Swedish M90 Cold Weather Pants

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The Swedish M90 Cold Weather Pants are genuine Swedish army insulated pants. Designed to provide warmth and protection from the cold for Swedish soldiers who operate and train in some of the coldest parts of the world. No matter what outdoor activity or sport you enjoy, these insulated pants will ensure you can stay warm and comfortable no mater what the temperature is outside.

The Swedish M90 System is one of the most proven cold weather system in the world. With the Swedish military relying heavily on the M90 during operations above the Arctic Circle you know the M90 means serious warmth. We have imported and sold the M90 Parka for many years and now we are able to offer the Swedish M90 Cold Weather Pants which go great with the M90 parka.

Swedish military designers really created one of the most versatile insulated cold weather pants with the M90. Addressing the chief concern with pants, there is a brilliant method to deal with size differences. The Swedes used a large elastic waistband on the M90 pants allowing the waistband to stretch up several sizes should the soldier be wearing additional gear on his belt. When no gear is being worn, the M90 pants have a flap that connects to a button on each side of the M90 waist area that prevents the elastic waistband from stretching. With this system you will achieve a fit with these pants that is contoured to your body which will help with both comfort and warmth.

Most insulated cold weather pants are difficult to put on due to their design. The Swedish made this a non-issue by designing the M90 pants with a full length zipper on both legs that runs from the waistband to the ankles. Once you are ready to put on the pants, simply unzip to a comfortable level and step into them. You then zip up the pants so that the zipper comes back up to the waistband. You will find these insulated pants are the quickest and easiest insulated pants to put on and take off. With the insulation being done in a generous but not overly done layout, you will not feel the usual "puffed out" feeling that most insulated pants have.

  • Authentic Swedish Military Pants
  • Insulated for Cold Weather Use
  • Worn by the Swedish Army in the Arctic Circle
  • Elastic Waistband and Ankles
  • Works Great with the Swedish M90 Parka
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