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Exterior, angled view of the UN lightweight emergency tent

UN Lightweight Emergency Tent


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  • Exterior, angled view of the UN lightweight emergency tent Exterior, angled view of the UN lightweight emergency tent
  • Exterior, side view of the UN lightweight emergency tent Exterior, side view of the UN lightweight emergency tent
  • Exterior view of the UN lightweight emergency tent's interior (Shows two rooms) Exterior view of the UN lightweight emergency tent's interior (Shows two rooms)
  • Door flaps on the UN lightweight emergency tent Door flaps on the UN lightweight emergency tent
  • Interior view of one of the UN lightweight emergency tent's ventilators Interior view of one of the UN lightweight emergency tent's ventilators

Quick Overview

How many times have you gathered the family, packed up the van and hit the road for an outdoor excursion only to arrive and find that your tent couldn’t house a litter of puppies much less you, your spouse and your 2.5 children? It’s bad enough you’ve left the electricity behind and spent hours crammed in the van like sardines. Now your puny tent is only going to make matters worse. Well, those days are over because has the tent of your dreams – a tent big enough, tough enough and sturdy enough to make you seriously consider selling the house and taking up residence in the great outdoors.

Now available in quantities so limited they have the potential to become collectors’ items, is the UN lightweight emergency tent. This is it, folks – the tent of tents. This tent could transform you “Lord of the Flies” nightmare into a “Swiss Family Robinson” paradise. This behemoth is made to the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) emergency shelter specifications and has limitless applications. Entertain the family or prepare for the worst; use it as a garage or set up a medical station – you can truly do it all with this tent.

Now let’s talk price. The UN lightweight emergency tent is available. Think of it as an investment, but invest quickly because we only have one.

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Who is ready for a lot of talk about specifications, dimensions and materials? Great, listen up. The UN lightweight emergency tent is a tunnel-style tent made to the specifications of the UNHCR tents used for refugee assistance. Built solid from the ground up, it has an inner tent, an outer tent, two doors, four windows and four ventilators.

The tent measures approximately 18-feet long, 10-feet wide and 7-feet high. Assembly is relatively easy with the tent’s fiberglass tension rods and 10 steel pegs that serve to provide the tent with a rigid skeleton. Additionally, it has multiple ties to ensure that it stays put. Now, let’s move on to a breakdown of the tent from the inside out.

Inner Tent

The inner tent is constructed from a lightweight, poly cotton cloth that is secured to the outer tent using a series of toggles. This is where the ground sheet is located, which is made of high-density polyethylene (HDPE), a thermoplastic known for having a higher tensile strength than comparable materials. Serving as your floor, the HDPE sheet is very effective at keeping moisture out of the tent. There are also four ventilation flaps that measure approximately 8-inches by 6-inches, suitable for bringing some fresh air into the tent.

Also included in the inner tent is a large, zippered partition intended to create two rooms and provide some semblance of privacy.

Outer Tent

The outer tent is constructed from a heavier, rip stop polyester material known for its high strength-to-weight ratio and is resistant to both ripping and tearing as well as weather. Each fiberglass tension rod is fed through small openings in the outer shell that give the tent its tunnel-like shape and provide its sturdy support.

On the outer tent, you will find two doors that provide access to the inner tent, one on each side. Each door measures approximately 70-inches by 23-inches and includes a canopy intended to provide shade from the sun. There are also four windows, each of which measures approximately 16-inches by 12-inches and works in conjunction with the inner tent’s ventilators.

This is also where you will find all the ties that serve to keep the tent grounded.


Each tent can be rolled up for easy storage in an extremely compact bag (included) that makes transport of this mammoth tent a breeze.

Why should I buy it?

Perfect for a large family and big enough to house a small car, this tent is sure to find use for nearly anyone. It’s hard to gauge the sheer size and quality of this tent through pictures and written descriptions, but believe me when I say that the UN lightweight emergency tent is one amazing product. The applications for this tent are near limitless and include recreation, emergencies, survival and more.

This tent would be more than suitable for any of the following:

- Camping

- Garage

- Temporary housing

- Emergency shelter and disaster relief

- Temporary medical station

- Survival

- Demonstrations

- Events

- Much more…

As mentioned, this tent is near identical to the tents used by the United Nations for refugee assistance and disaster relief. If that doesn’t give you some insight into the quality of this tent, I don’t know what will.

See you on the campgrounds!

Additional Information

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  1. Get one review by Brendan on 6/30/2014

    This tent is big enough to live inside! I love it. If you have the money, consider it. I do wish it were cheaper though.

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