M14 Flash Hider with Bayonet Lug

M14 Flash Hider

The M14 Flash Hider with Bayonet Lug is a brand new military-spec flash hider designed to be installed onto an M14 style rifle. In addition to reducing the muzzle flash on your M14 style rifle, it will give your M1A a more correct appearance that will closely match the original military M-14. Once installed, you will be able to use most military accessories that work with the bayonet lug on the M14 to include the M6 bayonet, M76 grenade launcher, and M14 blank fire adapter.

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Description / M14 Flash Hider

The M14 rifle has been an American classic since it was first introduced. With the introduction of the M1A rifle, civilians have flocked to the M1A to satisfy the desire to own an M14 style rifle that does not come with the cost or burden of a select-fire M-14. With the addition of this military-spec flash hider, your M1A will have a more period correct appearance as well as give you the ability to use many accessories.

Made from steel, each of our M14 Flash Hiders include the entire assembly just like the military original. Once you remove your own flash hider that lacks the bayonet lug, installation of this factory replacement flash hider is a breeze. We have plenty of M14 castle nut pliers available to make this task simple and quick. If you are unsure about how to remove or install your M14 flash hider, there are plenty of instructional videos on Youtube.

  • MIL-Spec M14 Flash Hider with Bayonet Lug
  • Brand New Production Part
  • Blued Steel
  • Harmonics Match Original Military Flash Hider

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Manufacturer United Defense LLC

Customer Reviews

M14 / M1A / Polytech M14S
Review by tim
Arrived on time , fit a Polytech M14S just fine , front site reinstated very well , even chinese set screw worked in new unit , also fit a TRW M14 in the same fashion , no problems encountered
Looks great n brings back how the rifle is supposed to look
Review by M1A
This product is great n brings the rifle back to the way it was ment to look , I had zero issues installing , fit and finish were top notch , it is admittedly a little darker than the original but It went on a rifle wish a stainless barrel so color match not a concern at all , the finish was actually better than the original n couldnt be happier
Very nice flash hider
Review by jimmieZ
Really looks good on my M1A - much better than the Scout brake it's replacing. Installed very easy with very good fit. Like everything else I've received from this seller - excellent value.
M 14 flash hider
Review by 40rules
Good finish, great price, perfect fit & even has a bayonet lug, wahat more could you ask for!
Satisfied customer.
Review by James
Looks great. Made very well.
A good price for a Flash Hider
Review by Ross
My Flash Hider arrived in the mail and is in good shape. The finish is slightly darker than that found on some of my original M14 parts, but that is more of a side note. There was some deformation on the end of one of the three barrel alignment guides, most likely caused during casting and manufacture. However, this can most likely be cleaned up with a small file and won't effect use. All-in-all, a good component for a low price!
M14 Flash Hider
Review by OldGrouchyGuy
I bought this for my M1A. I wanted the bayonet lug so I could use a bayonet and also use the grenade launcher.

I haven't put it on yet but from looking at it it appears everything is the correct dimensions.

T deducted one star for quality because the finish is very dark and does the match the parked finish on the M1A. It is no big deal, I knew that before I ordered but if you are very picky about stuff like that, it's something you should be aware of.

The product is very well made.

M14 Flash hider
Review by Larry
Appears to be a well made product. The interior width of the end of the flash suppressor measures the same as the hider which came off my 2001 M1A standard. I've heard SA might be making all their hiders with NM dimensions, but I'm not sure.

