!
Review by
Along with the great price of this mag they also fit just as if they were S&W brand. I have purchased 9 of them now
great deal
Review by
Looks just like s&w made it. Guns original mag didn't have pinky rest, so this mag was perfect. Just placed another order for a 59 and 69 mags. You guys are on to something, maybe start making hard to find mags like pt145 and the like.
Work well. Fit well. Shoot well. Easy to convert to 10 round.
Review by
Ordered 4 of these in KIT format. (Had to 12 round not allowed in NY.)
Easy to change to 10 round so I can use them. Work well in an older S&W 469 I just got. The one mag just wasn't going to cut it. This is about the only place I could even find this mag. And by far the lowest price. I will look here for any other mags I may need. Well made, good strong materials, just like the ones from Smith if not better.
And a far better price.
excellent mags
Review by
love these. good price and fit perfectly. Now have 8