Winchester Super-X .410 Buckshot

Each package of Winchester .410 buckshot consists of five .410 bore, triple-aught shells (000) that measure 2.5 inches long. Buckshot is typically reserved for larger game but is also commonly used as a defensive round in the military, law enforcement and with civilians. Because it is a perfect defensive round, it is recommended by Winchester to be used with shotguns designated for home defense.

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Our Winchester Super-X .410 buckshot is sold by the box, each of which contains five shotshells. The shotshells are manufactured in the United States by Winchester at the Centerfire Operations Facility in Oxford, Mississippi. Winchester is one of America’s most reliable, trusted brands and has been manufacturing firearms and ammunition since the 1800s.

  • Velocity: 1300 fps
  • Pellet Size: 000 Buck
  • Number of Pellets: 3
  • Shell Length: 2.5 Inches

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Customer Reviews

good in the S&W Governor
Review by Michael
Verified Buyer
I got a supply of this for use I my S&W Governor. It is an amazing way to get a nice wide pattern for in-home use. The recoil is more than manageable.
good SD ammo
Review by Nick
Verified Buyer
Bought these awhile back, good hard hitting ammo perfect for self or home defense.
Good quality ammo at a good price.
Review by FreeMason
Verified Buyer
New nice quality .410 ammo. Box of five 000 shot 2.5 inch at a good price.

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