M1 Carbine TekMat

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The M1 Carbine TekMat is a gun cleaning mat for your workbench that is designed for the M1 Carbine. This M1 Carbine TekMat features a schematic, parts list, and brief history of the M1 Carbine to aid in cleaning and disassembly. Protect and preserve your M1 Carbine with this cleaning mat to ensure you can pass along this prized firearm to your heirs.

The TekMat by BeckTek has taken the firearms cleaning industry by storm. With the ability to have a chemical resistant rubberized mat with the schematic of your firearm on your desk, take down and cleaning of even small parts is a breeze. This particular TekMat is for the M1 Carbine which while only having 48 parts can be difficult for even experts to disassemble and clean. With this easy-to-read schematic you'll be able to understand how the parts of your M1 carbine install and function, making cleaning and reassembly simple.

  • Dimensions: 36" x 12"
  • Full Parts List and Schematic
  • M1 Carbine Overview, Operation, and Design History
  • Brand New - Black with Grey Print
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