Ka-Bar TDI Last Ditch Knife

The Ka-Bar TDI Last Ditch Knife is designed to give you an ultra-concealable knife for a last ditch defense. Easily secured and built Ka-Bar tough let the TDI Last Ditch Knife serve you on your next mission.

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The Ka-Bar TDI Last Ditch Knife is part of the Master Series from Ka-Bar. Consisting of the LDK, sheath, and a tie strap you will find the Last Ditch Knife is easy to secure and handy to use as a last ditch knife. Made Ka-Bar tough and backed by the Ka-Bar Limited Lifetime Warranty you can count on the Last Ditch Knife to serve you now and long into the future.

  • Designed for "Last Ditch" Defense
  • Includes Sheath and Tie Down
  • Versatile Mounting - Tie To Boot, Vest, or Other Gear
  • Backed by Ka-Bar Limited Lifetime Warranty

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Customer Reviews

Great teeny tiny little push type baby knife

Review by Klinton E.
Verified Buyer

This thing is super tiny. It's like a baby box cutter knife tried to be a karambit but could only manage being a push knife shaped like a karambit lol. This is actually a compliment. I like it. I have medium sized lady hands so I guess for men reading this--lets just say i have small dainty child hands. This is a great knife for putting in between your index and middle finger, clutching and doing what you need to. If you are ever in a situation where you need a knife that could be used as a punch type without being an actual punch one this is it. I like it because it's economical and other knives i tried getting that were push types are expensive and only sold elsewhere. I'd buy these and use them as gifts for people too they're cute and useful.

Not for utility use

Review by Cherell M.
Verified Buyer

Some reviewers are missing the point of this knife. There are NO utility uses. It's tiny, light, and with a very sharp, delicate tip. It is for exactly what the name implies. It's basically a concealable scalpel, and it will do what a scalpel does. I wouldn't use it as a punch dagger. It's too fragile. It's a slicer, meant to hold with your thumb on top and the "handle" in your palm.

I wouldn't recommend it for non law enforcement use, and even then, only if you're facing a spirited gun grab or you're getting the snot pounded out of you to the point your life is in jeopardy. I wouldn't recommend ANY knife as a *primary* means of defense, because 1) if taken from you, bad times 2) they require training to use effectively 3) legal issues. #3 is important. You can't use a knife for that purpose unless you are genuinely in mortal danger and your decision will be heavily scrutinized.


Review by Teela X.
Verified Buyer

It was a little smaller than I realized, and while that's not a bad thing, it took me a minute to get used to it. The sheath can be laced into your boot laces, or it fits really nicely in that tiny pocket that peeks up over the real pocket on jeans and some work pants.

recipient wasn't thrilled

Review by Karry T.
Verified Buyer

its still sitting there, unused. it was a gift

If you have hands, don't buy

Review by Jazzman S.
Verified Buyer

I have small hands. This thing is so awkward and tiny. It's thin and I possible to hold. Getting a grip on it is like trying to grab a wet noodle with a claw game grabber.

Great blade

Review by Inez D.
Verified Buyer

Those who are not finding this knife to their liking do not realize what the blade was designed for.  This is not to cut, use daily, or even semi-monthly.  This is last ditch, rolling around on the ground with someone or something trying to harm or kill you and you were already disarmed of your primary.

Cheap price and cheap quality

Review by Diondra J.
Verified Buyer

I know this isn’t a high end knife. The tip was bent out of the box on the blade and it’s dull. Very dull. Sheath is cheap plastic but held the knife ok. Save your money and get something else.

This is disappointing. Looks cheap and feels cheap. Not even worth returning. Tossed it in a drawer where it will spend it’s sad life in solitude.

Most Concealable

Review by Lorain M.
Verified Buyer

I've purchased two of these knives so far. I laced the first unit in a pair of boots that I train in. The second unit is attached to a beltloop or shorts with a drawstring via a small cable for instances when I'm not wearing boots. I'm able to conceal it IWB. This is perfect for outside activities and going to the gym. It's also worthy to note that I've mistakenly put it through the washer and dryer with this configuration. Besides being extremely hot coming out of the dryer, there were no defects. Great design and craftsmanship! Highly recommended for easy concealability!

Go pick up a shard of glass and save the money

Review by Jerrel M.
Verified Buyer

Let me guess, you work a job that requires tac gear, but it’s not going to be provided to you? You also can’t afford an expensive knife because you have other responsibilities? You checked the reviews and they weren’t bad enough to not get this knife?

Well let me stop you right there and tell you this “last option” knife is nothing more than a guarantee to put you in the ground. You honest to God would be better off paying 20 bucks for a shard of glass.

Now granted, theoretically this blade should only be used on an enemy combatant, but the metal is so weak, I’ve actually felt aluminum with more substance to it. The edge of the blade WILL chip if used.

The knife stays in the holster pretty well but the holsters design isn’t good or reliable.

Please, don’t get this. Save your money and learn from my mistakes. I bought this knife and now I go without the added protection AND I’m out 20 bucks.

Great knife

Review by Kanae Z.
Verified Buyer

I bought two of these one for me and one for my son. Great knife! I sewed it into a hat I hunt with. Can never have enough knives. It’s sharp sturdy and reliable great price

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