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This gas mask filter from Poland is an authentic military surplus gas mask filter. The Polish army uses gas masks that accept all 40mm standard NATO sized filters, which would include this filter. Filters of this design style were very common in the Soviet-era when Poland was aligned with the Soviet union through the Warsaw Pact. Perfect for collectors, displays, or historical events where authenticity is desired.

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Description / Gas Mask Filter

Replacement gas mask filters have always been in demand, with NATO standard 40mm filters being most desired. These gas mask filters from Poland are both military surplus as well as built to adapt to 40mm gas masks. With filter styles being very specific to time periods, we are able to say these gas mask filters are from the late 1980s and were used with the Polish army version of the GP-5.

The design of this gas mask filter makes it ideal for use with the GP-5 gas mask hose. While it is not as large or as heavy as the standard "coffee can" style filter, it is still heavier than a traditional attached mask filter. This would make these filters ideal for collectors, historical events, or film production where time period authenticity is desired. We cannot state what if any protective levels they will provide, only that they are genuine Polish military issue and appear to have been sealed since they were produced.

  • Polish Army Gas Mask Filter
  • Authenic Polish Army Surplus
  • Standard NATO 40mm Threads

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Manufacturer Polish Army Surplus

Customer Reviews

Great filters at this price.
Review by Dave
I bought a few better filters some time ago on KS for "Just in Case" since these are a bit heavy and I wouldn't want to have to count on wearing them for 8 hours, etc. BUT these are great (and my 2nd batch) for painting or working with any other chemical that you'd rather not smell and breathe in. Use them and throw them away at this price. They work!
Good value
Review by Greg
Some dents and scratches but overall a steal at $1.50. A little bit too heavy for my m65 mask but nothing too bad.
Review by Zion
Have a few of these put away just in case. Like Richard said, there is, in fact, a security knowing they are there.
Must have
Review by Richard
I've got four of these from keepshooting and they are a must have for you gas mask. I hope I never have to use them, but there is security in knowing they are there. Metal canister, and mine were sealed.
Thanks keep shooting! I've got more on order from you soon.
Worked for me
Review by KP Duty
One of these worked just fine for me filtering out a bad smell. I can’t speak to its effectiveness beyond that.
great filters
Review by Daniel
Fits my israeli mask just fine
Just bought some extra gas mask filters
Review by Michael
Just bought some extra gas mask filters for my wife and I. Just hope we do not need to use them.. Package came quick. Thanks Keep shooting!!
Nato Standard Filters
Review by Jose USMCR
Getting hard to find. These filters are supposed to last about 8hrs of contamination of an NBC environment. Buy them when they are in stock. Perfect for Israeli masks and any mask that will take a NATO filter.
Good for costumes and tear gas
Review by Jonathan
Pretty decent price, used it for spraying weedkiller and tested it with tear gas, worked fine, nice clean air, but it's not gonna protect against things like nerve gas and other chemical warfare agents, but what's the chance of ever running into those?
NATO filters
Review by Jacob
I would highly recommend NATO filters in addition to the filters that come with the gas masks sold on this site. The NATO filters are usually more effective than the older surplus filters.
good fit
Review by james
I bought it together with the Israeli gas mask. I don't know how much it can filter but bought the more expensive Mestel Filters which was rated nbc. it's currently stored as JIC item for disaster.
must have spare!!!
Review by dave
these are a must have spare for any 40mm gas mask. i have the israeli m15 and the civilian version and these are the filters to get for those masks. i plan on getting more!!!
gotta have spares!!
Review by dave
This is a must have spare for gas masks. fits the Israeli masks (m15 and civilian) I am going to order more spares soon!!!
Review by Doug
Quality product! Mine was made of metal, great condition. Used mine for a display mask that needed a filter. Will def buy more.
Still works
Review by William
I spray a LOT of lacquer and even though these are past their expiration date, they work great for me. I can not detect any smell of lacquer in my mask. I realize that we are not talking about nerve gas, but, these inexpensive filters still have a lot of life left in them.
Review by Steven
My two came sealed in individual plastic the picture shows what looks like to be made of metal but mine where made of a type of plastic which is even better plastic gives which means no dents. I will be back for more.

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