AK47 SKS Front Sight Adjustment Tool

AK-47 Front Sight Adjustment Tool

With the AK-47 front sight adjustment tool, you can quickly and easily adjust the front sight on your Kalashnikov-patterned rifle for both windage and elevation. This tool is fully compatible with all modern AK-47 type rifles and can also be used on the SKS.

Description / AK-47 Front Sight Adjustment Tool

Manufactured from carbon steel and boasting a black oxide finish, the AK-47 front sight adjustment tool is useful in adjusting both the windage and elevation for the front sight on your SKS, AK-47 or other Kalashnikov-patterned rifle. Simple to use, the C-clamp sight pusher is placed over the front sight assembly and used to push the front sight post left or right to compensate for windage. Additionally, the T-handle can be slipped over the post itself and turned clockwise and counter-clockwise to either raise or lower the post and adjust its elevation. In a matter of minutes, the AK-47 front sight adjustment tool can assist you in zeroing your rifle to perfection.

  • Compatible with AK-47 and SKS
  • Adjust Windage and Elevation
  • Made from Carbon Steel
  • Black Oxide Finish

Customer Reviews

A Useful Tool for SKS/AK
Review by BLindsey
I got this for use with my Serbian M59/66. I haven't used it yet, but it fits properly.
Front sight tool
Review by Bill
The tool works ok and small enough to carry to the range but I had to enlarge the notch that fits over the front sight post. Seems like that should fit from the factory.
A Tool Everyone Should Have If They Own an AK
Review by James
For the price you really cannot go wrong, it looks like other brands in the same class. While it is not be top of the line its $5 and it only needs to get the job done, there are AK sighting tools that range from $35 to $60 that do the same thing as this $5 tool...
High quality and good price
Review by JT
Works very well. Price is great.
Must have for AK
Review by Alex
I bought several of these and they are a great price. Solid handle vs some others that use large roll pins. I did have one sight tool with a loose handle, but that wasn't hard to fix.
Easy Sight Adjustment
Review by Peter
I was easily able to sight in my Chinese SKS Type 56 Rifle with this tool. For the price there is no excuse to not use a proper sight adjustment tool.
a must have
Review by dave
This is a must have for any AK owner. Makes sight adjustment easy and quick. It's an essential part for an AK setup and I have one stuffed into the chest pouch they sell here.
Essential for AK users
Review by 53GR
If you've got an AK-74 or an AK-74 variant, you need this tool. It's simple to use, works on a wide variety of models (I've used it on Polish, Yugoslavian, Romanian and Hungarian).
Crimes Against the State
Review by GUN NUT
It was a crime against the state to alter the sights on a weapon such as the AK47. Don't believe me, look at your front sight post. There is a notch there that tells the armorer if you were naughty and tried to make your weapon shoot more accurately. That said, we live in the USSA. I have used this on my AK and SKS and it works just great for windage and elevation adjustments.
Range Bag Must Have
Review by Bob H
Wanted to get an inexpensive AK/SKS sight adjustment tool for my range bag instead getting my $50 Brownells sight tool borrowed/not returned/stolen. Make no mistake, this tool is not as high of quality as a $50 tool but it's just as good as $15ish tools sold elsewhere. It does exactly what it's supposed to do and does it for less than the price of one mag full of ammo. And honestly, if it disappears I'm only out $5. For the average AK/SKS shooter this is a fabulous deal and a range bag must have.
Great budget tool
Review by josh
Came packaged in a clam shell with house brand tag, and "Made in China" sticker.

Made of steel. The tool itself feels solid, and it works as advertised for adjusting both windage and elevation for the AK front sight. Tested on a Polish under folder.

Noted that the threads on the screw were a bit rough out of the box, but they cleaned up after a few cycles in and out. Should last for a long time. Excellent vale for my dollar.
cheap and does the job
Review by Marcel
all ak owners need one
Works great
Review by Michael
This is a must for your AK 47 range bag. My new AK was shooting 10 inches to the right so I tried to tap the front post into proper alignment. I couldn't get it to budge. After 45 minutes of trying everything I could think of I gave up and ordered this handy little tool. A couple of minutes with this little beauty and problem solved.
A must have product!
Review by Mike
Item is great when out in the field.
Makes sighting in less of a chore
Review by Jose USMCR
If you own an AK or SKS type rifle you need one. It makes getting your rifle dialed in much easier and more precise. Beats using a Leatherman and ball-peen hammer! For five bucks, cant beat it.
AK Sight Tool
Review by Brian
Used this on my Arsenal SGL20, and works fine. This tool is a third of the cost and just as good quality as the Tapco tool I used to have. Always have it with my rifle.
another great buy
Review by cody
Worked great on my bulgarian AK . can't beat the price or quality!! Order one today!
Type 56
Review by Don Rene
Unfortunately it does not work on a Type 56, I had to send the tool back for and exchange so I can use it on my AK, the tool ended up getting cross-threaded.
Sight adjustment tool
Review by Thomas
Great tool for the price.
Looks good.
Review by STEVEN
Looks very good for the price. Wanted my own tool, had been borrowing one. Can't beat the price! Thanks again.
Better Tool than name brand ones!!!
Review by Love to Keepshootin'
I purchased this item based on reviews and price.
I had purchased 2 of these already from different manufactures and was never fully satisfied.
One broke the first time I used it and the other did not fit my Bulgarian AKM properly. So I gave up adjusting my sight.

This tool worked perfectly and my groupings are dead on.
Great tool at a great price
Review by Joel
Can't beat this deal on an essential tool for any owner of a rifle with AK style sights.
not bad
Review by powderbob
It seems like a fine product to me.Looks sturdy.Gotta have one if you care doing strait shooting.
didn't fit on yugo sks
Review by The E
The tool looks sturdy and fits well for the windage, although for some reason it did not fit on the front post. I'm sure it will work after some modification.
Economical,well made,easy to use
Review by Matthew
Better made than competitors item at a fraction of the cost. Worked perfectly on my Arsenal as well as my GSG-AK47 .22 cal.
If you have an AK or any variant, then you should pick this up
Review by AvidShooter
Not much to say other than this is a must have tool for your AK/SKS. This specific one will serve you well for a lifetime.
Better than most and costs less.
Review by David
After reading all the bad reviews on some of the other brands of sight adjustment tools on other websites, I was pleasantly surprised to find nothing but positive reviews on this sight tool. I used this sight tool on my SKS sight and I'm happy to say it works great. Oh and you can't beat the price.
Good product, Great service!
Review by Gerald
Well made for the price. Works fine. Better deal than other vendors. Thanks KS!
so, why pay any more money?
Review by Man
this sight tool is pretty solid. it's easy to use. the same design as the other more expensive brands. it works. that's all you need to know. and you're saving 5 to 10 dollars each. use that money on a Saiga 12 magazine.
Just tweak it a bit
Review by Karl
As a professional gunsmith I have had a lot of tools pass through my shop, this one is here to stay. Most sighting problems stem back to the tool used. I have used this took on dozens of rifles now and it still works great. You can have this tool back when you pry it from my cold dead fingers.
Good tool
Review by Stephen
I've had mixed results from some makers of these tools, but the one I got from KS has held up well. It's easy to use, and it stays in my range bag!
Nice tool
Review by theshadow
No complaints Its a good sighting tool for a Yugo AK
it works
Review by warrior
easy to use, and works! sighted in my yugo m70ab2 effortlessly

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