MACE Take Down Extreme Nightwatch Pepper Gel

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The MACE Take Down Extreme Nightwatch Pepper Gel is a self defense spray from MACE that is made from 10% Pepper Gel. This unique canister also includes an integrated LED light making this pepper gel ideal for use at night or in other low light conditions.

The MACE Take Down Extreme Nightwatch Pepper Gel is an extremely effective self defense spray. Part of the Mace Tactical line of Take Down Extreme sprays, the contents of this pepper spray include 1.4% Capsaicinoids in a 10% Pepper Gel solution. Out performs conventional pepper spray by launching in a gel that sticks on contact when it hits attackers - ideal for use indoors or where cross contamination is a concern. For added security each unit has a built in LED light which will allow you to deploy the pepper gel in low light conditions.

  • Spays Pepper Gel in a Stream Format
  • Up to 7 Burst Deployment
  • Up to 18 Foot Range
  • Integrated LED Light
  • Non Flammable Formula
  • Made in the USA by MACE
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