MIL-SPEC M1 Carbine Magazine - New USGI Spec M1 Carbine 15-Round Magazines

MIL-SPEC M1 Carbine Magazine now manufactures and distributes MIL-SPEC M1 carbine magazines. These magazines, which share a design with the original military M1 carbine magazine, are designed to hold and feed 15 rounds of .30 Carbine ammunition to your M1 carbine. Guaranteed to fit and function in any MIL-SPEC M1 carbine, these brand new magazines are a must-have accessory for any M1 carbine enthusiast.

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Description / MIL-SPEC M1 Carbine Magazine


  • M1 Carbine 15-Round Magazine
  • Caliber: 30 Carbine
  • Capacity: 15 Rounds
  • Factory New Production

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Manufacturer United Defense LLC

Customer Reviews

M1 mil-spec magazine
Review by
functions very well in my Inland carbine
Just like 1956 army issue
Review by
Looks almost identical to original issue. Rounds fit as expected.
Good to go!
Review by
The Son & Heir need this so that he can someday get to the Range. Now he can!
Exactly what I wanted
Review by
Good product good price
A good product
Review by
I finally got to the range.These magazines worked perfectly for me.For replacement mags.,you can not beat them.
Just what the doctor ordered
Review by
Fit perfectly. Thank you
M1 Carbine Magazine
Review by
Great Value and fast shipment. Plan to order more. Thank for good pricing!
Good mags
Review by
Good mags. No malfunctions.
There was a lot of thick oil on them. The only way to clean them effectively was to disassemble and soak them in solvent, re-lube, and reassemble.
Mil-Spec 15 Round Carbine Magazine
Review by
These are the best mags you can buy and the price is great. Haven't had any misfeeds due to the magazine. The only one I had was my fault, rushed the reloading of mag.
Tried several brands
Review by
So, service was amazingly fast had the two mags in days not weeks. I say this because i order several different brands from various companies. If you want milspec and a very nice finish and not flimsy then these are it. Did i mention they are half the cost of some of the others....amazing. I spent double on !nland new production mags thinking if anything they would fit based on they are making !nland new production m1 carbines. Nope off by a half a millimeter so the mag realease and catch wont engage. Their mags just fall out. But the !nland mags were high quality metal and finish wise. Other companies worse fit worse finish. Could bend other companies and did bend the floorplates by hand. So do yourself a favor buy these and end feeding issues do to non milspec mags and ones that break apart if ya drop em to the ground or ones that you cant use unless you modify them heavily. Did i mention high quality and less money???
Best value in a Quality Magazine!
Review by
Runs flawlessly in my Auto-Ordnance M1-Carbine with 3 different ammo types (FMJ + Soft-Point, Hornady Critical Defense tipped HP).
Simple, high quality
Review by
Ordered 5 and super happy.
Review by
I bought 5 of these and ran them in a brand new "Auto Ordnance" 30 carbine. Did not have an issue. Lots of oil on them when they showed up. Wrapped in plastic wrap...wiped them down, loaded up and ran them.
Great mag
Review by
Tried this mag because of the reviews and glad I did. Bought for early universal carbine witch came with a loose fitting thirty round mag. This mag fits with little movement, so put a couple boxes of cheap steel case ammo throu it and what a pleasure it is, with not one hiccup. God its Great to be American.
For neighbor
Review by
Came individualed wrapped in plastic, light coating of oil, looks great, will further review when my Korean war vet neighbor has used them.
Better then OE
Review by
This is the first magazine that I didn't have to modify to get my new inland m1 carbine to function without numerous ftf or fte malfunctions. Even the 15 round magazine that came with it had problems. These are top-notch magazines for the m1 carbine.
Love the magazine, bought years ago and ended up giving a few to friends. Can't wait for them to be back in stock
Review by
A good M1 Carbine after-market magazine is hard to find, but these sure fit the bill. They fit and function good.
Good Product
Review by
Good Product.
Works like a charm
Review by
Bought one of these last year. Should’ve bought more. Works like a charm in my 74 year old Inland. Did they stop production on this mag? It’s been out of stock forever. I’d order more in a heartbeat.
