AR15 / M16 Flash Enhancer

AR15 / M16 Flash Enhancer

The AR15 / M16 Flash Enhancer is a specially designed muzzle device that will dramatically increase the amount of muzzle flash and sound from your AR15 rifle. Easy to install on any .223 / 5.56 caliber firearm that has a 1/2x28tpi threaded barrel, the amount of fun you'll have with this flash enhancer will make you wonder how you lived without one for so long.

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Description / AR15 / M16 Flash Enhancer


  • AR-15 / M-16 Flash Enhancer
  • Enhances Muzzle Flash and Sound
  • Easy to Install
  • Fits .223 / 5.56 Rifles Threaded 1/2 x 28tpi

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Manufacturer United Defense LLC

Customer Reviews

When you want your AR to look like an AK ;)
Review by Allen W
First off, these have absolutely NO tactical use whatsoever. OK, maby they'll make you look & sound more hevily armed than you are, but that's about it. I've actualy gone through a ton of different muzzles trying to get my AKs to report more like ARs...
Kind of like taming a cannon down to a dog fart... ;)~

These have one purpose... They're FUN! Like can-cannons, bump stocks, and trigger cranks, these where made to liven up the shooting rangs & add to the enjoyment of burning through a crate of cheap ammo...
Works awesomely!!! Is that a word??
Review by Obarryrules
Bought this a while back during the winter (in maine) finally had a warm day. Tried it out today. Holey smokes!! Works awesome. Used on a 7.5 in barrel SBR. It was a sunny morning and you could totally see the flash. Also very loud. If that's what you're looking for? Buy it! Don't think about it... Buy it!!!!
Hey kid, Want some Flash Enhancers?
Review by phillip
This thing is absolutely worth the money and does exactly what it says! When shooting at an indoor range or at night the thing flashes more than a drunk chick at a Willy Nelson concert And at an outdoor range heads turn your way cause it's so freakin' loud. Totally worth the money and will be definitely be buying more!
Excellent Product!
Review by TPG
I attached this to my 20" barrel AR15 and it does draw attention and does create a bigger flash! As a bonus, it keeps muzzle climb down for smooth multi-shot shooting. For this price, it is well worth it! Ordering another for my 16" AR15.
Excellent Attachment
Review by Ted-FFL/SOT
Adds to the look of the AR, gives the gun a meaner "stance" to it ! had to play a little with the washer to get a correct index and fit to parallel the front sights, but after that no problems! keep it tight and enjoy the enhanced flame, my AR is a SBR, and that enhances the flame even more!! good value for the price, and even with the current gun buying panic the flash enhancer was shipped within a reasonable time frame. Full auto with this is Kickass!
Turn some heads
Review by USAF-ORF
Had fun blasting at the Range. Sure does Turn Heads. And WOW LOUD!! Heard a lot of (were did you get that?)
Review by Dman
It is a great item it works perfectly with my gun.
Second purchase.
Review by Thomas
I bought 2 more of these awhile back on sale, and I couldn't be happier with them. They look so mean with a great flash!!!
Great product!
Review by ROBERT
Used on a AR with a 16 inch barrel. Makes the gun much louder especially to the shooter so use hearing protection if you want to keep your hearing. Decent size flame at dusk. Would love to try this on an AR pistol with shorter barrel since this would magnify the effects.
Review by Thomas
This flash enhancer works just like they say it will. If you want to shock your friends and make them laugh, this is well worth the price.
A Keeper
Review by Big Money Grip
trust me on this, the quality and fit and finish are TOP SHELF and sound will wake the dead, My neighbor raised hell , I loved every minute. I received mine in 3 days and I will buy more
get one
Review by frank
nothing better than shooting fireballs at 6am out in the desert haha
i love this thing and its definitely a keeper
for the money,buy it,you wont regret it
Review by ARfan
I was unsure how a $40 product would work especially with a 16" barrel . I saw one like this before and it was over $100, after putting it on we took it out and even in daylight it is highly visible and makes a great sound. I am ordering more worth $40 +
Review by RELL

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