The Cold Steel Special Forces Shovel is modeled after the original Soviet Spetsnaz shovel. The Spetsnaz were the Soviet army's most elite unit, renowned for their deadly efficiency. Trained to travel light, the Spetsnaz packed only the bare essentials. This included a unique shovel which had a broad flat blade and 3 sharp versatile edges. Cold Steel's shovel follows the Soviet design as faithfully as possible with newer improvements in the steel (twice as thick as the original) and heat treatment.

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  • Cold Steel Special Forces Shovel
  • Made from Heat-Treated Medium-Carbon Stainless Steel
  • Sharpened Edges 
  • Hardwood Handle
  • Dimensions: 19 11/16" Long, 5/64" Thick, 6" Wide
  • Weight: 26.6oz
  • UPC: 705442000815

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Review by Tosh
Verified Buyer
Lightweight is a perfect size. I love the fact that it's held together with two big screws. It comes sharpened from the factory. Overall I give it an excellent review
built strong
Review by Frankly
Verified Buyer
Very sturdy and very sharp on the edges. Could easily chop wood.

Good edge and easy to use in the field

Review by Yazan P.
Verified Buyer

Don't really need to sharpen the edges. The size made it easy to use in the woods.
Quality is very good for the price.
Very fast delivery too.

Strong, sharp, and handy.

Review by Gizelle W.
Verified Buyer

I love this shovel. I bought it after seeing it on “Alone”. It’s incredibly useful in our camping kit. Mine came with the sheath, even though I ordered the shovel without one and bought the sheath separately to save a few bucks. I now have two sheaths, and amazon didn’t want the other one back.

Not bad for a utility shovel and multiple uses

Review by Elester A.
Verified Buyer

Alright for starters, when the shovel arrived, was very dull and the "edge" had roll over. Very poor sharpening craftsmanship. Buuuuut I sharpened it right up with my lansky and work sharp file sharpeners. took about 5 minutes of work but put a great edge on it and ive used this quite a bit already. works great for hard ground, small shrubby trees and bushes...can be hammered and cut through roots well I spent less than 20$ and made my own carrying case for it out of leather...I really enjoyed this little shovel and for what I paid and for how much of a beating it can take. Its pretty solid. Now it doesn't hold the edge the greatest - but again its not a knife or hatchet/axe. its a sharpened utility shovel that takes very little work to put a good edge on it and can take a beating and still work well. 4/5 due to edge durability. Buuuut it works well enough for less than 20$

Very poor quality

Review by Scorpio P.
Verified Buyer

Shovel came in with a chipped handle and a flaky chipped blade

shoddy craftsmanship

Review by Jaymi D.
Verified Buyer

The tool just arrived and the screws attaching the handle to the shovel blade were set in askew so they do not sit flush and I'm sure after digging these screws would create blisters at the very least. Everyone reviewed this shovel as if it was razor sharp. I would say that's a severe exaggeration compared with the item I received yesterday. The shovel has multiple burrs and the edge isn't clean at all. I honestly thought it wasn't sharp ,but it has an edge, be it poorly crafted. I can get a damn fine shovel from my local hardware store for the 18.50 $ I spent on this and get something that works. This Spetznaz entrenching shovel seems like a mantlepiece not a tool for hard use IMAO. I would've gotten one from an army surplus store if I had known this shoddy craftsmanship was the norm. I guess quality control in S.A. is at the bare minimum. This lack of attention to detail is evident in the final product which really makes a nice paperweight. I wouldn't bet my life on this tool, for sure. I have yet to use the shovel so bear that in mind as you read my review.

You can throw it!

Review by Daniella J.
Verified Buyer

This is so cool! When it arrived I took it outside and threw it at a log...it stuck right in!

Husband loved it!

Review by Linde C.
Verified Buyer

Great for camping and a cool gadget to show off to friends.

Broken handle

Review by Kirk P.
Verified Buyer

Handle broken in half on the 3rd throw against a pine tree. I didn't use the product until way after the return window so now I am out of luck.

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