M14 Trigger Group - MIL-SPEC

M14 Trigger Group

Brand new factory M14 Trigger Group for sale.  For one low price, you are getting a complete and fully assembled M14 trigger group that is ready to be dropped into your M14 or M1A type rifle.  This is an opportunity to get a complete trigger group for less than most people sell the stripped housing for.  Absolutely 100% brand new and all parts are MIL-SPEC.

Description / M14 Trigger Group

This M14 Trigger Group is a once-in-a-lifetime chance to get MIL-SPEC M14 parts at a fraction of traditional retail cost.   We encourage you to buy multiples for long term access to quality M14 Parts which rarely come up for sale.   These trigger groups were produced to update a foreign countries existing inventory of M14 rifles from the 1950s and likely will never be produced again.

Customer Reviews

Painted Finish & Gritty Trigger... But Good Overall
Review by JS
The FCG internals seem to be cast metal, and the ‘finish’ is literally some sort of grayish paint that you can scrape off with your fingernail. The trigger is pretty gritty and has a bit of creep but I think some firing and/ or stone polishing will smooth it out. BUT... for a relatively inexpensive spare part it’ll certainly do the job!
I'm impressed
Review by Lyon
Not bad. The trigger sear that comes with it. Isn't the best but it works fine.
trigger group
Review by joe
ordered the trigger group complete, nice looking , perfect fit, using it regularly. Great price
M14/M1A trigger group
Review by Victor23
The trigger group appears to be well made. I tried the pull with out having put it in the gun. I looked it over pretty well and all components appeared well made and assembled. This is a spare set for a rifle.
Even though it was not inserted in the rifle, the trigger felt smooth and about a 5 lb pull. I was not able to put my trigger scale on it at the time. I'm satisfied so far.
Joe B.
Review by Joe B.
Received my trigger group today, looks nice trigger pull is scratchy, but unit looks good. No markings as to mfg. (suspect China) It popped right in to my Bula M-14 receiver without a problem and locks up tight. Well worth the $135 considering that M-14 trigger groups are going for around $300-$400
Nice product from Taiwan
Review by flyer304
Ordered to have as a spare for M1A Scout. Arrived timely. Left side of trigger housing was marked with 7267030 which is an OEM number the trigger group. But, unit is made in Taiwan not US. Label marking "Made in Taiwan" was covered with the warning label placed over it. Quality very good and fitting on par with some of the US original components out there. Cant go wrong for the price, that's for sure. Even more with the periodic discounts at Keep Shooting.
If ya own a chinese m14 this is a must!
Review by Bert
If you have a chinese copy of the m14 I highly recommend this product. Did the gi bolt swap on my polytech m14s and the thicker bolt would bind on the Chinese trigger pack and seize the bolt until ya smacked the side of the receiver, was also getting short strokes, FTExtract, FTFeed, and just poor cycling performance. Dropped this pack I and that was the issue. Can pull the bolt open with very little effort, and all problems where eliminated. The gun cycles beautifully, smooth in all areas the bolt crosses, highly impressed with what I got for what I paid especially in today's world. If your hemming and hawing about this item, stop whinning and buy it, it will be the cheapest item ya can put on your rifle that gives ya the best results. If ya have OCD as I seem to have just be careful and know what your doing if you take a stone and 2000 grit paper to it, if done right makes a nice range pack, but if ya think if ya stone it a bit ya have a match trigger I suggest ya read on what exactly a matched trigger is, there is a reason they take your first born for one. If I had another Chinese m14 I would buy another.
Review by Fish
I bought two of these sets for a couple of M1A’s that have EBR style chassis on them. I had to wait for back order. But, it was worth the wait. These triggers are fantastic. They are a welcome addition to my M1A platforms. The additional length and curve to the EBR trigger feels great. I bet my accuracy will be a lot better as well.
Very Nice Trigger Pack
Review by NickVA
We built a post sample M14 using one of these packs for the trigger group. Worked perfectly. My only complaint is the amount of preservative oil seems excessive, so it will take time to clean.
Fit, Finish, and Function is PERFECT
Review by Tom
This trigger group is perfection in all aspects. The fit is perfect, it will drop right into my Springfield M1A. Finish is excellent, the bluing matches that on my Springfield exactly. Function is 100% with each round fired, the trigger group resets and is ready for the next round. Excellent spare part to have available for the future or to send off for a tuned trigger job.
Great Price for a Great Trigger Group
Review by Ross
I purchased this trigger group with a coupon, so I was very happy with the price. The part arrived new in a factory box, sealed in a factory plastic bag. The Trigger Group is produced by Springfield Armory Incorporated, commonly referred to as SAI, who produce the modern semi-automatic Springfield M1A family of the M14 rifle. It's military-grade quality with a commercial price, the best deal possible in the M14 parts market.
Top Notch FCG
Review by Frank
Really well made. Truly mil-spec, can't tell any difference between this and a Springfield FCG. Polishes up to NM specs easily. For the money it's a no brainer.
Very impressed.
Do Not Hesitate
Review by Gerald
Had a trigger group double from a major manufacturer of superior rifles. They insisted the shooter had to be at fault even though I have been shooting for 60 years with no trigger control problems. Purchased one of these groups and sent it off to be modified with a match legal trigger pull, springs, and re-hardening. Installed in the doubling M14 and problem solved. Very pleased with the quality and price of the group. I have two more as backups.
Nice FCG
Review by RemMax
These are excellent FCG's
I recently had problems with the fcg in my M1A and these are a nice ready to go drop in part
Overall really nice fire control group

Excellent buy
Review by Gregory
I bought one of these about 4 or 5 month's ago. I was impressed with the quality and fit of the group so much that I posted my thought's on one of the M14 forum's.
I have fired over 1200 round's with no failures.
The other members of the forum were impressed with what I had to say and if everyone ordered one who said they were then may be 50 or more were sold though my review.
The other members who ordered and posted were also impressed and I didn't here of one problem from the other forum member's.
I highly recommend this part.
Very Nice
Review by Chris
I purchased this trigger group attempting to save a little money on a M14 build, and I must say I'm quite pleased with it. It fit nicely to my rifle and a had a nice clean semi-gloss black finish. The trigger has a nice clean break to it and the safety is very crisp. Not a single complaint, a great buy for sure.

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