550 Paracord 100ft - Hunter Green - Rothco

The 550 Paracord 100ft - Hunter Green by Rothco is an essential component of any go-bag. What each bundle of 100ft gives you is genuine Made in the USA military 550 paracord, which is composed of 7 inner stands making this portentially 8 different lines.

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  • 550 Paracord - Hunter Green
  • 100-feet
  • Made by Rothco
  • Manufactured in the USA
  • UPC: 613902123007
More Information
Overall Rating
good quality
Review by Keepshooting Customer
paracord is always a very useful product in camping, the cord can be used for a lot things from hammock straps to straps for food cans, as fishing line, or just a simple tethering a piggy back ride. if you are a hikers and looking for a few feet in a rush, this is good, otherwise you might want to look for another way of making more cord if you plan to use more than 10-20 feet worth, its a good product, dont buy it thinking you will get some extra thick paracord like in military issue but if you know how to splice you will have some very good string to tie down your gear. just one little piece wasnt tied right, so i had a small piece of extra paracord to work with and spliced the ends together to create a new cord, its good for what it is and the price is right. but you will need more if you are planing on doing anything extensive, just keep in mind. its one little 20ft reel. a reel i bought from the big-five had 225 feet on it for $10, so just a thought. it hasnt frayed, its holding strong to everything I've tried so no issues with it and if you plan on making longer strings its a good way to save money
Overall Rating
parachute cord
Review by Keepshooting Customer
very good paracord. will be using this a lot to tension stabilizers on antenna mount for sailboat
Overall Rating
I can make 37 feet
Review by Keepshooting Customer
The 100ft hank arrived and looked great, plenty of length for what I need. But when I took it out of the bag and started unwinding it all I could make was 37.7 feet. So not sure what's up with that. Anybody have a suggestion on what's wrong or a repair? Thanks
Overall Rating
Quality, thick, heavy paracord!
Review by Keepshooting Customer
I am impressed by this rope, its quality. As well as the way Amazon wrapped and shipped it. It was not packed in a tight bundle, or even rolled, but laid out and flat. I was expecting the thin, almost "limp," cord that is typically found in most other sources, but instead got a nice, stiff piece of line that was heavy, strong, but very smooth. A very fair trade-off between durability and usability. The color is spot on and vibrant. The size, thickness, and overall feel are more in line with 550 paracord than what I have seen of this particular product. This is the second review I have written, since the first got caught in a glitch in the system. If you need paracord, buy this! It won't dissapoint. The color, thickness, weight, feel, and durability are on-point and it is a fair trade-off between strength and functionality.
Overall Rating
Sturdy Cord
Review by Keepshooting Customer
The Cord came out to be very sturdy and holds great. The only reason it is only 4 stars is because the caps at the end were loose, very cheap made but great sturdy and durable Paracord!
Overall Rating
The green 3 colors of 50 ft paracord
Review by Keepshooting Customer
I really like the way this cord works, and I can get many applications out of it. I can even hang up stuff outside on my truck.

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