Russian GP-5 Gas Mask

Russian GP-5 Gas Mask

The Russian GP-5 Gas Mask was the work horse of the USSR and Russian military forces. Having been produced in the hundreds of millions, these gas masks were issued to everyone from soldiers to civil guard. During the Chernobyl disaster, first responders could be seen wearing this same mask while fighting fires and working to solve the radiation leak.

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Description / Russian GP-5 Gas Mask

The Russian GP-5 Gas Mask made an appearance in the popular Call of Duty video game franchise, where it was referred to as the Spetsnaz Gas Mask.

Whether or not the GP-5 was worn by Russian Special Forces is unknown, but the history and performance of the GP-5 has been long established even before appearing in Call of Duty. Perhaps only the Israeli Gas Mask has been used by more people than the GP-5, but legions of Soviet soldiers and Russian civilians have the GP-5 to thank for saving their lives during emergency disasters.

  • Authentic Russian Gas Mask
  • One Piece Over-the-Head Design
  • Large Eye Pieces
  • Accepts Standard 40mm Filters (1 Included)
  • Includes One USSR Gas Mask Bag

More Information

Manufacturer Russian Army Surplus

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Customer Reviews

Cool collectable... or costume piece!
Review by Seth
Verified Buyer
Used these ina few photoshoots! Really cool stuff, but very tight and uncomfortable to wear.

Watch out, the lenses are glass! Found this out the hard way, so I have to but a new mask ;)
something different
Review by van
Verified Buyer
This item is something different to say for sure. Very excellent condition with lens,filter,and a very good bag to put it all in for carrying around. Fits tight on my head but can still use it for sure. Don't have a beard and tyr wearing it. Oh that hurts.
Review by Jonathan
Verified Buyer
Came in pretty fast, a bit too small but with some stretching it fits decently, clean lenses, the filter is just cool, and luckily the mask fits my NATO filters
Good product
Review by Kartoffelsalat
Verified Buyer
A good product for my collection of East German stuff, size was larger than I wear but that's okay because you really shouldn't be wearing these anyway, the filters are said to be able to cause lung-cancer (silly me, had already had it on my head while I was reading that, oh well), despite the sizing bit it's air-tight and the filter I got was original Soviet Bloc. It arrived rapidly and in perfect condition, sealed in plastic.
Review by EDSLocklear
Verified Buyer
This is a piece of history you are looking at. Like an antique gun, it is fun to think about where your mask has been, and who used it.

I would not recommend this mask, however, for anything but a Halloween costume. These are decades old, but are just as great now for Costumes as they were life saving all those years ago. If you DO use this for protection, REMOVE THE PLASTIC STRIP FROM THE FILTER! People have died forgetting to do this.

And, yes, it's awesome that it's in Call of Duty.
Serves it purpose well
Review by Tom
Verified Buyer
The GP-5 is a cost effective mask. I used mine to wash my dog in the bathtub after being sprayed by a skunk, with the GP-5 I didn't smell the over powering horrid smell one bit, but when i took the mask off i almost puked. this mask also works great for working with dust generating tools like dremels, keeps bad stuff out of your lungs and eyes
THE Cold War mask
Review by Fubbzy
Verified Buyer
I got my mask about a year ago from here, and it was in excellent (unused, I believe; there was paper over the mask's snout) condition. Despite being a common gas mask on the market, the mask is still a great piece of Cold War history to own.. that being said, it isn't the most effective respirator to use in hazardous environments. It makes a great costume addition or even airsoft mask, though, due to it not quite being $50 like a lot of other more modern masks. Just be careful because, like Gas Man says, these come in various sizes and the one you get might not be the one that quite fits your head.
Decent Mask
Review by Trent
Verified Buyer
I've owned an East German designation GP-5 for a year and a half now, and it's served me well. It's a bit hard to put on at first, but other wise you get used to it. The filter and tube are cumbersome, so I would recommend buying a few smaller actual NBC registered and approved filters. If you're planning on using it for a survival situation, or if you're in a militia (NOT a terrorist group), it's a decent mask. The main draw back is it can be complicated to hear the user. There is no vocal diaphragm, and you do have a raise your voice a bit. Other then that it's an excellent mask, it comfortably fits on your face, and doesn't really fog up. The build is of a very stretchy, durable rubber, and it's easy to clean. Over all a good buy!
Not for the chubby
Review by Gas Man
Verified Buyer
If you do some research these come in 6 sizes from 0 to 5 from Xtra small to Xtra large. Ordered 2 for a friend and one for me. I received a 0 size and a 1 size. They do stretch to fit any size person but not comfortably. I believe these will work, they are air tight and the lens doesn't fog. I would rate it higher if choosing a size was an option since this item is worthless if it doesn't fit.

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