M14 Grenade Launcher - M76

M14 Grenade Launcher

This is a high quality reproduction of the M14 Grenade Launcher attachment, designated as the M76.   This grenade launcher slips over the M14 flash suppressor and locks into place on the bayonet lug.  Once in place, you can now shoot rifle grenades from your M14 or M1A.  

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Description / M14 Grenade Launcher

Most original M76 launchers were ordered destroyed by the US Government.  Those that survived are usually in very poor condition.  

This is a 100% correct reproduction with the markings, design, fit and finish being exactly like the original.  Once you get one of these and start shooting inert rifle grenades, you'll be hooked!

Customer Reviews

A grade
Review by Ed
Seen and used lots of rifle grenade stuff. This one feels a little light but the machining and finish is very nice. I could do without the white lettering but that's not a deal breaker.
Full disclosure: I bought this for an airsoft M14 that looks very real fro a few feet so I don't have any plans other tha as a display next to a Garand with an M7 launcher. Looking for an M8.
Review by RottKD
Great item and a lot of fun
Great item
Review by Bruce
I didn't even know anyone was making a copy of this hard to find item for the M14 rifle system. Would have loved to find an original GI part but they are dang near impossible to locate much less find one for sale. This reproduction launcher is made with attention to detail and would fool most people the quality is that good. In short GREAT item!
Review by Rudy
This is one more "authentic" accessory needed to add to my collection. This M76 Launcher is very well made and is most definitely an exact replica of the original. For those looking to acquire all of the M14 accessories this is a must have and Keep Shooting has always come through. Excellent shipping and excellent customer service - bar none.
M14 grenade launcher
Review by Gregory Mercatante
Having served in the US Army Ordnance Corps as a small arms repair tec. I have had experience with this type of equipment. The quality of this reproduction is outstanding. The only difference from a original is the color of the latch. Everything else is correct. The fit to a M1A and a US GI M14 is perfect. Keep Shooting has out done all others with this item, keep up the good work and the outstanding products.
Review by Shawn
Now these are normally hard to find, the government cut up so many. So this is a very nice accessory for your M14 type rifle. Fits my M31 HEAT inert round perfectly. Awesome!
As good as the original in every way
Review by Nam71
This is a quality piece of kit. Fits over my USGI flash hider and locks into the bayonet lug as snug as an original M76.

While I have not shot anything from it, the steel spring on the tube provides a solid lock up with every rifle grenade I test fit.

Considering this M76 costs 2/3 the price of an original, is as good in every way as the original, this is a killer buy.

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