M4 Bayonet 1943 Style

The M1 Carbine was originally issued in 1942 without a bayonet lug. This period did not last long as by 1943 all M1 Carbine rifles were being fitted with a bayonet lug. The original M4 bayonet was similar to the M3 fighting knife with a wood grain leather grip, blackened steel blade, razor sharp blade, and sturdy crosspiece. This attractive reproduction 1943 Style M4 bayonet is perfect for recreating the look of a period correct M1 Carbine.

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This excellent 1943 style M4 bayonet is perfect for displays, re-enactments, or demonstrating the use of a bayonet on the M1 Carbine.


  • Synthetic Wood Grip
  • Blackened Stainless Steel Blade
  • Sharpened Blade Edge and Tip
  • Fits All Mil-Spec M1 Carbine Lugs
  • Imported


  • 6.5" Blade
  • 11.5" Over All Length
  • Operational Bayonet Attachment
More Information
Overall Rating
M4 bayonet
Review by Crash
The overall look is ok with the exception of China printed on it but it is too short for a proper fit on my original m1 carbine, lug engages but the barrel loop is 3/8” too long to engage to the barrel. You get what you pay for!
Overall Rating
Reasonably priced knife with unpredictable fitment
Review by Matt
This repro m4 is really quite nice quality for the price. Sharp enough out of the box to be a useful tool. No indication of the steel used but seems a bit softer than the 440 used in most Chinese knives which is useful for heavy use and reworking the edge. Hand guard has some play but is not going anywhere. Sheath and belt hook are not going to be very useful unless you routinely wear an ALICE belt with m1910 double hook eyelets. Sheath is lower quality than the knife and I will likely replace with a simple leather one. The reviews on fitment to your M1 carbine are the biggest gamble here. The lug clamp easily fits my lug (loose-ish fit but the locks engage securely), but the length of the handle is about 3/8” too long. This means the barrel loop on the hand guard floats a bit past the crown. My rifle is standard production with no recrowning. Unfortunately I see no way to reasonably remedy the fitment short of removing the pommel and leather rings, cutting down the tang, and resetting the parts. Your mileage may vary due to knife manufacturing variations or lug to crown variations from different rifle manufacturers. If that handle were just a tad shorter this would be a very serviceable repro m4 bayonet. As is, in my case, I ended up with a pretty cool camp knife. Again for the price the knife is still a nice product, just wish I had been luckier with fitment to my rifle. Also, blade is stamped China if that sort of thing matters to you for accuracy.
Overall Rating
German Fighter Bayonet.
Review by ArthurM
It roughly resembles an American M-4 bayonet used on M-1 Carbines. The description doesn't claim that it fits any particular rifle, and it doesn't. The handle is about 3/8 inch too long to fit M-1 carbines. That said, it doesn't make a bad dagger. It seems fairly well put together and comes fairly sharp. The plastic scabbard is pretty similar to the ones we had in the military
Overall Rating
Excellent product.
Review by Terry
Very good fit and finish.
Overall Rating
M4 Bayonet
Review by Little Ray
Fits my M1 carbine like it's suppose to. Just like a glove, snug and tight.
Overall Rating
Recently purchased
Review by DennisCA
I bought this with no expectations (because I never dealt with this company) when I bought this bayonet. I was thinking maybe pleasantly surprised! It looks really good, not bad for a repro - well done!
Overall Rating
Nice price
Review by Jack
Fits my M1 carbine like it's suppose to.
Overall Rating
Review by Cc
Very satisfied for the price
Overall Rating
One of the best copies of this bayonet but...
Review by James H.
This one has a very loose crossguard but otherwise fits my carbine very well. Sharpened on both edges so this knife is ready to go to work.
Overall Rating
M-4 1943 bayonet for M-1 carbine
Review by DocB
The unit looks very well made, nicely finished, appearance seemingly true to history.

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