The coloring of the new flash hider doesn't match my M1A at all. It has a darker black finish that appears to be some sort of bluing. It's probably worth the money if someone isn't looking for a color match.
M1A flash hider
Review by Maxie17
Very nice product. Fit was perfect, some trouble removing castle nut and retightening. Hole is larger than original and now looks exactly like the National Match that other dealers sell for twice the money. Surprised and quite happy with what I got for the money. Pictures of product do not do it justice. Description should mention larger NM dia. hole.
Makes the rifle look authentic
Review by Mark
Unit is black and does impart the original profile to the rifle. Finish is adequate for the average joe. Definitely not for the discerning collector but does the job for the working rifle
Effective Flash Hider
Review by Ryan
Installed in seconds and my bayonet fit perfect. Quality piece and a great price.
M14 Flash Hider
Review by thomas
as good as it gets Great service. The flash hider is a quality product
M1A to a M14
Review by Roger
Color and finish of the new flash hider is perfect match with the one I removed from my M1A. M6 bayonet fits perfectly. OUTSTANDING!!!
Black Part
Review by Phillip
This part is black. And will not match the parkerized finish of the standard M1A rifle.
Review by PAUL
Contrary to the item description and reviews here, the one I received is definitely NOT identical to the commercial lugged flash hiders I've been installing on M1A's for years. Returned it the next day. Awful machining, casting flaws, and marks in the finish. Definitely not near the quality of flash hiders typically found elsewhere. For the few extra bucks I'm buying the part a $1000+ rifle deserves. Waste of time and shipping both ways.
Great product for the money
Review by Peter
Bought this to replace my muzzle brake in my m1a scout and it's great! Very similar to the real deal. I had to cut the bayonet lug off mine unfortunately, but this product is great for you guys who are allowed bayonet lugs!
Great service and great products
Review by David
Great service. The flash hider is a quality product and it is all that KEEPSHOOTING describes. I am well satisfied with my purchase.
Great for A M6 or M76
Review by M1A Gen
This looks good, fits good, and is good! Taking the castle nut off was tough, though, if they had the tools in stock I would have got one, complete your M1A with this, my M6 Fits great with this, thanks KS!
M14 Flash Hider
Review by Brian
I was also skeptical because of how inexpensive these are but I took the chance because everything I have ever bought from KeepShooting has been exactly as described. This is no different . The bayonet fits perfectly.
Just like the originals
Review by Henry
I can't tell the difference between these and the originals I trained with in the Army in 1969. They self-center and go on easily. Be sure not to take the set screw all the way out as it can be hard to get them started again and make sure a notch in the castle nut is centered before tightening down the set screw for a positive lock on the flash hider.
It's a great addition to any M1A rifle for that original look!
Awesome replacement for luggless flash hider
Review by Shawn
The finish is just like that which SAI uses on their rifles. It went on great and straight and it passes the #2 pencil test for straightness. My M6 Bayonet goes on with no issues. I could not be happier!
Looks Like, Weighs The Same, And Installs Just Like the SAI
Review by Nick
Purchased one of these to put on a new SA M1A Loaded, previous have bought the Springfield branded product from Midway.

This piece looks exactly like the SA, with the color of the finish being identical to my eyes. Even the cast marks are the same in the same locations.

Weighing the two, they weigh the exact same to the hundred of an ounce.

Installation was just as easy as the SAI. I suspect this is made by the factory that makes Springfields.

Real M-14 look
Review by Dadibaby
I can't tell the difference,. My nat. match sight fit perfectly. Made my M-1A look like the M-14 I carried in 1967.
Perfect fit for the M1A and the M6 Bayonet
Review by ITMAN
The is a necessary piece for the M6 Bayonet. Note that it does not come with the front blade sight so you will have to transfer the blade from your existing flash suppressor. Also consider purchasing the flash hider removal/installer tool. It will make it easier to remove your existing flash hider and installing this item...
Great replacement for post ban flash hider
Review by 308 Win
This is the best deal on M14 flash hider. Fits great on my M1A and installed without issue. My M6 bayonet fits great on it.
This is the real deal M14 Flash Hider
Review by M1A Shooter
I was skeptical because of the price, but this thing is perfect. Tings like a USGI, installs like a USGI, and the finish matches my Springfield M1A perfectly.

If you have an M1A without a bayonet lug and are thinking about this...don't think anymore...Just buy it!!!

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