Ka-Bar Becker Campanion - BK2

For all those who camp, hunt or spend time afield. The Companion works just as happily splitting out kindling as it does prying apart joints and skinning game, not to mention chopping onions for the campfire chili! Sold with a MOLLE compatible hard plastic sheath and Ultramid(R) handles. Becker Knives Work for a living.

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The Ka-Bar Becker Campanion Knife is part of the Ka-Bar Master Series and represents a collaboration between Ka-Bar and Becker Knives. With the Campanion, you have the history and legendary support of these two companies from the design phase to your use of it in the field. You can trust that this knife will serve you in the field with the same level of support as the Ka-Bar continues to do for troops around the world.


  • Ka-Bar Becker Campanion Knife - BK2
  • Designed by Ethan Becker
  • Heavy Duty Construction - Weighs 1lb
  • Drop Point Blade
  • Made from 1095 Cro-Van Steel
  • Includes Polymer Sheath
  • UPC: 617717200021

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Customer Reviews

A++ Blade

Review by Nolberto T.
Verified Buyer

Thanks for the fast shipping KS, this blade is awesome!

The beast.

Review by Nicholl R.
Verified Buyer

Well, this knife is a beast. It will serve you nicely for years. No complaints about this knife at all. Well made Kabar.

Great knife, not so great sheath

Review by Julius Q.
Verified Buyer

Love the knife but it is top heavy when in sheath. The sheath strap that goes around the knife handle is about 1/4 inch too short so it takes both hands to close it; not practical when you're out in the field.
Also, handle should have some texture, as is it is slippery.


Review by Vittoria Q.
Verified Buyer

This knife is the most badass knife I now own besides the handmades I have. It is definitely heavy and stout. Not edc but if im in a survival situation where I need to split wood, spark a flint, or even skin a musk ox I want this knife with me.

Beefy and Beautiful

Review by Sherlie H.
Verified Buyer

This knife is a must for campers and outdoorsman. This knife is a hatchet, a machete, and a bowie knife rolled into one. For gathering fire wood, I bring this and a lightweight saw. It’s all you’ll ever need

Great knife

Review by Shaquetta H.
Verified Buyer

Great knife came sharp. Sheath is cheaply made.

It needs some work

Review by Noland B.
Verified Buyer

When I first bought this Knife I was disappointed. I did not know how to justify carrying a pound knife into the woods with me. The problems are the coating the prevents its use with a fire rod. The second issue is the nylon web sheath. Knife manufactures that use these should be fired period.

I've used and abused this knife for 3 years. I made a few modifications. First I cleaned the blade with paint thinner to removed that horrid coating. We are paying for the 1095 carbon steel not a cheap powder coat. Then I added a little piece of bike tire tube to the handle, an old trick from my Army days to give this mamjama better grip. I had to make a small grind on the spine of the knife to make it catch a farro rod. I also made a paracord webbing and belt loop for the stupid sheath.

Now the plus side: I have put this bad Larry through the ringer. I've using this to pull up and hammer in nails. Don't ask. It batons, chops, feather sticks, lights faro rods and its more durable than any other knife I have ever owned. I have driven this bad boy into a tree and used it as a step stroll to untie some cordage stuck in a tree.

It's not to look at and it took some work to mod it into a proper survival knife but it has grown on me with its performance "after the mods' it has my go to knife if I'm going to parts unkown.

Excellent Knife

Review by Cherith O.
Verified Buyer

I’ve had one for over 10 years and ended up buying another in case I lose the one I use often. They are strong but a little heavy to serve as an EDC. Otherwise these are great for minor chopping and batoning. I’ve used it to pry things and not had a single chip, but not recommended unless necessary. Otherwise, these knives are great and I keep them in my bug out bag.

Solid tank of a knife, sheath and handle are junk

Review by Jared N.
Verified Buyer

Big knife, very thick, able to take a lickin and keep on tickin. I replaced the sheath because the one that came with it was terrible, no way to adjust retention and it was hazardous with how tight it was to get in or out of the sheath. The handle was a disappointment as well because it was so smooth, there is no way it would stay in your hands once you start sweating and working with it. I found a replacement nylon sheath and micarta handle that was easy to swap out, it’s a bushcraft champ now and I’m glad I’ve got it.

Heavy duty

Review by Heidy P.
Verified Buyer

Great knife for heavy work.

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