M1 Garand Bayonet

The M1 Garand Bayonet is an authentic reproduction version of the war time original. This high quality reproduction matches the look, feel, and performance of the original without the price you find originals selling for. Perfect for use in a living history event, film or television production, or a historical display where the look of an original Garand bayonet is important but a reproduction is acceptable.

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The M1 Garand Bayonet is one of the most sought after accessories for the M1 Garand. With demand for original bayonets increasing, you are now lucky to have this reproduction bayonet as an option. Complete with a reproduction scabbard, you can create the look and feel of an M1 Garand Bayonet giving your rifle the correct appearance for war time use. The scabbard is a high quality reproduction that is capable of being attached to a USGI WWII M36 Pistol Belt to complete every aspect of this fantastic reproduction Garand Bayonet.

  • Authentic Reproduction M1 Garand Bayonet
  • Includes Correct Scabbard
  • Scabbard Marked with Flaming U.S. Ordnance Logo
  • Dimensions: 15.75" Overall Length
More Information
Overall Rating
<p>Will require modification to the bayonet lug slot to fit</p>
Review by Shant C.
<p>Will not latch on an m1 30cal bayonet lug without modification</p>
Overall Rating
<p>Good looking</p>
Review by Madalyn O.
<p>Beautiful bayonet, didn't fit my rifle.</p>
Overall Rating
<p>China made is what it is</p>
Review by Sherel O.
<p>China sticker on it cheaply made get what you pay for doesn’t really lock in cheap knock off but it is what it is for the price</p>
Overall Rating
<p>Will not fit onto an M1 Carbine</p>
Review by Aneka L.
<p>groves to fit onto the bayonet stud are too narrow, wont fit.</p>
Overall Rating
<p>looks good</p>
Review by Isabelo R.
<p>now i have one</p>
Overall Rating
<p>Somewhat disappointed</p>
Review by Laqueeta H.
<p>The blade looks cheap, which is to be expected. The product description stated the sheath is metal. It is plastic.<br />One of the customer reviews shows an image with the blade being stamped with the bomb logo and 1943. Mine is not stamped. It only has Stainless/China.</p>
Overall Rating
<p>Knife is great, scabbard is not</p>
Review by Eddie C.
<p>One strong knife. Very heavy and sturdy. Sheath was some kind of plastic, not metal like the ad says. Knife came very sharp,</p>
Overall Rating
<p>. but he comes with plastic knives.</p>
Review by Falyn U.
<p>The pin-knife is supplied with a metal shell. how we understood the knife should go with metal knives. but he comes with plastic knives.</p>
Overall Rating
<p>Stainless steel chinesium</p>
Review by Atira W.
<p>For starters after less than a year of wall-hanger duty, the scabbard broke entirely. Keep in mind as well that the blade is stainless steel - stainless steel for those who aren't well versed in metallurgy is generally too brittle to work as a weapon. High carbon steels are the only way to go.</p>
Overall Rating
Review by Orland E.
<p>Impressed. Fully functional. Seats properly on Garand, sharp, within specs. Arrived early. Gosh it’s $35! WTF...over. A real bargain, why complain? I’d recommend buying it</p>
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