Equipment for Rugged, Action Focused Professionals

Keep Shooting understands the equipment needs of outdoorsman, backpackers, survivalists, and preppers better than any other company. Our staff doesn't just support our customers who live this lifestyle, we practice it. You will find our equipment selection gives you everything you require to have the upper hand when in the field or going against an obstacle of any type. From knives and tools to backpacks and tactical gear, we've got every type of equipment you need. Once you purchase your gear from Keep Shooting you'll understand why there is no need to shop anywhere else.

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Taser C2 Cartridge 2-Pack
Air Taser Cartridges
SOG Tactical Tomahawk
Gerber® Emergency Survival Case - Exterior View
Universal Standard Handcuff Key
Blunt Force Trauma Plate
Hand Operated Warning Siren
Single Lock Handcuff Keys
Load Bearing Vest - V547BT
Keychain Handcuff Key
Esbit Folding Stove with Fuel Tablets
Schmeisser Tactical Pen - Closed
Leg Cuffs
Pink Handcuffs
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Items 31-45 of 797