Ka-Bar Dozier Folding Knife - Hunter Blue

This award-winning lockback designed by Bob Dozier is an affordable, practical all-purpose knife appropriate for daily tasks. Features a reversible pocket clip.

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  • Ka-Bar Dozier Folding Knife
  • Hunter Blue Handle
  • Reversible Pocket Clip
  • AUS 8A Stainless Steel Blade
  • Zytel Handle
  • Lockback Design
  • UPC: 617717204623
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Overall Rating
<p>Very lightweight, reliable, SHARP</p>
Review by Ashby X.
<p>TLDR: lightweight, reliable, sharp and easy enough sharpen. So good that I bought two within two months of each other :) Not perfect: the pocket clip rides high and the paint on the clip scuffs really easily.<br /><br />The Ka-Bar Dozier has always been on my radar as a low-cost, high-value folding knife that you can grab and go or toss in a hiking bag BUT I always stopped myself from buying one because it honestly looks cheap (both the blade and the FRN). When the new D2 version came out, I actually really liked it, the blade coating (I live in the tropics) and the FRN finish was attractive BUT I still held off because it had a D2 blade and I found this a bit harder to sharpen (interestingly, my only other D2 knife is a Ka-Bar USMC combat blade). When I was able to snag one at a discount from Amazon, I decided to buy one and I'm glad I did.<br /><br />From the get-go, really liked the construction of the knife, it snapped open easily (no blade play) and the lock was excellent. The blade shape is awesome and slices very easily. As mentioned, this thing is light! you get a lot of cutting power on a very lightweight yet tough knife; I often take it up to my hikes (see first image). The blade coating provides some corrosion resistance, especially to sweat and rain, and the finish on the blade is also very nice (see second image). The handle material is sufficiently grippy, easily cleaned, and the blue they chose actually looks great indoors and outdoors. I also liked Ka-Bar's display packaging, although the second one I got just came in the standard box. I would certainly go for the display box if I would give this as a gift...and I purchased a second one to give to my dad (the third one I got was a vanilla Ka-Bar with Aus8 steel which is an inferior model overall).<br /><br />Cons: the pocket clip rides high and, since it's a coated clip, doesn't resist scratches. The pocket clip also digs into my palm quite noticeably but not uncomfortably so. I really am nitpicking on the previous statement hehe<br /><br />In conclusion, this is a great knife that really punches above its weight (pun intended) and is part of my regular EDC rotation.</p>
Overall Rating
<p>Great EDC</p>
Review by Axel O.
<p>Use it every day and never lets me down. Easily sharpened and a nice gift to someone who’d appreciate it. Hardly know it’s there cept when I go reach for it. Like a lot!</p>
Overall Rating
<p>Great, affordable knife</p>
Review by Johnell E.
<p>What a great, well made knife.<br />It's made in Taiwan, but the quality is much better than the Chinese seem to do. It's super sharp, light weight, the lock is super strong and it has a great pocket clip. I'm going to buy a few more at this crazy cheap price!</p>
Overall Rating
<p>Perfect EDC knife</p>
Review by Rielly J.
<p>I usually don’t give reviews but I had to on this one. I absolutely love this knife! It feels good in the hand, the locking is solid and not a bit of blade wobble. It’s not the smoothest to open but for the price it’s an all around great EDC. I’ll be buying more in different colors as well.</p>
Overall Rating
<p>Great first knife for my Son</p>
Review by Shaughn N.
<p>A knife my Son can use forever.</p>
Overall Rating
<p>My 2nd ..Gave 1 To Son In Law,He Loved It</p>
Review by Ernie Q.
<p>Very Good Knife All Around Light And Reliable,Had Another Folder Close on My Finger ...Don't Trust Liner Locks Anymore...This Is Safer Blade Lock System</p>
Overall Rating
<p>Poorly made cheap knife.</p>
Review by Ashtyn R.
<p>Had to loosen the already loose screws to even open the blade.<br />Dull, dirty blade.<br />Sharp edges, except the blade.<br />It's a poorly made cheap knife that I'll have to work on<br />to make it right. (I shouldn't have to).<br />I've bought better gas station knives.<br />Waste of time, and money.<br />It's pretty much a garbage knife.<br />Look elsewhere.</p>
Overall Rating
<p>Poor mans Benchmade Bugout. Light, tough, great camp/hiking knife.</p>
Review by Nancee N.
<p>I gave this 5 stars with a few caveats.<br /><br />First the bad stuff:<br />1. The clip is long and rugged but makes the knife stick about an inch out of your pocket. The knife doesn't ride well in the pocket for me (khakis) but this may vary for others. It does however work well with a thin nylon belt, or in a pair of cargo pants pockets.<br />2. Thumb stud on one side only, but can be switched. Not an issue for most folks unless you need to use either hand when opening.<br />3. A bit stiff and awkward to one hand open due to thumb stud position and lack of smoothness in the action. This is not a "fast" knife to whip out, cut something, close, reopen, clip to pocket, cut again and so on. In practical usage its kind of an old school belt folder mixed with modern features. Two hand closing.<br /><br />The Good:<br />1. Great value.<br />2. The blue stands out in the outdoors and is more of a benefit than I originally thought when camping/hiking and laying it on the ground.<br />3. Rugged. Nice thick blade. If you didn't know better, you might assume that the Dozier is better than the Bugout as an outdoor knife due to its thicker robust blade. Maybe it is. I don't know.<br />4. Around 2.3 oz. Very light. Bugout around 1.9 oz.<br /><br />Disclaimer. Not a knife expert. Don't own a Bugout (handled them a bunch though). Might buy one in the future because its a quality product and I like the deep pocket clip and the blue with stainless blade. However, for now, in the outdoors where deep pocket isn't an issue, the Dozier satisfies my lightweight/blue/stainless fixation. And, unlike the bugout, I'm actually using this knife for camping/hiking task. I'd be hesitant to "mess up" something that cost as much as the bugout.<br />I realize that the Dozier and the Bugout are not really competitors. Just passing on my reasons for buying it. Bottom line. I really like it.</p>
Overall Rating
Review by Keiana F.
<p>So normally I don't get pocket knives with less than a 3.5" blade because I find the handles tend to be to small. The Dozier has a perfectly sized handle for my medium hands and it is light weight. The scales have a nice textured grip to them for wet weather. The pocket clip is is just right for a jeans pocket. I really like the spear point blade and it came hair shaving sharp. The only thing I've noticed is sometimes when removing it for my pocket the thumb stud will catch inside the pocket causing the blade to open. All in all a great price for a great knife.</p>
Overall Rating
Review by Sherman M.
<p>Compact nice and discrete sharp as well</p>
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