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CCI .22LR Standard Velocity - 0035

CCI .22LR Standard Velocity


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  • CCI .22LR Standard Velocity - 0035 CCI .22LR Standard Velocity - 0035

CCI .22LR Standard Velocity

The CCI .22LR Standard Velocity ammunition is one of the best target ammunition that you will find for your favorite .22LR firearm. Experts have long given CCI produced rimfire ammunition top ratings for performance, consistency, and value. This particular load from CCI is optimized specifically for target shooting from any modern .22lr firearm.

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Rimfire ammunition from CCI is well known to be the very best available, no matter what caliber you are searching for. With a full rimfire production line, CCI has one of the longest track records for producing quality rimfire. With ammunition being one of the most critical factors for reliable and accurate target shooting, you would do well at the range with any rimfire ammunition from CCI.

When selecting the perfect rimfire ammunition, you should always consider your intended application. If you are primarily into target shooting, you should search for target shooting ammunition. Why spend extra money on ammo that has projectiles optimized for hunting if you only plan on putting holes in paper? The same can be said for things like velocity ratings and bullet weight. While hunting ammo can be used for target practice, it tends to not be economical to do so.

  • CCI Ammunition - Made in America
  • Optimized for Target Shooting
  • Muzzle Velocity: 1070 ft/sec
  • Muzzle Energy: 102 ft/lbs

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