They work
Review by
Bought two. Arrived in new condition. Shipped quickly. So far they work fine.
Beautiful mags
Review by
Great looking mags I ordered a few 15 and a few 30 rounders. All of them had the springs on backwards casing follower tilt. I was a little bit disappointed but I tested the before firing so crisis averted. All in all I would definitely buy more.
Work well, good price
Review by
I bought 4 of these, and at first they had feed issues. I figured out they had the springs in backward. I flipped the springs around, and they have been flawless. Check any mags you have by pressing down on the rear of the follower. The whole follower should go straight down. If it tilts any at all, the spring is probably in backward. Mag springs should always be installed with the highest end under the rear of the follower. If the factory could get the springs in the right way, 5 stars all the way across. It is an easy enough fix, though.
Very close to USGI
Review by
The build quality on these magazines are very good. The mag springs on two of the three that I ordered were extremely light, but due to other reviews I knew this going in.
For the price of three of these mags, plus a three pack of Wolff Xtra power mag springs, you get some top quality magazines at a heck of a price!
It works on Universal
Review by
I was really surprised. This mag was a last ditch attempt to fix Universal feeding problems, if it didn't work - I would dump the carbine. But it works! Only one mag-full is actually fired, multiple dry-fed - no single hiccup. Unbelievable. After all the struggles with multiple manufacturers mags...
Appears to be good
Review by
Brand new, looks good, have yet to function test however I have no doubt it will work flawlessly.
Review by
I have been disappointed in the quality and function of non-GI M1 Carbine magazines in the past. Decided to try a few of the Keep Shooting mags and have now re-ordered. Excellent quality...will be buying more...
shooting more
Review by
These magazines have made shooting both of my 30 Carbines such a pleasure, I almost forget how much the ammo costs.
M1 Carbine 15 round mags
Review by
Magazines are close to 1/3rd the price of USGI. I deburr my mags and very lightly oil the springs. I bought two, they load 15 and feed 15. With after market mags, I dremel follower hump with diamond wheel to make them last shot hold open. Good job KeepShooting, I use them in my Inland USGI, AND Universal repro.
Update on my review of 8/12/2016
Review by
I bought a 10 pack of "extra power" springs from Wolff, installed them on both original equipment mags from AO and KS. This solved the problem of not feeding the last two rounds as described earlier. Thus, I have just ordered three more of the 15 rd mags and also one more of the 30 rd mags because it is good out of the box. Only suggestion would be for Keep Shooting to upgrade the spring in the 15 rd mag as many customers complained .
Review by
This is the one I've been looking for since purchasing my 30 Carbine early in the year from a sporting-goods store. Received it today and couldn't wait to get out and try it. Absolutely no feeding problems, and it didn't seem to matter what brand of ammo I used. Thanks Keep Shooting.
Review by
Springs in backwards, reversed to correct position. springs on the 5 mags were of different lengths, all stretched longer to same length to function. Stoned the feed lips and follower sides. After dismal start all functioning. Springs seem poorly made. Mag body well made. Will probably buy more.
Same as "Good mag, weak spring by Michael
Review by
In my AO replica, I had the same results as Michael, posred 8/2/2016. The 15 rd mags worked fine until the last 2 rds--bolt was riding over them and not engaging. 30 rd mag was perfect. One of the 3 fifteen rd mags follower was riding low and solved that by reversing the spring--still wouldn't get those last 2 rds. FYI, KEEP SHOOTING mgs are far better than AO oem mags (they wouldn't lock in mag well. The KS mags will lock in if you depress the mag release button when inserting them. Over all, have never been pleased w/ my AO. Guess I'll have to look for some replacement 15 rd springs and get some more of the 30 rd mag from KS.
very good mag with poor springs
Review by
Body, floor-plate, follower alloy and construction seem better than all USGI mags I own, mag catch lugs are EXACTLY in the right spot and strong. Did not like the springs and replaced them with USGI NOS, loaded them up and went to the range. All (4) work great.
Good mag, weak spring
Review by
I own two of these and two 30 round mags. The 30 rounders work flawlessly. These 15 rounders work fantastic until the last round. The last round wouldn't feed even when hand cycled. I swapped the springs for surplus GI springs and they both run great now. The quality of the metal is excellent and they drop free which is a plus. Keepshooting, if you put a stronger spring in these mags, they'll be top notch.
After a short break in, they just work
Review by
So far, I have 5 of these mags, they work pretty well besides the initial hiccups. Two of them had a failure to feed on round 6 and 8 in the first 5 or so loadings, after that, they've run flawlessly. I'm holding off on 5 stars because half stars aren't allowed and they didn't function perfectly initially.
Great magazine, Great Price!!
Review by
After trying several after market magazines, I found this one from KeepShooting, and at several dollars less. Took it to the range and had zero failure to feeds, which had been a recurring problem with the other manufacturer's magazines. I will purchase this one again! Wish you guys had the 30-round M1 mag in stock...
Great 14 round mag
Review by
They look and work great. For some reason the last round won't feed. I picked up three of the 30 round mags when I ordered the 15 round mag and the 30 round mags will feed all 30. All in all I am still very happy with them and will order more and would recommend them to my friends.
Review by
I was really skeptical of all the 5 star reviews. I read other places that bad reviews are removed from the site. I order 4-15 round M1 Carbine mags anyway. I took the to the range and they performed flawlessly. They fit perfect, unlike the Korean mags that are tight an d have to be pulled out of the rifle. I haven't tried the 30 round ones as the 2 I have from the 1960's need a forward pressure on the mag bottom to cycle. When I get some extra money of a great sale comes about, I'll give them a try. Believe the reviews and give these a try. You won't be disappointed and you won't have to pay 2-3 times as much for USGI mags that have been laying around for 60-70 years rusting. They might be better quality, but you can get 3 for the price of 1 and they are brand new, not rusted.
Great Product Great Price !
Review by
These 15 round magazines are great ! Well made and by a company you can trust. They stand behind their products too. I originally bought 2 magazines and after running them through my tests , I bought 3 more. I plan to buy more later on. This product is one you can tell your shooting buddies about and not have to worry about getting a boot in your backside!
Work Great!
Review by
I bought 4 of these and can report they work flawlessly in my IBM-AO and Inland carbines.
Good product for the money
Review by
The 15 rd M1 Carbine mags have a black planted finish rather then blued, that could be a good thing in the long run I don't know yet. No markings at all, looks like the same make as the Korean 30 rounders(which run great) but if they are who cares. For the money they are great. So far they function we'll, will but a couple more.
Classic Mags
Review by
Brand new classic mags to fill those original stock pouches or load up that bandoleer.
Nice Mags, Nice price!
Review by
I picked up a couple of these back when the 30 rnd mags were impossible to find as a fill in and love them
For shooting the M1 Carbine they have the advantage of not sticking as far out the bottom and work perfectly
The nce finish on them makes them look nice in your gun as well
Great value for your M1 Carbine

Good Deal
Review by
Got a couple of these and a one of KS's repop pouch's, so my originals could retire. Very pleased.
Mags that work!
Review by
Performed perfectly in my Winchester WWII Carbine. They fit like military 15 round mags and feed better. Incredible value!
Quality product
Review by
These work just as well as the WW2 surplus magazines. The only difference you’ll notice is no maker’s mark on the back and these cost less.
Very Nice Magazines
Review by
Great Mags at a good price! Only wish the 30rnd mags were available as well!
Great buy
Review by
I was unsure if these would work well with the reproduction M1's but they seem to lock in tight and feed well.
fair price and good quality
Review by
excellent product works as expected, and no price gouging